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Best Car Rentals Bordeaux

History Bordeaux

The Bordeaux have the foundation, dated back to first century AD. Biturgies Vivisques founded a prosperous town Burdigala in the first century. The successive barbaric invasions upset the prosperity of this town until the 12th century. With the marriage of Alienor d'Aquitaine and Henri II Plantagenet in 1154, Bordeaux returned to peace. The town came under English control, which lasted for three centuries. During this period the town began to grow. In the kingdom of France, Bordeaux got its definitive status of town by Louis XIV. Bordeaux enjoyed a second boom as a result of the wine trade, its main activity, but the colonial trading quickly increased. From 1660, trade between France and the West Indies intensified and flourished even more in the eighteenth century. The town was hit by revolution, empire and the Terror. Trade was therefore affected and did not get back into full swing until the middle of the nineteenth century with the sale of groundnuts. Once again Bordeaux became a commercial and industrial centre. During the Second World War Bordeaux was affected by a series of troubles, e.g. the ones caused by Maurice Papon. After the Second World War, Jacques Chaban-Delmas from the radical socialist party from Gironde becomes the mayor of Bordeaux in the 1947. He continued his position until the 1995 town elections. It become the large urban area and was organized and recognized by the creation of town Council of Bordeaux. Nearly 210428 inhabitants populated the Bordeaux in the 1990, while the town together with its suburbs counted 696587 inhabitants. Furthermore, if you interested in exploring more about the historical facts about the city, you can hire a car in Bordeaux. Most of the tourists prefer to hire a car in Bordeaux and then travel within the city and even sometimes in the nearby city. Interestingly, you can also get a lot of excitement from the beautiful sceneries whilst you will be driving.

Weather Bordeaux

Like other city's weather in France, visiting Bordeaux is best in spring, though winter-like relapses aren't unknown. Autumn is pleasant but the days are fairly short. Bordeaux's proximity to the Atlantic Ocean ensures a fairly mild climate.Therefore, if you also want to get fun from the pleasant season of autumn or spring then hire a car in Bordeaux. It will be more convenient for you to travel in car hire in Bordeaux. Moreover you can find cheap car rentals in France from us and we can also give you a lot of schemes to make it cheaper for you. Whist you will be driving you can also get fun from the beautiful sceneries which will fall in your passage. We can also arrange a car rental in France which will start your fun right from the airport.

So, rent a car in Bordeaux from us and have a wonderful trip of your life.when-to-go-bordeaux.html. The spring season have the major tourist of the year in Bordeaux. The autumn has fairly short days and pleasant weather condition. Bordeaux's proximity to the Atlantic Ocean protects its grapes - and visitors - from both frosty chills and excessive heat, so expect a mild climate.

Planning for Bordeaux during the Christmas, New Year, February to March or from mid of the July to end of the August, be prepared for patience-testing melange of kids of school holidays and adults escaping France's cities during their annual leave. Finding inexpensive and sometimes any accommodation during these times can be a headache. After making the plan of when to travel in Bordeaux, also plan to hire a car in Bordeaux because it will make your journey more comfortable and convenient. In addition to that we provide cheap and affordable cars rentals in France and that will further increase the fun of your trip. Getting a renting car is also a very easy process if you get it from us and contact us to arrange a car rental in Bordeaux airport. We assure you that the fun which you will get in a cheap car hire in Bordeaux cannot be achieves in any other more of transportation in Bordeaux.


Arrical Vordeaux

The city of Bordeaux, being one of the most important transit points of the France have the station Gare St-Jean, which is about 3km from the city centre from the southern terminus of cours de la Marne. Arriving by train, you'll find yourself at the gare St-Jean, with its own small tourist office. Bordeaux airport is in Merignac, 10km (6mi) west of the city centre. Buses going for all places leaves from the Halte Routiere allees de Chartres the northern corner of Esplanade des Quinconces. All the big car rental companies have offices in the train station building. Moreover, after your arrival we can also arrange a car rental in Bordeaux Airport. You can also travel from other modes of transportation but travelling in a car rental Bordeaux will be more comfortable and safe for you. You can also get fun from the beauty of the sceneries which will fall in your way to Bordeaux towns or nearby cities. So, get from the exciting trip of Bordeaux!

