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Best Car Rentals Faro

History Faro

The island city of Faro has a rich past just like Portugal. The past includes travelling, discovering, building culture and everything. The first inhabitants of this part were mainly attracted by the Ria Formosa lagoon. The lagoon in consideration was not only a heavenly beautiful place to settle down but it also offered adaptable environment. The name of the city Faro has been originated from the Arabic name Harun- which was actually the name of a local Muslim chieftain around the 9th century. The Moors originated the Muslim era in Faro. Prior to that, it was ruled by the Romans and the Visigoths.

During the latter period the town gained the honour of the most important town in the Iberian Peninsula as it also became a capital of short-lived princedom. While Faro was under Roman Empire it was called Ossonoba, but with the advent of the Visigothic era it was mostly known as Santa Maria. The command of the land went to the Portuguese authority in 13th century when the Moorish were defeated by King Alfonso III. It is being said that during the 500years of Moorish reign some Jews used to live in the city who wrote parts of the Old Testament. Today the city is an immensely popular tourist place and an important city in the Portuguese administration. Without debate Faro is the chief governmental centre for the entire area of Algarve. It has a population of around half a million inhabitants.

You can hire a car in Portugal and travel around in not only Faro but also its adjoining areas. In fact if historical sites impress you much then you ought to rent a car in Faro Airport and make sure that you take a trip to the old part of this city, which to date is surrounded by the magnanimous Roman walls. Taking your car from the Faro car rental to the Sixt eenth century convent that resides in the neighboring area would be yet another good experience.


The best time to goto Faro is the summer time when the heat is mild and you can enjoy the weather to the maximum, during the winters the temperature might go down to 7 degree Cesius


Arrival to Faro

There are various ways to go to Faro such as by rail, bus, air and car etc. A major chunk of the visitors enter into the city by rail. Basically individuals from the UK reach Faro by train. There are two main train routes in Portugal including the route from Paris via Bordeaux, Irn, San Sebastian, Biarritz, and the second from Irn to Madrid.

Travelers are also coming to Faro by bus because coach service operators are providing traveling services from many European cities to Faro. However, because of the long routes, all travelers do not consider this journey comfortable and safe.

The largest number of travelers is coming to Faro by air because the Faro airport is located four miles from the centre of the city and it is the major International Airport in Portugal. Low cost airlines are running on these airports which are taking passengers from the UK and European countries. You can also reach Faro by road in a private car or a taxi. Taxi services are usually charging high rates therefore, travelers do not prefer taxis.

On the other hand, travelers are using their private cars to reach Faro. It is recommended to the travelers not to take their cars with them because of the different driving rules of Faro.

City Transport

The transportation system in Faro is well developed. The train service in the city is very good and train travels from Faro to Lisbon five times a day. The train charges 18 Euros for a trip of 4 hours and 45 minutes. This shows that the rates of train are not very high. Locals of the city usually use bus or trains to move around the city.

Since, there are different train services operating in the city, therefore, the price varies based on the type of train. The major chunk of the people travels by train in the city. The reason is that buses are cheaper as compared to the other modes of transportation.

The main bus company which serves Faro is "Eva buses" and its services are very excellent in terms of their punctuality and their comfort. On the other hand, because of crowd and noise in buses, travelers prefer cars to travel within the city. After your arrival on the airport, you can also take the airport bus which runs from airport to the centre of the city.

Taxis are available in the city however; the rates of taxis are usually higher. Since there are many ways to move around the city, therefore, you will not find any problem in the city.

