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Javea History

Javea has housed people from a variety of cultural background which has made its history and culture all the more rich. The location of the town of Javea has made it a significant city while providing it with a good climatic environment and rich soil.

Objects found from Cueva del Montg? indicate that Javea has been populated from about 16,000 years B.C. This site contains artifacts that are believed to be from the Upper Palaeolithic and Neolithic peoiods. Remains from Bronze Age were found at a small site of Cap Prim. Objects from Iberrian period were found at Jeveas municipal area. a valuable findings among these archeogolical artifacts were the various pieces of gold and silver that belonged to the Iberian Treasure of Javea.

Following the Iberian period, the city of Javea came under the conquerence of Romans. The Romans have contributed largely towards the development of Javea. The romans built villas for accommodation purposes and agriculture and grape growing were amongst the prime methods of earning. Romans also improved the fishing business of Javea.

It is believed by many archeologists that Javea was under the rule of Muslims before Iberian period however no solid prove has been found to prove this theory. Following the Roman period, muslims acquired the town of Javea. Muslims contributed greatly in flourishing the culture of Javea as well as providing it with glorious architecture and monuments.

After the end of Muslim period in Javea, the Medieval era began. In this time period the socities of Javea became more organized and politically aware. Piracy also became one of the serious threats that the city and its businesses faced. This problem was resolved by the constructions of castles and towers on the coast to enhance the security of the town.

This historical town contains many momuments that depict the glorious times that Javea has faced. If you wish to ignore the hustle bustle of local transportation system, you can rent a car.

Javea Weather

The town of Javea is gifted with a beautiful geographical location and mild climatic all around the year. It is recognized by the World Health Organization for having one of the most stable and healthy weather in the world.

Unlike many other cities and towns of Spain that suffer from the problem of extreme summer, Javea has a mild summer with constant sunshine. Javea is home to some of the best resorts and villas in Spain due to its good climate all round the year. Many tourists also consider relocating permanently to Javea due to its divine weather conditions.

Javea is located between hills and mountains. Javea is located at a coast which keeps the temperature in summer at a tolerable rate. Javea also does not get humid like other cities of Spain. The summers of Javea are not very hot and the winters are also not very cold.

Agriculture is also one of the biggest sources of economy in Javea. Due to the nice climatic conditions the soil of Javea is very rich. Some of the crops grown in Javea include oranges and olive trees. These crops make the countryside look more beautiful and breathtaking. The town is also suitable for the patients of asthma and allergies. The beaches of Javea have been granted a Blue Flag due to their good conditions and stable climate.

The temperature is at its peak in the months of June to September. The temperature reaches up to 32 ?C. The temprature goes as low as 16 ?C in the months of November to January. Javea sees pleasant climatic conditions the rest of year.

Javea has a very good local transportation network that connects it to all the major cities in the region. However, you can hire a car if you wish to travel conviniently and at your own pace. All the beaches and important monuments of the town can be reached a car. The fares of car hiring are very affordable as well as the quality of cars is very good.

Javea Transport

The town of Javea is blessed with a beautiful geographical location. Javea is primarily more popular for its resorts than its history and culture. However, the town has such exotic locations and culturally rich sites that you will be impelled to discover the locations of this city.

Javea is a small town therefore it does not have its own airport. However, it can be easily reached by its neighboring cities of Alicante and Valencia. Javea is at roughly at an hour drive from these important cities of Spain. The nearest train station from Javea is Gata de Gorgos and it is almost at twenty minutes drive from the town. Bus services also connect Javea to major cities of Spain. These bus services provide links to Alicante, Valencia and also to Madrid.

Javea is divided into three major parts namely Javea Pueblo, Javea Puetro and Playa de Arenal. Busses travel every 30 minutes from one part of the town to another. These bus services operate all day long. You can also get a taxi to travel around the town.

Hiring a car is a preferable method for almost all the locals as well as the visitors of this town. Hiring a car allows the visitors to explore the town at their own pace. All the roads of the town are in very good condition and the historical monuments can be easily reached by a car. Hiring a car will prove to be an appropriate choice for people traveling with families and for the disabled visitors. If you are traveling with family, managing traveling on a city transport like bus will certainly prove to be a problem. While hiring a car you can ask for a special baby seat if you have an infant with you. For the disabled visitors busses and trains might not be as comfortable as a car. They can hire car to travel to the important locations of the city. Javea car hire can be contacted if you wish to hire a car anywhere with in the town.