Best Locations Bordeaux

Bordeaux wine exporter has the tradition of welcoming the guest by offering the sample wines and learns about the industry. It will be better if you plan your trip with guide map, and advice about local wines available free from the Maison du Vin (House of Wine). Strolls through Town- The prettiest, most interesting, and most historic neighborhood in Old Bordeaux is the "golden triangle". From here you can walk north to esplanade des Quinconces. It was laid out between 1818 and 1828 and covers nearly 12 hectares (30 acres). A smaller but lovelier square is place de la Bourse, bounded by quays opening onto the Garonne. Churches - The largest and most ostentatious church in Bordeaux is the Cathedrale St-Andre, place Pey-Berland, near the southern perimeter of the old town. The sculptures on the 13th-century Porte Royale (Royal Door) are admirable; see also the 14th-century sculptures on the North Door. Museum - Musee des Beaux-Arts, 20 cours d'Albret, Jardin du Palais-Rohan, has an outstanding collection from the 15th to the 20th centuries. Works by Perugina, Titian, Rubens, Veronese, Delacroix, and Marquet are on display. Boat Rides - The pont de Pierre, with 17 arches, stretches 478m (1,568 ft.) across the Garonne and is one of the most beautiful bridges in France. Built on orders of Napoleon I in 1813, the bridge can be crossed on foot for a view of the quays and the port. Therefore, if you are interested in visiting the attractions of Bordeaux then hire a car in Bordeaux. It is more safe and comfortable for you to travel in a car rental in Bordeaux.


As opposite to its image of as a sleepy backwater, Bordeaux has the live night-life from having simple pubs to techno discos. Since Bordeaux's dance clubs are constantly changing - places often come and go within six months - it's best to ask around for the latest hotspots. There are one or two discos in the city centre, such as Paris-Pekin, at 10 rue de la Merci, but the majority of clubs are spread out along southerly quai du Paludate, where things don't really get going until two in the morning and continue till around four or five; Sunday is generally closing day. One of the district's longer-lived clubs is La Plage at no. 40, a fun disco in a tropical-beach setting, while the wonderfully Baroque Shadow Lounge, 5 rue Cabannac, plays house and techno. There are gambling, drinking, dining, and people-watching at Casino de Bordeaux, in the Hôtel Sofitel Bordeaux Lac, rue Cardinal Richaud. Animated street life rules the inner core of Bordeaux by night. Head to place de la Victoire, place St-Pierre, place du Parlement, place Camille Jullian, and place Gambetta; the latter swarms with students. Night owls in Bordeaux gravitate toward quai du Paludate, where restaurants, bars, and discos remain open till the wee hours. More raucous party-goers head for L'Ane Qui Tousse, 57 rue de BÃ'gles, with its two dance floors and tropical motifs. Frat types congregate at Le Plana, 22 place de la Victoire, where the space around the bar turns into a makeshift dance floor once the party gets going. An even better choice for dancing is Senechal, 57 bis quai de Paludate, with its 1970s decor and just as classic 25- to 45-year-old crowd. Moreover, most of the tourists in the city always love to get fun from the nightlife in Bordeaux. If you also want to get fun of it then hire a car in Bordeaux because after this you will get more comfort in your commuting. We are the providers of cheap car rentals in Bordeaux and if you get cars from us you will really find our services very affordable for you. The major attractions of the city can be completely explored in a car rental France and to increase your comfort we can also arrange a car rental in Bordeaux airport.

City of Destination Bordeaux

Rich in beautiful beaches, lively night-life and excellent queues of museums made the Bordeaux, one of the beautiful cities of France. Bordeaux is reasonably spread out along the western side of the River Garonne, with the eighteenth-century old town lying between the place de la Comedie to the north, the imposing buildings of the river bank and the cathedral to the west. On the Garonne River, the port of Bordeaux, the capital of Aquitaine, is one of the world's most important wine-producing areas. It attracts visitors to the offices of wine exporters, most of whom welcome guests. You'll be raising your glass a lot in Bordeaux, home to one of France's seven key wine regions and known for its award-winning big reds. Tour the châteaux, imbibe the world-class wines and indulge in the regional cuisine, but remember that Bordeaux offers much more. It may not exude the joie de vivre of Paris, but Bordeaux is a major cultural centre and a transportation hub between southern France and Spain. Bordeaux is a city of warehouses, factories, mansions, suburbs, and wide quays 8km (5 miles) long. Many of 18th and 19th century building of the city leads to a welcoming transformation of the city's historic core into one of the great urban aesthetic triumphs of western France. So, if you want to get fun from the excited and the lively nightlife in Bordeaux, then hire a car in Bordeaux. There are a number of car rentals in France but we are providing cheap cars throughout France. You can also contact us to arrange a car rental in Bordeaux airport. Moreover, a trip in your private car can give you more safety and comfort as compare to the trip over a public transport. So, when you will reach Bordeaux you can rent a car in Bordeaux and you can really make your trip more exciting and full of fun.

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