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Best Car Rentals Gerona

History of Gerona city

Gerona city is located near the French border and provides great feelings of ancient history when you walk on the roads and streets. History tells that Iberians were first to settle in this city before Romans. This city was named “Gerunda” by the Romans who built a citadel and laid the foundation of walled city. Visigoths ruled on this city for short duration and then came Moors. In 785, Charlemagne pushed back the Moors and established Gerona as one of the important countships of Catalonia. Gerona was of great significance from military point of view against Moors and other invaders because of front protective town of Barcelona.

12th century witnessed the establishment of Jewish community in the Gerona. Jews developed the Jew quarter called “call”. This “Call” is still preserved in the Gerona City. Jews also developed many learning centers. In 1492, Spain’s Catholic Kings ordered Jews of Gerona either to convert themselves in to Christianity or leave the city. So, this was end of Jewish community in this city.

History has witnessed that Gerona was captured by 7 times and remained under siege for 25 times. Majority of the times, French army attacked this city. Longest siege was of 7 months which was ended on 12th December, 1809. At the end of the 19th century, defensive walls of the city were destroyed in order to expand the city but remains of the walled city are still attraction for the tourist.

As many nations settled after capturing this city on different occasions, Gerona became the center of culture of many nations.


In summers visitors can expect temperatures from 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the day and 65 in the night. But in winters the temperatures may vary from 50 degrees in the day to 40 during the night. Best months to visit are May, June and October.

During the tourist season from April to August, rates of resorts go up and expect crowds of tourist everywhere. Booking early is the best practice if you are planning to come during the summer months. For many paying extra is no problem as enjoying the warm sunny weather near the coast is priceless.

Arrival to Gerona

People arrive in this town through three different routs. Available choices are by air, by train and by road. Gerona airport become busy rout when Ryan Air started their operation. If you are coming by air then after your arrival, you will proceed to city of Gerona where you should have already arranged your accommodation. Airport is 12 Km away from the Gerona city. From airport, bus service is available that will take you to the city bus Terminal and railway station but not to your hotel. From the bus Terminal you have to change the bus to go to the area where your hotel is located. Timings of these buses are fixed. Limited number of buses from the airport to main bus Terminal is major reason that tourists go for car hire Gerona Airport. Traveling by car hire Gerona saves a lot of time.

Other routs of arrival in Gerona are by roads and train. Gerona is connected with other cities of Spain like Barcelona through motorway. From Barcelona, Gerona is 100 km away and it takes one hour and fifteen minutes to complete the journey. Bus will drop you at the bus Terminal , from here it will be better option to go for car hire Gerona to go to your hotel.

Train facility from Barcelona to Gerona is also available and it also takes one hour and fifteen minutes to reach Gerona. Buses are available from the railway station but it will be good to go for car hire Gerona to reach your hotel on time.

City Transport

Gerona has a wide network of roads throughout the city. Public transport includes buses, trains and taxies. There are three modes of transportation while coming to Gerona city. These are by air, by train and by Road. There is no railway station at airport, so train journey is not possible from the Gerona airport. Form airport, buses are available but not only their timing is fixed but also they are less in number. So, it will be better to go for car hire Gerona Airport.

Other options are bus and train. Mostly tourists come from the Barcelona. From Barcelona both buses and train are also good options. Gerona is almost 100 Km from the Barcelona and both buses and trains can take one hour and 15 minutes to reach Gerona. If you are coming from Barcelona by train or bus then you can also go for car hire Gerona from the railway station or bus Terminal .

City of Gerona is not big enough. You can walk to visit most of the areas of the city. But taxies and rent a car especially, car hire Gerona is good option. Buses are also available throughout the city. You can also ride buses or rent a car to go other towns of the province because Gerona city is linked with motorway. Rents of the buses are fixed. Taxies can be expensive but time saving. If you go for car hire Gerona especially when you are on short trip then you can safe time and visit maximum spots in minimum time.


Gerona airport is a busy airport located just 20 minutes south of the city. Barcelona is one hour drive from the airport; hence people find it cheaper to fly to Gerona.

Best way to sightseeing through Gerona is on foot. There are museums, old historic building and squashed down narrow cobbled streets. Jewish Quarter which is very beautiful, filled with quaint bars and restaurants makes this a place to visit.