Javea Attractions

The town of Javea is house to many beautiful resorts and exotic locations. There are many cultural and historical top attractions located in this small town. There are also many small and picturesque beaches in Javea and also in its surrounding areas. Many of the big cities are with in easy reach from Javea. Therefore staying in Javea will give you many advantages.

The Archaeological and Ethnological Museum is located in a building from 17th century and a prime housing for all the significant findings from this town. The significant findings that the museum houses are the objects found from Punta de l` Arena, the Bronze age and a Montogo cave. There are also many displays in the museum belonging to the Christian era and an Arab tombstone from the 12th century.

Another significant attraction in Javea is the Cape of Sant Antoni. There is a Marine Reserve located here which was founded in 1993 in order to preserve the unique marine species found in this area. You can also see a lighthouse as well as remains of at least 11 windmills that were used to grind massive amounts of wheat. It is 179 high and offers exceptional views of the Montrgro and coast. It can be reached by the road and also through the coastal path.

In the old quarter of the town you can find Church of St Bartolome. This church was built in the 16th century and has a gothic architecture. It was also used as a prime site for resisting invasions of the area. You can also find openings in the church that were used to attack the army of the enemies. Today it is one the main attractions of the old quarter of Javea and is used for the organization of classical concerts.

If you wish to explore the city at your own pace, you can hire a car in Javea. It will be a useful service if you don?t want to into the trouble of remembering the bus routes and other local transportations.

Javea Disabled Visitors

Similar to all the famous and admired tourist destination of the world, Javea also has the best facilities and comforts for all of its visitors. Javea is with in easy access of many cities of Spain include Alicante and Valencia. The town of Javea is primarily known for its comforting and exotic resorts.

The town of Javea has good facilities for its normal as well as disabled visitors. The facilities for the disabled visitors start right from the airport. Javea does not have an airport located with in the town. However, it can be easily reached by the surrounding cities in about one hour. You can inform the airline you are traveling with about your state and your needs and the airline would make proper arrangements for your comfort. The staff of all the airports in Spain is very friendly as Spain is well known for its tourist population. The airports have many facilities for the disabled visitors that include special bathrooms, telephone booths and elevators. Help desks are located in every airport if you need any further help. You can also book a special parking area for yourself by contacting the airport prior to you flight.

All the tourist destinations in Javea have the facilities to comfort a disabled visitor. The resorts and luxury villas can be easily accessed by a wheelchair. The hotels, shopping malls, cultural and historical monuments, museums and beaches are compatible for a disabled person. You can ask the hotel management to assign you a ground floor room for you convenience. The hotels and shopping malls have special bathrooms and tramps that could make the visit more convenient for special people. The people of Javea are also very friendly and will be glad to help you in any scenario.

The local transportation network of Javea is very comforting and affordable. However, you can get the convenient facility of car hiring and car rental for roaming around the city.

Javea Useful Contact

Javea is a beautiful and picturesque town located in the province of Alicante, Spain. The town of Javea has been populated since Bronze Age and has many cultural and historical monuments for the visitors to see. It also houses some of the most gorgeous villas and resorts of Spain. While visiting a foreign country, one should have certain information stored at an easily accessible location. One should always carry a copy of their identity card with themselves as well as the useful contact numbers of their consulate.

Police Station contact number is most important to keep with you. It is because of the fact that they can help you out in every possible respect.

The contact number of Local Police is given as 96 579 00 81.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Fire Brigade 96 578 00 80.

Ambulance 96 579 19 61

Post Office 96 579 00 53.

Water suppliers 96 579 01 62

Electrical services 96 579 11 84.

Social Centre 96 579 14 05.

Javea Airport Contacts

Javea Airport (0034) 96 584 0179

Javea Help Desk (0034) 616 227438

Important Numbers for tourists

The Town Hall 96 579 05 00

Guardia Civil 96 579 10 85

Museums 96 579 10 98.

Social Services 96 579 41 42

Health Centre 96 579 25 00

If you have to get anywhere in a hurry, you can hire a car. Car hiring is one the most comfortable as well as affordable methods of transportation in the town of Javea. Hiring a car is very suitable for people traveling with families. They can also ask for a baby seat if they have an infant with them. Car hiring is also very convenient for the disabled visitors of the town as it saves them from the rush at the local bus stops.

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