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Algeciras History

In South of Spain there is the largest urban area and it is none other than Algeciras. Get benefit from the services of car rental Algeciras and come to know about the history of Algeciras. It is such a nice place for all those who have got a keen interest in history for the reason that Algeciras is also having very interesting history which will attract the tourists a lot. It is a port city and is on the bay of Gibraltar. In Spain it is known as the busiest port. The counting comes in the 28th number as it is the most populous metropolitan area in the Spain. The history of Algeciras is somewhat attractive. Portus Albus, Cactaria and Lulia Tracta are taken as the sites of Roman and the name Algeciras gives the impression as it is taken from the Arab occupation of the Iberian Peninsula. This city is thickly populated since the start of the history.

Owing to its deliberate status it was taken as the leading port beneath the Phoenicians. It was also the site of the relevant Roman port named Portus Albus and also having two cities which are near named as Caetaria and Lulia Transducta, which was discovered by the Romans. The German Barbarians destroyed the entire city and their Vendal allies as well but in 711 the city again got birth and it was done by invading Moors. From 1035-1058 it got pleasure of freedom as Taifa state. It got the name of Al-Jazirah Al-Khadra which was put after the name of off-shore Isla Veede, and its latest name is taken from the real Arabic language. Just match Algeirs and al- Jazeera. Alfonso XI of Castile again dominated the city in the time of 1344. Moors got it back again in the era of 1368 and the site was ruined by Mohammad V of Grawda. In 1704 the city was again discovered by refugees from Gibraltar. Charles III of Spain created it in its rectangular plan. The Battle of Algeciras is also in the golden information of history.

The above discussion was a little piece of information regarding the history of Algeciras.

Algeciras Weather

Cadiz is the province of country Spain in which there is a beautiful city named Algeciras which was founded by the Romans. It is a place where visitors will enjoy more and more. It is the best place for tourists. Different attractive places and the history will appeal to the visitors but the weather of the city is also wonderful. And the weather is also helpful fro amusement. In the month of January the average high C is 16.1 C, February contains 16.7 C, March 17.8 C, April 18.9 C, May 21.7 C, June 24.4 C, July 27.2 C, August 27.8 C, September 26.1 C, October 21.7 C, November 18.9 C, December 16.7 C and the average of entire year is 21.2 C. and the low average of the Algeciras in the month of January is 11.2 C, but it is also in the month of February, 12.2 C is in the month of march, in April 13.3 C, in the month of May 15.6 C, June contains 17.8 C, July is having 20.0 C, in August 20.6 C is counted, 20.0 C is in September, October contains 16.7 C, November includes 13.9 C, December with 12.2 C and the entire year enjoys 15.4 C. this I the short list of climate which help the visitors, through this little piece of information they will be able to visit the city in their suitable month.

The weather of Algeciras is truly suitable for the tourists; it is the nice place having nice scenes with loving weather. In order to enjoy more in the city, the tourists must come in the months of January, June, August or November for the reason that these are the months of celebrations so they will get pleasure more. On the bay of Gibraltar it is truly an astonishing place to enjoy. It is also named as Al Jazeera Al Kadra which means Green Island and the place goes well with its name. It has got attractive sceneries which become the centre of attraction for the tourists and it becomes hard to leave the place.

Algeciras Transport

The south of Spain contains a port city known as Algeciras, it is a city which was also named as Al Jazeera Al khadra. It is located on the Bay of Gibraltar which has got the vast urban region. In Spain this port remains busy mostly all the times. In Spain it is in the midst of those areas which have got a large number of populations. Regarding transport it has offered many facilities to the citizens and other people. Concerning bus facility, it is managed by C.T.M Cooperativa de Transporte de Marrueocos. There are different bus lines which include; Bajadilla-Pajarete, Colinas-San Bernabé, Reconquista, La Granja, Bahía de Algeciras, Juliana, Saladillo, and many others. The areas of railway to Ronda, cordoba and other places end close to the port. European route E15, European route E05, Autopista AP-7, Autovia A-48, n-340 and GR-7 are the roads which intersect Algeciras.

E15 has got the part in the United Nations InternationalE-road network. It starts from Inverness, Scotland, South via England and France to Algeciras. The E05 is also included in the part of the United Nations InternationalE-road Network. It starts from Greenock, Scotland south via France to Algeciras. Autopista AP-7 is known as Autopista del Mediterraneo which is a Spanish autopista. It passes along the Mediterranean cost of Spain. It is a motorway with tax. It has got two distinct sections from La Jonqura to Vera and from Malaga to Guadiaro. Autovia A-48 is in Andalucia, which is a highway. It is also under progress. N-340 is a most important highway in Spain. GR-7 starts from Spain to Greece and is a long-distance footpath in Spain. It is included in the area of Senderos de Gran Recorrido.

