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Cairo is the capital of Egypt and is famous for having the oldest Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World - the Pyramids Of Giza. This magical and ancient city is full of history, culture, and tradition. There are a lot of museums with important artifacts and the popular mummies of ancient Egypt’s pharaohs that you can visit. It is recommended to join a Walking Tour In Cairo especially if this is your first visit as the roads and alleys may confuse you. You can also select different tours based on your preferred sites to explore. Carrying a Cairo Tourist Attractions Map is also beneficial as it will act as your guide on where and how to get to a particular attraction.

Cairo is also famous for its feluccas and belly dancing shows. By booking for these Cairo Boat Tours, you may enjoy both of these on one tour! You may even enjoy an authentic Egyptian dinner while cruising the Egypt’s water. If walking around the pyramid sounds boring to you, then why not choose Bike Tours In Cairo and explore this place on a quad bike! Enjoy the desert and wander around these Wonders Of The Ancient World on your own.

You will be surprised at how cheap it is to travel to Cairo. These Top Attractions In Cairo For Free will truly inspire you to create your Egypt itinerary right at this moment. There are also tons of City Cairo Tours that you can choose from depending on your travel allowance. You can even select day trips from Cairo for a cheap price! Cairo offers a very distinct Egyptian cuisine that you can taste while you’re traveling here. Take advantage of your trip and book these Food Tours In Cairo for authentic Egyptian dishes.

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