Best Faro

Situated at the southern most coastal area of Portugal- Faro is a beautiful city and a visitors' paradise. It has so many to offer to her tourists. Serene Beauty to satisfy your eyes, cultural heritage to nurture your mind, tongue-tucking dishes, extravagant night-life- you name them and it has it all. Here is the list of some places that you shouldn't miss at any cost: The old walled neighbourhood of Cidade Velha, it is where the town began as a Moorish settlement. But the Christians built a Cathedral replacing it. For some impressive ancient Roman artefacts go to Museo Arqueologico. The current town hall is actually an 18th Century Episcopal palace. The statue in the square is of Bishop Francisco Gomes, he rebuilt Faro when it was destroyed in the great earthquake in 1755. You should visit three museums in Faro: the Lapidary Museum, the Ethnological Museum and the Maritime Museum. Ria Formosa lagoon is a nature reserve of over 17.000 hectares and a stopping place for hundreds of different birds during the spring and autumn migratory periods. The 7 km long beach is quiet as it is distant from the city and is a long sandy spit reached by crossing a bridge not far from the International Airport.

Or you could hire a car in Portugal and drive up to the ria Formosa's lagoon. This beautiful area is basically a wetland that is the stay of some of the most exotic birds that fly from Europe to Africa. There are actually several hundred species of birds that can be encountered here. Another reason to rent a car in Faro Airport and visit this location would be that this lagoon is home to marine life that can be viewed closely on board the available boats. So what are you thinking? Get a car from a Faro car rental and explore the beautiful and exotic location of Faro which are sure to have you spellbound!

Top Attractions of Faro

Faro is one of the preferable destinations of the tourists because there are many attractions for the tourists in the city. The major attraction in the city is Capela d'Ossos (Chapel of Bones). This spot is popular because it was erected in the 19th century.

You will find the whole chapel completely lined with human skulls. The old S? (cathedral) is the religious place in Faro however it is famous because it was built in the Gothic and Renaissance styles. The Gothic tower is made up of the tiles of 17th and 18th centuries. You should also visit Igreja de S?o Francisco, which is a popular church in the city.

There are many museums and historical monuments in the city however, the three major museums are the municipal museum, or Museu Municipal de Faro, is quite attractive for the tourists. For watching the models of the local fishing carft and of the boats, you should visit the dockside Museu Maritimo, Rua Communidade Luisada.

Before visiting any place you should confirm the opening and closing times of the attractions. Most of the places need an entry ticket and special discounts are offered to the tourists. The major problem for most of the people is to arrange the transport to go to the specific destination because public transport cannot take you to the specific destination.

Exploring Faro

Situated at the southern tip of Portugal, Faro is a beautiful city and the capital of Algarve region. The city is endowed with natural beauty as well as rich cultural heritage. Historically the oldest city Faro hosts paramount values of the cultural patrimony, namely its cathedral. The Arco do Repouso and the Nossa Senhora da Assuno's Convent. Its Culture and traditional dress is reflected in its whitewashed houses, with characteristic roots, arches and narrow streets. The city boasts on the Rio Formosa lagoon- it is a nature reserve of over 17.000 hectares and a stopping place for hundreds of different birds during the spring and autumn migratory periods. The history of the city dates back to the Roman period when it happened to be an important area in the region. However, the name of the city has been originated from the name of a Muslim chieftain who used to rule the place during the Moorish period. It was the Moors who ruled most powerfully after the Romans.

Still there are eye-catching Roman and Moorish architectures carefully reserved in the city. While you are in the city you might feel like you are somewhere lost in the extravaganza of nature and history. Explore the several nearby locations in Faro that can easily be accessed in your car from Faro car rental. Next to it, for instance is Almancil. It is a small town that houses the church of Sao LourenÃo de Matos, which is quite famous for its interior and the colouring of its tiles. You can also hire a car in Faro Airport and travel towards the North to EstÃ. It is a small village that depicts the Roman ruins to perfection. In the same direction is the Santa Barbara de Nexe that is also worth a visit. So come out of your hotel room, rent a car in Portugal and explore this magnificent city!

Eating drinking Faro

Portugal is well known for their cuisine that is rich, delicate and contains a subtle kick. Faro also maintains a well-groomed dining tradition to satisfy the visitors. A trip to Faro can't be finished without dipping into their gourmet and sipping the delicacy of the wine. What is amazing about foods in Faro is that they come in large helpings at the same time they are not at all expensive. Since Portugal is a fishermen's country, obviously fish and seafood are the star dishes. Faro is not lagging behind in this arena.

