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History of Gijon

History tells people about the previous age of any cit or place. It provides context for the sights, places, wonders and attractions of different destinations. Gijon Hs a powerful history whereas, its infrastructure to be seen from the prior times of Romans settlement. Whereas, its sea port as a significant value since long time from the period of catholic Monarchs. Dates back, the city was in rule of Romans who conquered the city in 19th century. At that time period the town was started to immerge and people lived in Castro, the home like villages comprised of round stones huts. The walls of the huts were very defensive and moats.

The people were very isolated but wit the passage of time the Roman Empire stated to spread and found the city at sea route. Santa Catalina is a coastal outcrop which offered the city many strategic advantages and trading activities as well. In 17th century the city was started to make its mark on the country and things began with fortification which was followed by the erection of city? first monumental building. The city finally started to gain acknowledgement and also started to trade with Spanish territories .in 1808 the French was in rule and enjoy blemish occupations, but later Gijon has started to gain prosperity and status.

However, subsequent decades saw an improved network of transportation and communication and the town started to establish and was he period of industrial revolution. The mall industries were stated o built and city was also started o become a trade commercial center. Whereas, the latter part of Gijon city faced the important rail link to Madrid. Gijon is now a major city of Spain whereas, the country? economy is based on its tourism industry and on its trade as well. Now the city has many well designed buildings and infrastructure which makes it beautiful. Therefore, thousands of people want to explore different places inside the city.

City transport

Gijon is a cosmopolitan city of Spain with around 50,000 populations. Due to its importance as a regional city its value is increased as a major trade center. Its transportation system plays an important role o connect the city to all nearby regions. However, its motorway A-66 and A-8 are the major motorway access which serves on daily basis. Gijon can easily be access through its trains which connects the city to Madrid, Alicante, Barcelona and Zaragoza. It serves daily routes whereas, special trains runs from different areas in order to connect the city to regions. The city has an International Airport which plays a significant role to make the city accessible for everyone. It offers thousands of flights each year to major Spanish and European cities. A subway Metro ten serves 22 regular line buses with 4 night lines. Its bus system is very efficient and also serves special service during special events. The road are very well structured which provides easy and comfortable access inside the city. However, these modes of transportations are mainly operated by multiple organizations of the city in order to accommodate visitors and citizens of the city. The task of buses and trams is to take the passengers from origin and drop them to their destinations. This finds as the most convenient and attractive to travel around.

Moreover, transportation system helps to connect the city to all major areas whereas, the city can easily be access by walk as it has more pedestrinised structure hence, and you will find many bridges inside the city.

Attractions in Gijon

Gijon is the most vibrant and cosmopolitan city in the south west of Spain. This is the most growing and strongest political city which captures the attention of politicians towards the town. Whereas, its Museums and monuments plays a significant role to capture the attention of tourist and to make the city valuable. However, it helps to boost city?s economy through its large tourism industry. These places needs special maintenance, attention and care in order to retain its beauty and make the places beautiful. Government has allocated special account in terms of maintenance and for special care of these attractions as they are the most valuable assets of the city. Its attractions include museums, monuments, parks, beaches, stations and landmarks. The abundance of attractions are helpful to make the city known among important regions of Spain as well as helps to boost its economy by gathering a large number f tourists.

Gijon has two famous and large beaches Poniente beach and San Lorenzo are the two beautiful sandy beaches. These are the biggest beaches of Spain with really a large area dedicated to popular sport of surfing. Moreover, the tall specially designed stylish buildings overlook the beaches to make it more picturesque. Gijon attractions are famous in whole Spain due to its maintenance, rides and its infrastructure which makes famous. Gardens of Nautico are the famous botanical garden with almost 1000 of species and herbs. Academic institutions arrange educational trips to give their students the basic knowledge about nature and species. Gardens of Reina are another garden fill with tourist throughout the year. Calle Corrida is a famous shopping mal with a huge array of shops embodied with branded items and luxurious goods. The major attractions inside the city which are well worth visiting includes Gijon?s Paradour de Turismo a vibrant beautiful mill with many gardens, Horreo museum, Parque Ingles and the bull fighting ring which is most popular and famous view.

Disable visitors

Gijon is the cosmopolitan city situated in the south of Spain. The city experiences thousands of people each year in order to explore various places and to participate in its political environment. Gijon?s government is most powerful regarding each and every aspect and matter of the city. Therefore, it gives special attention to its tourism industry. It cares for its visitors and spend lots of money to provide them comfort and flexibility. Therefore, disables can also find abundance of facilities for them in order to fully enjoy their trip toward city. government has allocated special attention and fund to provide them assistance and amenities at every step. Many non profit organizations are working inside the city which always engages in providing the best facilities to disables. Disables can find ramps, guiders, guide dogs, supporting physical equipments and special transportation system which gives them confidence to move freely. It provides them the worth for their visit therefore; its tourism industry is growing day by day and captures the attention of tourist toward it. However, his makes the city accessible for every one in order to do business or to locate ventures.

Useful contact details for disable visitorsBelow the number will help disable o contact to these organizations in order to get proper attention and guidance regarding their disability. Doctors and nurses are always in search for disables to accommodate them regarding their problems. It also provides special equipments and treatments to those who are not physically or mentally fit. They also provide special assistance and guidance plus wheel chairs, broad roads, guide dogs and ramps for disables to find more convenience.

985 181 555

Useful contact numbers

Gijon is the most favorite tourist destination and a developing tourism industry. Partial of its economy is based on its tourism industry. Due to the fact thousands of people visits the city each year to explore its various places. Though, Gojina cares for its visitors and provides special assistance to them while your trip to the city there will be million and one people that you may need to contact in case of emergencies. Useful contact numbers are essential to keep in order to get the desired information from anywhere inside the city for proper guidance and assistance.

Police stations are there for protecting you and also for providing valuable information when you get lost or cannot find your way around. Hence, in order to have a tension free trip one must feed the following important contacts in their cell phones so that they can be available at hand.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Police 985 35 45 43

Rescue 34-42-261096

Police station 323-751-0412.

Important contacts for Tourists

Tourist information +34 985 181 111

Chemists(+34) 985 181 105

Taxi 985 342 713.

Transport system (+34) 985 181 105

Car Hire+34 985165126

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