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History of Jerez City

Jerez de la Frontera is a municipality in Cádiz, which is an autonomous community of Andalusia in southwestern Spain. Jerez was a small independent state created in what is now known as Spain, after the fall of Córdoba. After some years it was united with Arcos by Aben Jairuan who ruled during 1040 to 1053. In the year 1053, it was annexed to Sevilla. From the years 1145 to 1147, the region of Arcos and Jerez was under dependency of Granada.

The area around Jerez has been inhabited by humans since at least the Neolithic Age. The identity of these indigenous people remains unclear, but the 1st proper settlement of the area is attributed to the Tartessos. Since then, Jerez has been occupied by the Tartessics, the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Muslims, the Jewish, and the Christians.

Jerez dates from Phoenician times, but first rose to prominence under the Moors, who called it Xerix or Sherrich. The names refer to the city's position on the frontier of Moorish Spain, and the Alcazar fortress is a reminder of the town’s strategic importance. The real urban development of Jerez began in Muslim times, when mosques and palaces were built and the town was extended dramatically. In the 12th century, the Christians tried on several occasions to capture the city but, Jerez remained a Moorish border town. The final re-conquest under Alphonse X saw mosques converted to churches. However, many reminders of Moorish Spain still remain in Jerez, including the Aalcázar, the 12th century Almohad fortress, the Chapel of Santa Marà a la Real and the Arab baths.


Having a Mediterranean climate the summers being dry and hot and winters being mild and wet Jerez de la Frontera is ideal to visit during the summers months when precipitation is rare as the temperatures usually vary between 80?s to 90?s. Hence leaves are blooming and colors are changing its best to visit in late spring and early fall when tourists are on the low.

Arrival to Jerez

Tourists can arrive in Jerez by train, plane or obviously by road. The Consorcio de Transportes operates a semi-regular bus service from Jerez Airport to downtown Jerez and onwards to Cádiz. A train service operates from Sevilla San Justa train station direct to Jerez and Cadiz, for those arriving via Seville airport.

Newly arrived tourists should not miss the chance to see the equestrian events at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, the famous Flamenco singing and dancing at the Andalusian Flamenco Centre. The Jerez natural Zoo and botanical garden are a must see.

Museums in Jerez include the Municipal Archaeological Museum, the Mystery of Jerez- the Wine Museum, Bullfight Museum Restaurant, The Time Palace- Antique Clock and the Watch Museum, which must be given atleast one visit.

The religious buildings are very famous. The San Salvador Cathedral, San Miguel Church, San Dionisio Church, San Mateo Church, San Juan de los Caballeros Church remind us of the history of this culturally rich region.

Architecture heritage in Jerez attracts a lot of tourists. The Alcázar de Jerez, mosque and Morish baths, Camara Obscure, Domecq Palace, Duque de Abrantes Palace are very famous among those who visit Jerez. Hammam Andalus? , the traditional Arabic baths, have become an essential stop for anyone who visits Jerez.

The hammams are set in a beautifully restored 18th century house in the old part of the town and consist of 3 pools, both hot and cold, also with relaxing massages of 15 and 30 minutes. The music accompanying the massages relax the visitors along with candle-lit atmosphere is truly a memorable experience.

City Transport

One of the best way to tour Jerez is by public transport. Modern buses and coaches are operated by different companies. Also, for visiting the surrounding villages, buses are the only option in public transport. Most operate from bus Terminal s in the town.

Compared to many other European countries, taxis are reasonably cheap throughout Spain. However, taxis are not always metered. If they aren’t, then the drivers usually carry a booklet of the official rates authorized by the local town hall. Also, since there are supplements, for example as extra baggage, night service, etc it may be sensible to clarify the price before hand, Some unscrupulous taxi drivers have been known to charge more to tourists who aren’t familiar with the rates.

Tourists show know that tickets between towns should be purchased from the bus companies ticket sales window. Mostly, the bus driver checks the tickets as the passengers' board. During shorter journeys, or when boarding between towns, the custom is to pay the driver.

Car rental services in Spain are the cheapest in Europe due to the strong competition. In order to rent a car in Spain and its cities, tourists must produce a valid license. Some of the major Internationalcar rental companies have their offices in most Andalucian cities. However, some smaller local car rental companies are often less expensive. Sometimes, the representatives of local car hire companies approach tourists. If you're a visitor, it's easier to reserve a rental car before arriving, particularly during peak tourist season.