Some of the renowned fish delicacies are described here. Some restaurants in the city are worth mentioning such as:Since most restaurant bills include a service charge; a small tip will be appreciated, but is not essential.

So rent a car in Faro and travel to these and several other restaurants located in this region, both for wine and for some excellent food. Also the prices of the food in these particular restaurants are extremely affordable. Explore on your own too and drive around in your car from Faro Airport car rental to discover new favorite eating spots. Faro is the capital of Algarve, and is without question amongst the top places where you will surely find many such places. Hence hire a car in Portugal today and make sure you visit the various restaurants for a treat that will not only delight your tongue but will also fill your senses for a long time to come.

Night-life Faro

The tourism scenario in Faro is less crowded than in Algarve. The shopping malls are less jostled, naturally the night-life in the city might be little low-beat compared to that of Algarve. Yet the city has some magnificent and rocking places to offer for the tourists for a blood-steaming night-life. If Bourbon Street is to New Orleans, than surely Rua do Prior is to Faro. In the heart of town, adjacent to the Faro Hotel, this place is a chock-a-block endowed with many night cafés, pubs and dance clubs that will rock your grooves from 10:30pm to dawn. Want to have a sneak-peak of the hard-drinking, hard-driving nature of this hot southern town? Then head towards this place at afternoon. Upa Upa Café; Bar at Rua Conselheiro Bivar 51 is the topmost bars and draws a good number of visitors as well as locals. The overflowing tables in the spacious patio are its specialities. The bar opens daily 9pm and keeps open till 4am.If you are not that a party creature and like to have a night that is quiet yet enjoyable than go for the delicious cafés and restaurants. You can also go for theatres and the beautiful art-galleries to have an evening to cherish.

You can rent a car in Faro and enjoy the nightlife after your day of sightseeing and lounging around on the beach. In addition to the above mentioned places you can also hit the numerous nightclubs, which appeal the tourists with their lively and easy on the ears music. In fact there are several individuals from the adjacent areas that drive up town in the cars from Faro Airport car rental for an enjoyable night out. So make sure that the nightlife of Faro should not be missed while you are on tour. So if you are visiting, hire a car in Portugal today and let the party begin when the sun goes down.

Shopping Faro

Shopping experience can really be different in the city of Faro. Since the city remains less crammed with tourists one is sure to get a jostle and hustle free environment to shop at heart's content. The main large-scale shopping mall in Faro is the Forum Algarve. The Forum Algarve has a fantastic selection of shops, a multiplex cinema, and good parking facilities. The shops are distributed over just two levels, with a hypermarket Jumbo on the ground floor. The Forum Algarve can be reached by travelling in the general direction of the airport and following the signs into Faro. The shops in the Forum include the likes of Zara, Stradivarius, Levi's, Benetton, Oysho, Women's Secret, FNAC and Imaginarium.

The shops are usually open from 9:00 AM � 11:00 PM. The main shopping districts are also found in the streets of Rua Santo Antonio and Rua Francisco Gomes. The local green market located on Large do Mercado can be the best option for you to buy your foods in Faro. It ensures you the supply of the most fresh food supplies. You can go and cook your own food from the freshest supplies rather than indulging yourself in greasy junk foods. Woven items such as baskets, embroidered textiles, local wines and aperitifs, and hand-painted ceramics are Faro's specialities and such handicrafts can be good souvenirs.

If you are looking for several things under one roof then it is recommended that you direct you car from Faro car rental to the JUMBO store, which has already been mentioned above. Not only does it contain all kinds of grocery items but is also the best place to visit if you are considering buying home furnishings, as it is relatively cheaper that several shopping venues. In fact you can also hire a car in Faro Airport and drive up to it if you wish to purchase some local and Internationalmovies. No matter what day of the year, you can drive up to the shopping venues in Faro and shop your heart out. Going for shopping around midday would be a good idea as around this time several of the parking areas are empty for you to park your car from the Portugal car rental in.