The city is not dependent on tourism so it?s not empty in winter like many other coastal towns. The climate is mild in winters and so it makes a great place to visit. It?s a calm city over around the year, so one can easily enjoy what this city has to offer while escaping the crowds at the coast.

Gerona is a place for everyone in the family like historic buildings, botanical gardens, shopping centers and a lot more outdoor fun.


Gerona is a tourist haven, having attractions and activities for all ages. Visitors will be taken back in time while roaming the old streets of the city. The best mode is to walk and feel the atmosphere and the sight and sounds the city has to offer. City has six museums, Gothic Cathedral of Saint Mary and a widest cave in the world. Enjoying the coffees and tapas is a one of the charming things to enjoy.

You could also hire a car and venture out to visit the nearby towns and villages to get the feel of the country life. The location being the key, you can go to the coast for water sports or head out to the mountains and hit the slopes depending on the season. It is a golfer's paradise as well.


With wide variety of culinary vitality the Gerona restaurants handle people with all tastes and likes. Cuisines like Catalan, Basque, Mediterranean, Oriental, signature, fusion, market and many more makes mouths water. Fresh produce from the sea and mountains the food is fresh and excellent. With professional chefs preparing these meals for you, Gerona is a place for food lovers, Gerona lies in the centre of culinary creation worldwide.

Gerona a province having rich in gastronomic quality and abundance of specialties form the coast and inland.


: A peppered sausage a delicious Catalan classic.


: Garlic and pepper infused pork something similar to Italian Salami.

Anchoas de La Escala

: Delicious local Anchovies often used to make sauces.

Llagosta amb Pollastre

? Costa Brava Specialty a Lobster served with chicken.

Truites de Riu a la llosa

: River Trout cooked over hot stones.

Crema Catalana

: Catalonian classic sweet dish made with sugar and egg yolk.


: A drink made from nuts, lemon, lemon zest and spices its favored liqueur from the coast.


Gerona?s bars and restaurants are filled with students from the city?s university. Hence night life for people is partying through the night in one of the clubs. It no shock to find Europe?s famous DJ?s playing here regularly.

Lola Caf?

In the middle of the old quarter the Lola Caf? offers proper Latin touch to the start of the night with delicious drinks and Latin-American musicians playing through the night.


You and your friends will be in for a treat at Siddharta with cozy atmosphere and fresh-squeezed juices it a place worth going.

La Terra

Menu having alcoholic slush?s and fruit concoctions to offer La Terra is a trendy place with cozy nooks and low tables, an ideal place for hip crowd to gather.

Sunset Jazz Club

Cocktails to offer live jazz music on Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday to Sunday from both Internationaland National musicians this old jazz club of Gerona?s is a happening place to be.


If you like to dance till the wee hours of the morning with proper music this theater-turned-club is a perfect place for you. On Thursdays the place is packed with students hence you are in for a treat.


Gerona housing all the top brands and designer boutiques shopping is a pleasant experience. The main business district where most of the shops are located is a place to hit.

Adding to the attractions the city hosts many open-air fairs and markets through the year. The annual calendar of events also adds color to the rich history of the city.

Disabled Visitors

With excellent facilities for the disabled, the airport of Barcelona El Prat de Llobregat, Gerona and Reus airports are all wheelchair accessible and have disabled toilets. With the public transport fitted with a wheelchair you can travel into the city of Barcelona. By contacting your airline you can hire assistants to help you if you need.

Some Tips on your arrival.

Access to the Metro for wheelchair users

Nearly all subway stations are wheelchair accessible having lifts wide entrances and ground floor access or ramps. Placa Espanya metro station being the important hub is still not equipped with elevators. This is important to know if you are traveling by bus No.46 from the airport.

The list of metro stations can be found the website of TMB which is wheelchair accessible. There even a section having description for visually impaired people but transport department doesn?t reduce the fair.

Buses for disabled

Buses in the city are all equipped with ramps for the wheelchairs. The entrance to the bus is from the rear side and the bus conductors are also trained to handle such situations. The seating is reserved for the disabled on the bus.

Tourist buses

The double-decker buses that run on the three lines within the city for sightseeing are also wheelchair friendly but they are only restricted to the first level. On the booking page a person can get more info regarding the tickets and other such queries.