The delightful sweet wine from the vineyards surrounding the town of Jerez de la Frontera located in the heart of the province of Cadiz.

The chief attraction the Alcazar, the home of the former caliph of Seville with octagonal mosque and ancient baths is a place to visit aside from the bodegas. Taken back from the Christians knights in 1255 in Reconquista the complex?s old Moorish fortress walls are now surrounded by gardens through which one can wander. The gardens are planted in such a way to replicate the gardens of the old times. You will also find a completely well preserved mosque still having the mihrab. Also the baths that were constructed by the Almohads using the roman designs are still there for the people to admire.

Iglesia de San Miguel, a 15th century Gothic structure which is one of the oldest churches in Andalusia located at the south of Plaza del Arenal with its having its ornate fa?ade that was added 3 centuries later. The bell tower is ordained with Andalusian Tiles having blue and white color and interior decorated in Gothic style having stained glass windows giving a magnificent touch to it.

If you have nothing to do and having time on hand, you can go for a stroll and head to the old quarter, Barrio de Santiago. Housing a labyrinthine of maze of narrow lanes and alleyways you will get the feel of the place hands on. The Iglesia de San Mateo, located on the Plaza de Mercado, is famous for tis Mudejar Chapels. It is open only for services, daily from 7 to 9am and 7 to 8pm. While still in Plaza del Mercado, you can also check out Museo Arquelogico a place housing treasures dating back to 7th century BC.


As sea to the advantage of Jerez de la Frontera fresh fish and seafood comes from nearby Cadiz, while country flavor dishes using meat add extra feel of the country side.

El Gait?n

A place where the ower greets you with warm welcome, having brick arches and serving andalucian and Basque dishes on ceramic plates and surrounded by photographs of famous guest.

Tendido 6

With healthy variety of dishes to choose from the menu of main consisted of Andalucian food. You are admist posters of bullfighting and Red Cloth that decorate the whole place up.

La Cepa De Oro

Menu consisting of classic dishes and having experience of eating like homecook meals this cozy restaurants is a place to hit.

Parrilla La Pampa

A place that serves mouth watering Argentinian beef and famous for its steaks that is something different from the traditional food this large South American restaurant is a breath of fresh air.

Bar Juanito

A heavily inspired by the Moorish culture and settings these award- winning tapas servers? hot artichokes bathed in sherry, garlic and olive oil. A partly shaded terrace and a large covered patio the dining experience in here is amazing.

Bodegon El Patio

A place covered with paintings depicting local scenes with good traditional dishes cooked in sherry are served in the refurbished sherry warehouse.

San Juan

If you long for Italian food this place might be hard to find but a worth adventure in checking this place out which is a good option for both lunch and dinner.

Restaurante Sabores

Tapas, mains and set menus - Restaurante Sabores serves culinary master piece with dishes mainly consisting up tasty Andalusian cuisine where one can enjoy either in a garden or elegant indoor setting. Ingredients which are mostly a local produce hence it covers both seafood and vegetarian dishes.

Reino De Leon Gastrobar

The wide variety of tapas and mains, this modern and minimalistic looking restaurant which is located in the historic center of Jerez gives an innovative touch.

Venta Esteban

Fresh and high quality dishes served by efficient and serviceminded waiters this restaurant which may not look much from the outside but gives a warm and friendly feeling when you enter.


Night life is great as Spain houses the best restaurants and bars there is to offer and Jerez de la Frontera keeps the tradition of Spain going. Some places to visit are Don Juan, Duplicado, El Trastero, Caf? El Arriate, El Lag? de T?o Parrilla, La Buler?a, El Gallo Azul, Bar Juanito.


For shopping the best place to hit is the Calle Larga, where you will find the famous names and brands that are to offer from Spain are located there. Exploring the streets of Calle Larga, the narrow lanes are filled with shops that offer wide variety of things to the buyer. This place is full of life and activities.

The best things about Jerez are horses, flamenco and sherry. For these there are many places all over the city where you can experience each one of them.

Disabled Visitors

Jerez is one of the beautiful cities of Spain and exploring its wide range of attractions, such as museums, art galleries or other high end places. These places attract big number of tourist every year. Hence facilities for the disable are located everywhere.

Special care services, ramps, lifts and other needs of equipment for the disabled is widely available hence make traveling fun for everyone. Even hotels offer great packages for the disabled.