Disabled visitors Faro

Much effort has been put in by the local authorities of Faro to improve accessibility and pro-handicap facilities for disabled personnel, but it is still far from being a completely accessible place. Most buildings in Faro have elevators and ramps, and the practice of installing them has become quite commonplace in Portuguese buildings. Many hotels of Faro provide ample facilities for disabled people as well as specially adapted rooms. All public transport in Faro have four seats specially reserved for handicapped passengers. However, they do not provide any sort of special accessibility for people on wheelchairs. Visually handicapped people are allowed to use guide dogs when travelling, but the dogs must be leashed and muzzled properly.

Guide dogs can even ride on public transportation with their owners at no extra cost. Quite a number of car rental companies in Faro offer specially designed vehicles available for rent by handicapped people. At the Faro Airport, the first people who are made to board planes are disabled passengers, so that they do not have to deal with crowds. The disabled person is moved to a narrower aisle-seat at the door of the aircraft, which the attendants can reach more easily.

All Portuguese airlines follow this policy stringently. Special cars are available at the Portugal car rental which is designed specifically to cater to the needs of the disabled individuals. Toilets for the disabled are located all through the airport as well. In fact there are several hotels that are also developing their facilities for their disabled visitors. These hotels can easily be reached by a car from Faro Airport car hire that are well equipped for the wheel chairs and disabled visitors. Infact the disabled passengers can also hire a car in Faro and park it in spots outside the Terminal that have been specifically reserved for them. So don't let your handicap hinder you from having fun enjoy!

Accommodation in Faro

Faro is the city of Portugal which is famous for its apartments and attractive shops. Finding an affordable accommodation in the city is not a problem because of the availability of hostels, homes on rent, apartments and hotels.

Some of the best Budget ed hotels in the city include Quinta Dos Poetas, Frangaria, Residencial Dandy, Hotel Santa Maria, Hospedaria Sao Filipe, Casa De Estoi, Monaco Hotel, Faro Lounge Guest House, Residencial Sun Algarve, Faro Youth Hostel, Residential Mestre D? Avis, Faro Hotel and Casa Charneca. Accommodation in the city is cheap however; you should check the reviews of the customers before selecting the best accommodation.

You should also check the location of the hotel or apartment because proximity to tourists? attraction can provide great convenience to you. You can also find a beautiful villa on rent near any beautiful location. The rents of these homes may vary based on their location, size and facilities. The distance of the town from the airport and the beach is about 7 kilometers therefore; you should get the accommodation in the centre of the town so that you may get convenience while moving to any place.

Faro is a beautiful city of Portugal and tourists from all over the world come to visit the attractions of the city. The fares of accommodations during peak season are usually higher.

The City of Faro

Faro is a beautiful city and municipality of Portugal. The total population of Faro is 41,934 while the population of entire municipality is 58,305. It is the capital of Algarve and most of the tourists enter into the country through Faro. The International Airport Faro is the major entrance for the travelers.

The town is worth a visit because of its medieval wall and many monuments. Basically Roman walls are the particular attractions for the tourists because they date back to the 9th century. With increasing tourism industry of Faro, many developments have been carried out in Faro. Most part of the city is composed of attractive shops, artistic theaters and apartments.

Faro airport is not far from the city and because of the low cost airlines the number of visitors visiting the city has also increased. Transportation system of the city is well developed and road network is also well organized. Faro is the city of festivals and Faro InternationalMotorcycle Rally is the most famous festivals of the city. In addition, many student events are also organized in the city.

Faro offers great facilities to the travelers and special discounts and cards are given to the tourists.

