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Castellon History

Castellon history is very complicated and much of inhabitants time span is spent in wars and protecting themselves against different rulers. It had been conquered in 1233 by king James 1 and was given under the supervision of Ximen who tried to develop its industry and craft. Later in the 14th century protective walls around city were developed along with different towers and church to facilitate the inhabitants. Till the 18th century city was caught in wars that caused heavy damage to its development. Built city walls, were grown to ground and afterwards the city boundaries started to expand. Later in the 19th century one can see the actual development where in city expanded and buildings and parks were started to flourish. Now one can find modern buildings, parks, museum, and theatre and railway system there. It has the current population of around 140,000 and though with different up and downs, now city is advancing and making progress leaps and bound. Now city is taken as a tourist resort and it has much in it to offer people around. People usually get amused with the weather and the natural beauty here. The museums show the history of their struggle and war to be strong and independent.

Castellon has its own airport which is still not operating, yet it is developed simple but has much facilitating features for the visitors. It has the car transfer facilities along with different entertaining tools as restaurants and hotels around. More over there is different shops and ATM services that are developing to facilitate people.  The best thing about it is that on one does not have to face any problem regarding the transport concerns. It is because of the fact that local and car hiring transport facilities always remain there to facilitate people.

Castellon Weather

Spain is a country of versatile climate which make it so unique and source of attraction for the tourists. It has been found that in the city Castellon the temperature remains suitable for visitors all over the year. The weather never gets tilted on either of the two extreme sites rather it always remains mild to moderate. This is the reason that people from the Europe as well as outside it love to spend vacations here because it allows forever spring to every one.

Most of the people come here in summer vacations while others come in winter vacations that make it a healthy place to enjoy holidays. In summers, in the extremely hot moths as in August the temperature does not exceed 24 degrees while in winters the lowest temperature is 10 degrees which makes the best vacations here. The average temperature all over the year is calculated as 17 degrees which can make people have great time here. It has been reported that near about all the year Castellon shows warm sun without being irritable. Almost in 300 days of the year, sun shines optimally. Annual rain fall is also moderate which make the air pleasant all the time. History of Castellon shows that there has never been an abrupt change in its weather and one can ever enjoy the pleasant weather with beautiful sceneries as well as services at meal and recreation. The online sites are there to guide people in every possible respect.

Cheap car hire Castellon companies are there to guide people in every possible respect and take them to every possible attraction they want to see. The transport and driver they provide both are according to the trip requirement and with the driver one can never get mislead and ruin his trip. . One can contact them through telephonic service as well as through online sources to get the best possible deal.

Castellon Transport

Castellon is a small city with great tourist tilt. Its natural and made beauty is so enchanting that people become more and more inclined after their first visit. The only small issue that people face in reaching it is, that it does not have its own airport due to which people have to travel by bus or other transport. The airport is said to be operating soon for people and one will be able to enjoy everything with easy flight as well. Castellon has an enormous transport system and one can get the taxi or bus at any given time. The only thing one has to consider is the fact that which type of transport suits to you. If you have a disabled family member with you then simple cars can serve you less in this regard. You may better have mini bus for handling him easily. There is also personal railway here, operating to facilitate people. Taxies are cheaper and you can reach the destination in shortest possible time. Other than this in case of buses one can get best services after every 20 minutes and in this way one can reach the place in lowest rates. But it is comparatively time consuming. To save your time it is always a good idea that one gets his personal transport.


In Castellon it is very easy as well as affordable.

Castellon Attractions

Castellon is a small city with a lot of entertaining beauty for the tourists in it. Though it has gone through a difficult time in the history but from the later half of the 19th century there came many changes in it. In this case it has entertained tourists to much an extent with its enchanting attractions and so it has been awarded as a best tourist destination. One can find here everything like restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, kid parks, adventurous parks, nightlife and museums as well.

If one is planning for a healthy trip to Spain then it is highly recommended that one should visit the Castellon. There is consideration made towards every thing for the tourists that primarily include the accommodation facilities. One can get any accommodation which suits to him. It can be a villa, apartment, pension or a bungalow even. These are much affordable as well as facilitating to people. Other than this the famous parks include the Fantasy world theme Park which has different mechanical rides, safari train and animals that can entertain kids. Other parks also offer the boat hiring along with fun games for recreation. The eating resorts in it are also made to entertain every one. If one wishes to enjoy camping here, then one can do it in Propesa Del Mar ground. It is made near the beaches so that one ca enjoy to maximum level. More over the attractions include the versatile eating and shopping resorts which entertain people at any given time. Nightlife is also a great attraction for people as it amuses people usually till dawn. One can also get facilities regarding transport system which is most attractive thing here. For this very reason local city transport is active but if one longs for their personal transport than car hiring companies is also there to facilitate people.

Castellon Disabled Visitors

Castellon is a place which has tourist rush in all months of the year. It may be because of its enchanting weather or because of its lovely sites which make one think like a heaven to live in. The facilities are made more and more advanced for the tourists over the last few decades and so it has been awarded for its services for the tourists. It has every thing for every age, every nation and every cast. It has versatile hotels and restaurants along with amusing parks. Other than this enormous shopping malls and entertaining nightlife is always there to make people rejoiced at any given time. The only thin one has to do is to come here for great fun. This does not matter that you are disabled even because there are a lot of facilities that are offered only for the disable people. One can get the wheelchairs at any given site.

Other than this the accommodations are made special for disabled people with disabled toilets as well as adjustable sinks and shower. Lifts have been applied to facilitate them. In restaurants as well as on beaches one can get the wheelchairs. Moreover in case of city transport the considerations is made to facilitate people and are made wider .Incase of any problem the railway has its own helping equipments for the disabled ones. In this way one can enjoy the trip to Castellon in best possible way.