People of Jerez

The people of southern Spain and especially those of the Cadiz speak Spanish and English with an accent that is devoid of the word ‘S’ in pronunciation. This slang version of Spanish could be quite hard to get even if you have some Spanish knowledge. The English they speak would also reflect that accent. Most people in the bigger hotels and bars around the city would speak English as they are targeted towards foreign tourists. However some local bars and other hotels which you might happen to visit might not have English speaking people. So it is better to learn a thing or two about the language before you enter Jerez alone!

The customs of the people of Jerez are quite unique and one would be surprised and thrilled if they are totally unaware of it. The eating habits of Cadiz people begin with a breakfast. Coffee is one beverage they consume in the morning and there is variety of ways coffee is made. The proportion of milk to coffee is varied to suit the needs and each one has a different name. Rebujito is a great beverage that you might not want to miss out if you are particular about experiencing Spain in every way!

Festivities are celebrated with full vigor. One thing about the New Year celebrations is that people tend to spend their time a ball before it strikes midnight. At midnight they shove a bunch of peeled grapes at the mouth of people around them. It is a common tradition. Some people also tend to stay at their houses along with their families during the New Year and are usually found roaming with friends in the bars after midnight. This is just one festival and each one is celebrated with a unique flavor.

While it is an easier proposition to travel in a bus or train it could be a tiring experience if you are unable to communicate with the people around in their language! So it always a safer bet to look out for a car hire in Jerez.


Accommodation in Jerez The city of Jerez has a very relaxed and genteel environment. Jerez has a lot of beautiful hotels to accommodate the many visitors it receives.

They range from sheer luxury within Jerez's stunning, historical surroundings and modern comforts to the basic family run hostels and guest house for the visitors travelling on a Budget . In Jerez and its surrounding areas, thanks to the thriving tourist industry, all kinds of accommodation is available for hire, year round and at prices that fit all Budget s, available is almost locations.

Tourists can also hire villas and properties during the duration of their stay in Jerez. Fabulous properties adorn the residential areas of Jerez and can be hired through property agents.

Each year, millions of tourists spend their vacations in Jerez and its adjoining areas. All kinds of accommodations from prime 5-star hotels of all leading chains to small, comfortable rural guest houses and cottages can be hired. In addition, tourists can book their choice of accommodation online through travel agents.

If you're in mood for some fun, you can rent a converted watermill, a restored farmhouse or a cave.

These self catering accommodations are slowly gaining popularity. If independence and privacy are what you're looking for, then authentic Andalusian villas with private pools, close to mountains are also a very good option. If you require a residence which is near to the Jerez and other airports, and also quiet as well as private, then local property agents would be able to help you find those quite easily. Many tourists who come to Jerez want accommodations to be near gold courses. There are now quite a lot of hotels, villas and guest houses available near the golf courses.

The City of Jerez

Jerez is a municipality in the province of Cadiz in Spain, situated midway between the sea and mountains. In terms of land area, Jerez is the largest municipality in the province. Its outlaying areas are fertile for agriculture. Jerez also has a large number of cattle ranches and horse breeding operations. Traditionally, its economy is centered on wine industry, exporting sherry worldwide. Tourism has also been promoted as an industry and the city's famous attractions, popular festivals have played their part in making it a success.

Imagine how exciting would a city be, which is known as the capital of Sherry, Horses, and the Flamenco. Jerez is the city, where the Flamenco singing began. Culturally, Jerez would never disappoint its visitors. Two famous museums, its old quarter- dating back to the medieval times,its Easter week celebrations and of course, its must see Horse Fair in the month of May. The celebration the vintage in September also attracts a lot of attention. The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art is a world class school. Tourists can also include it in their tour.

There's more to see than just the horses, flamenco singing and dances. Tourists can just walk around the city and experience its vibrant night life, its good climate, or the dreamy beaches. A bus tour can accomplish this in less time, with more fun. Another must see is Jerez's own little alcazar and its mosques and baths. The olive oil production in the early days captures the interests of the visitors.

Emergency Contact numbers

Emergency medical services in Jerez are extremely good and present virtually everywhere. In Spain, you can dial a special number for the emergency services. For example, in Malaga it´s 061 for an ambulance, 080 for the fire service and 091 for the police. Visitors should try and be clear and should give the age of the patient and type of emergency so that the ambulance can have a doctor on board. Some useful words are heart attack- ataque cardiaco, ambulance-ambulancia and doctor-médico.