Algeciras Attractions

Algeciras is a nice place of attraction for all and sundry. It has not only those places which are for enjoyment only but it also got those places which are informative as well. Most importantly it is taken as the transport hub and is also a city full of industries. The main work done by its port is that it works as the leading connection sandwiched between Spain and Tangier and also the other ports in Morocco. The port of Algeciras is the busiest port and it ranks on the number 16 in the world. The fishing industry also has a sign of attraction for the tourists.

These days Algeciras has turned out to be the nice place for the tourists, people enjoy the eye catching places of the city. These days trips like, Tarifa to Sea bird migrations, Gibraltar, the view of sights and culture, Bay of Gibraltar are more popular, these place s are liked by all and sundry. Algeciras possesses lots of great attractive celebrations which will attract tourists more and more and they will love to enjoy those festivals as well. Here is a list of a few festivals. On 5th of January Arrastre de lates is celebrated, June is the month of Feria Real de Algeciras, on August Fiestas Patronales en honour de Ntra.Sra la Virgen de la Palma is celebrated and on 1st November is the day for Fiesta de los Tosantos, come and enjoy anyone of them.

If you want to get pleasure from the nature come and visit the Los Alcornocales Natural Park, it is such a wonderful natural beauty. It is sandwiched between the provinces of Cadiz and Malaga. The park is full of nature and wild animals which will create a center of attention a lot. Here you can also see various different places for the tour which are thick with amusement.

Algeciras Disabled Visitors

Spain has got very beautiful places and same is the case with its province Cadiz where Algeciras is situated. Algeciras is a city port located at the Bay of Gibraltar. It is a wonderful place for visitors. The south of Spain is thick with beautiful places and Algeciras is in the midst of them. The beauty of the place is flaunted by its name, in olden times it was named as Al Jazeera Al Khadra which means green city. Visitors will definitely get pleasure from the tour of the city. The port of Algeciras is worth-seeing which is counted among the busiest ports of the world. Like its name’s history, Algeciras also possesses its interesting history. Regarding population, it ranks 28th number as the most populous Mediterranean region in Spain. This is the city which was rebuilt by Charles III of Spain. In its history the Battle of Algeciras is also interesting. The city has got various lovely areas which can catch the attraction of the visitors in a jiffy. In this city different industries are also run.

Here you can come across pleasant celebrations which are celebrated in the months of January, June, August, November etc. the celebrations of this city are fantastic and thick with amusement. Arrastre de Latas, Feria real de latas, fiesta de Los Tasantos are very popular celebrations of Algeciras. The climate of the city is also pleasant which increase the enjoyment of tour. Here, there are various ways of transport like bus, railway, taxi and airport. There are different lines of bus like Bajadilla-Pajarete, Colines-Sanberbnabe, Bahia de Algeciras and many others and the entire bus lines are managed by Cooperativa de transporte de Marruecos. There are different routes in Algeciras like European route E15, European E05, Autopista AP-7 etc.

Bay of Gibraltar and Los Alcornocales Natural Park are very famous and worth-seeing, the visits of these places is amazing in real sense. Nowadays visitors from different countries are paying a visit to the city. Malaga Airport, Gibraltar Airport and Jerez Airport are the nearest airports of the city port. It connects Tangier and Spain and different other ports in Morocco.

Algeciras Useful Contacts

As soon as one arrives to Algeciras you should first and foremost feed the the list of important contact numbers in your cell phone. These contact numbers include the police station, ambulances, hospital etc.

Police stations are always the best option to head towards when you want quick one to one information about streets or landmarks. When you feel you are in danger or even when you are lost, you should go directly to the nearest police station.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Local Fire 085
Fire/ Ambulance 190
Police 119/192
Local Police 092
Emergency Number 112
Non-urgent calls Ambulance Station 20075728
Important Numbers for Tourists

Information for Women 956 587 071
Sports Board 956 632 230
Tourism Office J.A. 956 572 636
Municipal Tourism Delegation 956 653 922
Municipal Museum 956 570 672
Christopher Delgado Municipal Library 956 662 795
Municipal library 956 662 795
Library "The Saladillo" 956 574 000
Library "Perez Petinto" 956 657 476
Classroom and School Strait Tursmo 956 657 499
Youth Delegation 956 660 762
University Foundation 956 580 255
Consumer Information Bureau 956 661 821
Removal of Furniture and Appliances 956 672 718
Civil Protection 956 666 211
Guardia Civil 956 661 100
Red Cross 956 664 151
Emergency S.S. 956 025 138

Once you have these feed into your cell phones get ready t explore this beautiful city. The port of Algeciras is world renowned being the busiest port in Spain. Along with providing beautiful views it also is very lucrative, and is even used for importing and exporting goods and services.

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