Taxis are a good mood of transport as well in accordance to the metro, they are inexpensive and best if there is a disabled person with someone. The city has 45 vehicles which are wheelchair friendly.The city footpaths are wheelchair friendly as well they have systematically introduced with lowered sections. Parking in front of such lowered paths will result in penalization. Restaurants and bars also wheelchair accessible and having facility for the disabled.

Beaches are also friendly for such persons as they house ramps and toilets for the disabled so they can also enjoy the time.

Scooter rentals and electric wheelchairs

CosmoScooter offers tourist with electric scooters and wheelchairs for hire and a 3 day rent for a scooter would be ?88.50 but will get cheaper if hired for long. Delivery to your hotel is also possible.

Accommodation in Gerona

All types of accommodations are available in Gerona for different visit purpose e.g. hostels, flat, apartment, sharing a room etc. If you are tourist, student, researcher, or visiting for work, there is right accommodation for you according to your desire. You should arrange your accommodation before coming to Gerona according to your needs and Budget .

Hotels in Gerona are categorized from 2 stars to five stars. You can select hotel of your choice according to your Budget and convenience. These hotels are available on the beaches and also in the city. There is also online booking facility. Majority of these hotels offer pick and drop from the Gerona Airport. You can also go for car hire in Gerona Airport to take a ride and select place of your choice to stay in this city. All hotels offer services according to their category. Visiting the historic points and beaches of the city become easier as you can order for car hire Gerona from the hotel or any place you are staying. You can also get accommodation in the nearby villages or towns.

Students can get hostels for their stay during entire study period. They can also share room with other students. University of Gerona provides information about their accommodation.

There is also option to rent an apartment in case of small family. These apartments are available in the Gerona city and as well as in the surrounding areas. Rents of these apartments are according to their location and facilities they offer. Flats are also available for the people who stay for long for work.


City of Gerona is the capital of Gerona which is one of the provinces of Spain. Barcelona andLleida are neighbors of this province. This city is full of history and culture. You can evidence historical heritage while walking through streets of this city. Iberians which were Greek and Romans were first inhabitants of this city. Then Romans came and name “Gerunda” was given to this city. Wall around this city made it more beautiful but this wall was destroyed by the French in the beginning of the 19th century. Evidences of the walled city are still present.

According to an estimation of 2005, population of Gerona city was over 85000. Temperature of Gerona fluctuates from -5 oC in winter to 40 oC in summer. Rain with thunderstorm is often seen during spring and winter season.

Air port of the town is Gerona Costa Brava which is on 15 minutes drive from the city. From the air port buses are available from the bus tunnel but you can also go for car hire at Gerona Airport to enjoy the roadside in better way. All parts of the city are connected with a network of roads. Public transportation includes trains and buses.

There are many beautiful and attractive places to be visited in the Gerona. Most of the areas can be visited on foot as city is not big. You can also have car hire Gerona to visit maximum areas in one day. Old walled city in the north is big attraction for tourists. During your trip, you can see churches, museums, Cathedrals, Arabic baths etc. You can also find restaurants and shops in a street called la Rambla de la Libertad. As a whole, Gerona has all important spots and facilities of a city required to visit.

Emergency contact numbers

Like any other city of Spain, Gerona is also provided by the emergency numbers. In case of any emergency, you can get assistance by making a call. Following is list of emergency numbers of Gerona city.

Emergency Medical service: 061

Local Town Police: 092

Catalan police: 088

State police: 091

Fire brigade: 086

Emergency number 112

Telephone number of Hospital de Santa Caterina is +34 972 18 26 00. Some 24 hours pharmacies are also present in the city. One of these is Santa Clara 58 and their telephone number is Tel.: +34 972 204 687

Tourist information office: +34 972 22 65 75. This office is located at Rambla. Staff of this office is multi lingual. You can get city map from this office.

Citizens Information Office: +34 972 41 90 50

Post office: Telephone number is +34 972 222 111. Post office open from Monday to Saturday and Working hours are 8.00 to 21.00.

Railway station: +34 972 240 202 is the telephone number. Rail can take you to the Barcelona.

Bus Terminal : Telephone number is +34 972 212 319. Buses from this Terminal can take you to Gerona and Barcelona.

Gerona Airport: Telephone number is +34 972 186 600. There is limited number of buses from the airport to Gerona city. So, it will be good idea to go for car hire Gerona Airport.

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