Private ambulance services in all parts provide a 24-hour service in most towns of Spain and are listed by town under Ambulances in the Yellow ANYCAR_PAGES. Most of the clinics and private hospitals also operate their own ambulance services. All ambulances are equipped with emergency equipment such as oxygen and life-support systems. The drivers and staff are also trained to provide first-aid.

Casualty and medical services

Tel.: +34 956 336600


C/ Pizarro, 10 - Jerez de la Frontera, Tel.: +34 956 306917

Public bodies and organizations

C/ Cerrón, s/n - Jerez de la Frontera, Tel.: +34 956 342295

Casualty and medical assistance

Cuatro Caminos. Alcuvillas - Jerez de la Frontera, Tel.: +34 956 342049

Casualty and medical assistance

Jerez de la Frontera, Tel.: +34 956 310750

Tourist offices

c/ Larga, 39 - Jerez de la Frontera, Tel.: +34 956 331150 +34 956 331162 Fax: +34 956 331731

Tourist offices

c/ Alcalde Alvaro Domecq, 5-7 - Jerez de la Frontera, Tel.: +34 956 359457 Fax: +34 956 359458

Public bodies and organizations

Avda. Duque de Abrantes - Jerez de la Frontera, Tfno.: +34 956 318013 Fax: +34 956 318011


Jerez de la Frontera, Tel.: +34 956 344860

Jerez Costs, Money And Banks

The city of Jerez located in the southern part of the Spain is one of the destinations in the world where you can get through without spending too many pesetas or Euros! The European nation of Spain has made life easier for tourists by having adopted the Euro currency. This means that you don’t have to go through umpteen conversions to see how much pesetas you require to spend a holiday you have in mind. All you need to do is look up for the latest Euro transfer rates and you are all set to go!

The conversion of your currency to Euros has never been easier. But it is also always a better idea to get your money converted before you set foot on your holiday location. The markets might take a tumble while you are taking a bath and the last thing you want is to go unprepared in finance to meet with all the things that you have planned for the holiday. But again traveler’s bills and visa travel money are an excellent alternative to cash! This is accepted in most of the hotels and banks in the Spain.

Hiring a room in Spain on the spot could really be a problem if you have chosen a festival season for your holiday. The months of May and September are crowded with people from all parts of the world who come to visit and experience the joy of Jerez festivals. An advanced booking is in order if you want a comfortable holiday. Booking a room can range from 10-12 Euros to 50 Euros per day depending on the quality of hotels that you are looking for.

Food costs are quite low if you want to stick to standard meals. But whoever wants a standard meal when they are in Spain! To get acquainted with all the food varieties of the Spain you might have to spend as much as 50 Euros per day. Finally the cost of wine is the cheapest in this area of the Spain. You can get high quality wine in Jerez at less than 5 Euros. Car rentals are cheaper and you must locate a cheap car rental in Jerez to have a happy tour of the city.

Eating in Jerez

Food in Jerez is highly influenced by wines and brandies that are produced in numerous "bodegas". This kind of cooking is mainly supplied with a wide range of local fish and seafood. You can taste this at the numerous bars, restaurants, "tavernas", shellfish bars and refreshment stalls at beaches.

Visitors would also find in the old town of Jerez the best tapas bar, as Casa Juanito famous forits Artichokes, "huevos rotos" and many others typical tapas of this region.

Jerez also boasts a wide selection of high quality restaurants and ventas. You can also visit the surrounding areas of Jerez for a taste of the local cuisines of the area.

Jerez is famous for a wide of sherry that is produced here. Visitors would have no trouble in finding the perfect sherry to accompany any cuisine, whatever the occasion. Most of these wines also used as an ingredient in the numerous local recipes, which help in making Jerez one of the best cities in Spain to eat out in.

In Jerez, the Fino sherry and Manzanilla are known as the aperitifs drink, but there are other unlimited possibilities with the rest of the range of wines. Fino and Manzanilla, probably the driest wines in the world always have to be served well-chilled but also taste fantastic with tapas, fish and seafood.

The Amontillado style of sherry is ideal with soups, white meat, blue fish and strong cheeses. The medium dry sherry, has to be served slightly chilled and is perfect accompaniment with pats and quiches.

