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Huelva History

The history of Huelva is connected to thousands of years ago and is associated to the phoenicians, tartessos, and iberians. They were the inhabitants who discovered and explored the natural resources and minerals such as tuna and mines of various types. The real development of Huelva began with the Romans.Romans discovered mines of copper and built a bridge named as " Niebla (fog)" Bridge over the Tinto River and conquered the mine of the Tinto River. This all happened until the 5th century.

The city of Huelva was then conquered by the Arabs. In 713, they built mosques, fortresses and started to settle among the mountains. During this era, Huelva was built into the form of beautiful village completely filled with white houses. In the year 1262, Huelva was reconqured and curches, forts were built during this era. Inthe year 1492,Christopher Columbus resided into the Huelva and this was the real point of time when Huelva attained importance. And in the 15th Century Christopher sailed off for his voyage for the entirely new continent. In 1755, the city of Huelva was completely destroyed in an earthquake and there was a severe need to rebuild the entire city. But, in the 19th Century, the English came to this state and exploited the mines of the Tinto River.

These mines are considered to be the most important mines of the world in the present scenario. In the year, 1873, the British acquired these mines. Fishing and mining has ben the major factors that have always been involved in the progress and development of Huelva. The tuna fish and the shellfish have been the food materila of the ancient inhabitants and the recent residents as well. The final Historical development in Huelva took place in 1964, when the Pole of Industrial Development took place. During the past few decades, this has been a very important factor in promoting the economic factor and financila progress in Huelva. Similarly, the agriculture of this region has also been very important with respect to its progress and decvelopment for all the years that have been passed and also for the years that are still to come.

Huelva Weather

The Weather at most parts of Huelva is quite Mediterranean. ?The term Mediteraanean refers to the fact that the summers at Huelva are usually hot and dry. The winters on the other side are usually wet and cool. This is the reason that Huelva is considered to be a place that can be visited throughout the year. Nomatter what the season is, Huelva always welcomes its vsistors with a spirit of homeland and provind a true comfort. On the average, the hottest months at Huelva are July and August. ?During these months, a sunny weathers exits in the air of Huelva and people with a desire of sunny weather tend to enjoy the scenes of mountains and beaches at Huelva.

Huelva Transport

Heulva is a city that is completely associated to the tourists. The economic factor and the luxurious tourism all require a well managed system that might result Huelva into a flourished region. There are several means of transportation at Huelva. Through these neans of transportation, the visitors as well as the residents are able to take aview of the region and henc visit those places that are monumental as well as are necessary to be visited.The City transport at Huelva includes a wide range of a bus network, taxis, bus stations etc. Car can be hired at Huelva that is extremely affordable and hence one feels completely free from any botherations.

Huelva Attractions

Huelva is a city sitauted along the coastline of the Gulf of Cadiz and includes a region where relaxation and calmness can be experienced thoroughlly. This region includes a wide variety and a huge range of interesting places and events to be visited and enjoyed. The top attractions of Heulva actually are responsible for attracying tourists towards this city and the underlying features of this city are much responsible for the trade and establishments of this region.

Some might say the top Aattractions also include Cheap Car Rental Huelva, which provides the best and most economical rides of them all.

Huelva Disabled Visitors

After coming out of the airport, the welcome from the plain and beautiful beaches at Huelva is exactly the same for both the disabled and the normal visitors. These monumental places at huelva do not consider any diffrences between rthe special people and ensure an equal joy and happiness for both of them. As soon as the travel appointments and plannings have been made, the transport issue should also be taken care of and the conveyance issues should be resolved as well before severe problems of residence arise. The airport and the airlines sholud be informed about the disabled visitors so that special arrangements might be possibly made.

Huelva Useful Contact

It is not easy coming to a new country or city, especially one where spanish is the official language although you will find english widely spoken. Hence it is vital to know the significance of feeding important telephone contacts before reaching the city. Such car hire services reduce your transport costs by a huge margin, giving you more to spend on shopping.

Emergency Telephone NumbersFor All Emergencies?? 112The Emergency number that is in use throughout Europe is 112, and is recommended for all tourists and new immigrants.Multi-lingual Services (usually incurs a longer wait)????????????? 902 102 112Police????????????????????????????????????? 092Ambulance????????????????????????????? 061 - 959 222 222Fire Brigade??????????????????????????? 080 - 959 257 403Tourist health care services???? 112 - 959 210 252Information on drug dependence?????????????????????????????????????????? 900 161 515Information about AIDS??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 900 111 000Malaga Health Centre???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 952 604 266Fuengirola Health Centre??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 952 468 945Marbella Health Centre?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 952 826 596Sea Rescue????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????? 900 202 202Huelva?s PortAvda. Real Sociedad Colombiana Onubense ??????????? 959 21 31 00Seville Airport???????????????????????????????????? 954 449000Faro Airport??? ??????????????????????????????????? 00351 89 800800Important numbers for TouristsMalaga Airport Arrivals Hall????????????? 952048484 (Ext.58617)Huelva???????????????????????????????????????????????? 959257403Sevilla???????????????????????????????????????????????? 954221404Seville Airport???????????????????????????????????? 954449128Seville Santa Justa Railway Station??? 95453726U.S. Embassy in Madrid: (91)587-2240 day; (91)587-2200 emergencies, after hoursU.S. Consulate in Barcelona: (93)280-2227U.S. Consulate in Seville: (95)421-8751U.S. Consulate in Valencia: (96)351-6973Transporte Combinado de Renfe +34 95 925 6900Autobus de Linea +34 95 925 9412Interurbana de Autobuses S A +34 95 925 9394Auto Transportes Saiz Tour S A +34 95 925 2200Teletaxi +34 95 922 0116Servitaxi ???????????????????????????????????????????? +34 959 251500+34 959 251600