Useful Contact Numbers

Faro is one of the cities which are generating huge revenues from their tourism industry. The main reason for the popularity of Faro is that it provides all facilities to the tourists to visit the major attractions and travelers feel very secure and safe in the city. However, it is very important to take some useful numbers with you, before your arrival in the city. Some useful contact numbers of Faro are as follows:

Police Numbers

GNR (police): Tel. 289 887 603

PSP (police): Tel. 289 899 899

Other Numbers

Bombeiros Municipal: Tel. 289 888 000

Bombeiros Volunt?rios: Tel. 289 823 630

Health Centers

Health Centre: 289 826 358

Faro district hospital: Tel.289 803 411

Santa Maria Private Hospital: Tel. 289 892 040

Red Cross in Faro: 289 899 900

Pharmacy Alexandre, Rua Ivens 39: Tel. 289 823 667

Pharmacy Helena, Largo do Mercado,69: Tel. 289 823 667


Radio Taxis: Tel. 289 895 790


Tourist support services: Tel. 808 718 212

Tourist Information Office - Posto de Turismo de FaroTel. 351 289 803 604

You can contact with tourist information office any time and in case of any emergency. It is also recommended to the tourists to inform the tourist information office after their arrival in the city.

Faro Festivals

Faro is considered as the hotspots for the festivals and events. There are many festivals which are organized in the city all around the year. The major festival of the city is organized in May and June and it is the InternationalMusic Festival. Basically Faro is the hub of this music festival and there are many features of this festival.

The Musical festival of Faro leans towards the classical music and Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa and the Orquestra do Algarve also appear in the festival. There are different venues where this festival is organized and the funding for the festival comes from Faro Municipal Council. Another festival of the city is Faro Algrave Motorbike Rally that is organized around the third weekend of July.

This event features a motorbike rallym 24 hours bars, biker fair, tattoo contest and much more. Faro Sweet festival is also famous because this festival has the stalls of Portuguese desserts. People from nearby towns also attend this festival and they feel crazy for the Portuguese desserts.

Similarly, Faro Crane and Sheep festival is also very popular in the city. Faro festivals provide great fun to the people therefore; tourists from all over the world come to attend the festivals.

Museums & Monuments In Faro

Faro is considered a very important city because of its cultural history and heritage. Therefore, it must not be surprising for you that there are many museums and historical monuments in the city. You should start exploring the museums from Museu Arquologico.

This museum is very popular among the tourists because of its local archaeological artifacts. Most of these artifacts include a Roman floor mosaic. This museum is situated on Largo Dom Afonso III. You should also make a visit to Museu Etnografico which has the displays of cultural heritage of the area. This museum has collections of traditional arts and traditional farming techniques for example ceramics, weaving.

Another popular museum of Faro is Museu Maritimo which is the hub on the Faro's maritime history. If you are visit Faro, you should not miss a visit to the municipal museum, or Museu Municipal de Faro. This museum will provide you the opportunity to explore much about the history of the city. Some famous Faro monuments include The Arco da Vila, Celeiro de S?o Francisco (Granary of St. Francis), Lethes Theatre, The statue of Jo?o de Deus, Statue of Dom Francisco Gomes de Avelar, Arab Doors and Episcopal Palace.

Kid's Amusements In Faro

Kids can have great fun in Faro because of the various major attractions in the city. You should take your kids to Zoomarine, which has the collections of sharks and turtles. You will surely want to take your kids to the beaches of Faro.

A great such spot is Falesia Beach which provides your kids the opportunity to build sandcastles. The best thing about Faro is that there are many theme parks in the city. You can take your kids to Slide and Splash where they can take thrilling rides.

Most of the attractions in the city provide great fun to kids such as Moorish castles from Silves Castle to Castro Marim provide great learning opportunities to the kids. You should also take your kids to the live science centre where your kids can see the plants through the telescopes and microscopic animals under water. For great swimming experience, take your kids to AlgraveShopping. You should also take your kids for the outdoor activities in Faro such as boating in Tavira Island, jet skiing and windsurfing in Praia da Rocha.

Some other kids? attractions in the city include Fabrica do Ingles, Lagos Zoo, and Carvoeiro.

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