Jerez Festivals

The city of Cadiz located in Andalusia of Spain has the good fortune to be located near the sea which brings in moisture which maintains the soil conditions making is congenial for wine cultivation. The festival of Jerez brings out the serenity of this picturesque city which is surrounded by sandy beaches and the lush green parks everywhere.

The festivals of Jerez are often attributed to the horses and wine yards of the place. The autumn months are favored for merriment and the fiestas get rolling in the months between May and September.

In the month of May the festive season kicks off with the ‘Feria del Caballo’, which is the Spanish horse fair. The centerpiece of this extravaganza is the young and beautiful horse riders galloping through the Gonzalo Hontoria Fair Grounds. Starting as just a horse fair this festival has caught on more admirers with the local sherry makers selling their best made sherry during the season.

The township of Jerez also sees this festival as a social gathering where common civil and environmental issues are dealt about and awareness campaigns are initiated. Each year goals are set and resolutions are made to make the city a better place during the May fair.

The month of September comes with one other exciting event. One must not miss the ‘La Vendemia ‘, the sherry festival of the Jerez people. A place called de la Frontera is known for its tasty sherry.  This festival lasts throughout the month of September. Grape harvesting is the major event during this festival and the grape wine is used for the sherry which is world renowned. The best of the sherry is brought in wagons which are festooned with flowers and pleats. Children are treated with sweets and gifts as they run chasing the wagons on their way to plaza de Arenal where the sherry is sold! The Flamenco dance is also performed during this festival making it a glorious month of enjoyment.

Museums in Jerez

When you visit a new country with a vastly different culture the curiosity to delve into the history and customs of the people is understandable and that is one of the reasons why ancient museums still do exist in many such tourist attractions.

The city of Jerez is a place visited by thousands of tourists from around the world. This Spanish city boasts of a large number of interesting and informative museums that brings in each and every one of those tourists.

The sherry museum at the De la Frontera is an old warehouse where three dimensional images and videos of sherry making are projected! One can learn about the history behind sherry and brandy making from its inception through these shows.

One other museum nearby is the clock museum which houses thousands of clocks from around the Europe. If you want to experience something really fascinating, you might want to enter the place when all the clocks chime at the same time. The place is usually filled with riveting Bach music at all times. The English and the French clocks from the seventeenth and eighteenth century are the focus of this museum.

“Museo Taurino‎” is the Jerez bull fighting museum which is located in a house at the center of the city. The place around the museum used to be the playground of bullfighters! The museum houses the archeological remains of the belongings of a wine merchant from Santana!

The museums of the Spain and especially the ones in the Jerez have working hours which are differ depending on the season. Most of the museums are closed on Mondays and throughout the month of January! During the months of February, November and December they are open for public only during daytime. Apart from these months, one can expect the museum to be open from 10 am to 3 pm even on holidays. The clock museum though would be open only in the evenings during the months between March and October.

Visiting the city of Jerez in the comfort of a car is the best way to enjoy the beauty of the place.

Kid's Attractions in Jerez

Jerez appeals to one as a place for enjoying a relaxing holiday. If you are planning to bring your kids along for the vacation, the city of Jerez has many places to keep them engaged. The city which is full of beaches and amusement parks is a playground of entertainment for young children. The additional advantage of exposing to an exciting new tradition should be reason enough to bring them to a place like Jerez.

The wonderful sandy beaches of the Jerez with the glistening sands and the undulating waves present a picture of quintessential quietude. These beaches are where one would love to bath in the sun. While you are enjoying the scenic beauty you can engage your kids in quiet a few activities which range from surfing to canoeing. A number of guides and tutors would be available in the beaches and they are trained to guide your kids in surfing and boating safely!

Just the like the Disneyland, the city of Jerez many exciting amusement theme parks that are worth visiting. Tivoli world is one such amusement park located along the coast line. One can enjoy tens of rides and games in the park spending around ten Euros for entry with unlimited access.

Mijas Aqua Park is a famous park known for kamikaze! It’s a theme park suited for all ages fitted with volleyball facilities. One can also go rock climbing and the children’s area is loaded with lots of fun things to do. Because of its popularity it has a perennial crowd of tourists. It is always a good idea to book before you step foot on this aqua park!

The surrounding provinces of Jerez namely the Granada and Seville are places with loads of things to engage children with. My best piece of advice for you would be to get hold of a rent a car in Jerez to visit Seville which is a highly ornate and majestic city. You must rent a car in Jerez if you want to visit places in the neighboring regions like Granada which has a science museum.

Jerez Beaches

A number of beaches adorn the city of Jerez. With a coastal line as long as 250 KMs, the big and sandy beaches of the Jerez are a sight to behold.  One of the main reasons people around the world visit Spain and Jerez is to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the sandy beaches.

The Jerez beaches could be rated as some of the cleanest and finest beaches you will ever see in the continent of Europe. The beaches near the Jerez range from the sophisticated to the silent ones! A tourist can rest alone in piece in one of those beaches and in some others one can enjoy wind surfing.
The rising sun, the speckles skies, the fine grained and snow white sands, the gentle winds at some places along with the undulating and untiring waves makes the beaches of Jerez an irresistible place to lie around!

The Victoria beach is 2.5 KMs long with a walkway all along with beach. This beach is known for its top class services and excellent nearby beach resorts! Cadiz has more than one beach that you would not want to miss and La Caleta should be in everyone’s list.

Cortadura beach is perhaps the biggest in the region known for its windy waters. This beach has some of the finest services you will ever get to see in a European beach. El Puerto, Costa Ballena, Rota and Chipiona are some of the best beach resorts that are in the vicinity of these beaches. To get the rooms with the most thrilling views and to get the best in class services be sure to book a room well in advance with these resorts!

When you are travelling through the city of Jerez, there are lots of places that you would want to visit. With a long beach at every nook you would be ill advised if you were to consider touring the city without a car.

Jerez Parks

The city of Jerez despite its rural outlook with horse farms and wine yards has recently developed into a tourist attraction for all ages.  The festivals that take place in the months of May and September are a treat to watch for all ages. The serene beaches are the ideal place for one to rest and catch up with the much needed and sought after peace and pristine air. The brilliant landscape in all its unblemished naturalness is adorned by exciting natural parks and amusement parks.

The façade of the Jerez is dotted with amusement parks that are at some of its enticing best especially to the adventurous hearts of young girls and boys who accompany their parents on their quest for relaxation and peace!

The economy of Jerez to a great extent depends on tourism and wine export. The sherry of the Jerez is held in high esteem by wine epicureans. With regard to tourism the beaches and the parks play a vital role in pulling people to this part of the world.

The surrounding areas of Jerez including the Seville are known for its natural flora. The Seville like most of the Spanish cities experience warmer climates throughout the year and is a refuge for migratory birds from Africa during winter.

The Seville’s Donano National park is the perfect illustration of geography enjoyed by the Iberian Peninsula. Seville has a congenial environment for three different types of eco systems namely the marsh, coastal and the aquatic. A plethora of birds, animals and flora belonging to these three eco systems find their domicile in this beautiful place for a good part of the year.

While the natural beauty of the adjacent areas being a strong contender for attracting tourism , the amusement parks in the Jerez attracts an equal number of families who want to bring their kids along for a long awaited vacation!

Reaching Seville from Jerez is no big deal as there is a number of car hire companis in Jerez that eases the journey.

Jerez Real Estate

Jerez is located in a geographically advantageous position in the Andalusia of Spain. With the back waters of Atlantic on one side and mountainous regions on the other, this part of Cadiz is a sight of self sufficiency. Further the city of Jerez has excellent rail routes, sea connectivity and air connectivity to most of Spain making it easily accessible. The geographic location also favors wine cultivation which has fueled the wine industry to a great extent in the recent years. This coupled with the fact that tourist attractions are found aplenty in the region of Jerez makes it one of the fastest growing cities of Spain.

If you are planning to rent a holiday home or a residence you might want to consider the rental rates and taxes of the place. If you are fortunate enough to have obtained the right to immigrate to the Spanish city you might even want to consider buying a real estate. You would have to be very careful in deciding the right home for you. Be sure to consider the tax rates, interest rates and other government formalities to buy a house. All these could be a real problem if you are new to it. There are people like the Mercers, who are highly experienced in real estate for years now. They would have ready made plans for you to adopt and you could land in with a new house in no time at a highly reasonably cost!

Besides that there are a number of online resources that helps you to compare properties and consider the options of renting and buying a house. Go through these resources and make a good decision based on what you feel is the best for you.

Even though the real estate websites would present you with a number of listings of available houses for sale, it is always a good idea to check them out in person. You might want to make sure that the house or condo really looks like what it is in the picture and you might also want to check out the surrounding areas. All this could be done if you are able to find a car for hire in a cheap car hire in Jerez.

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