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History Limoges

Limoges, a small city of France-is popular worldwide for the enamels on copper from its medieval period, its porcelain of the 19th century and oak barrels which are usually used for the production of Cognac. The proper city at first was founded by the Romans as Augustoritum, at around 10 BC. Its foundation was a part of the reformation of this region by Emperor Augustus and it is when the new name was born. This city included an incredible amphitheater, a forum, a theatre, several sanctuaries and baths.

According to Roman tradition, a temple sanctified for Venus, Minerva, Diana, and Jupiter was positioned near the contemporary cathedral. The City got unified with the Castle in 1792 to form Limoges. Although the French Revolution various religious edifices which are considered as symbols of Primeval Regime, were ruined by the population such as the "Abbey of St. Martial". Few years afterward, their porcelain industry began to develop, privileged by that area?s presence of kaolinite. Many inhabitants got employed through this development and also through the emergence of some connected activities Later, during the 19th century, it saw a robust activity of construction which though included a great deal of destruction as well as reconstruction in the city centre referred to as harmful as a result of native contests of chicken eating.


Like any other city it is recommended that Limoges be visited in the summer season as the temperatures are mild, which goes up to 25oC, which is bearable. During the winters as well the weather remains cold which may be suitable for some holiday-goers.


Arrival to Limoges

Limoges is known as the heart of jewels and porcelain. It is very easy to reach Limoges through cars, buses and by air. By road it is really convenient and stress free route to the city from London St.Pancras International. Limoges connects with paris.10 trains daily travels through Paris to the city after every two hour. The airport is situated at five miles away from the center of the city. It can be access through A20 motorway at 28 junctions.

Limoges airport has flights to and from many parts of the country. Buses link the Limoges with Paris Austerlitz and Toulouse stations. Buses connect the stations at regular intervals. Number 16 bus travels near the airport to link the airport to the city.

City transport

The city has a great network of transportation. The airport is 10 kilometers away from the center of the city. The airport has no bus connection but taxis are easily available at the airport. Taxis have a yellow board on their roofs .taxis are easily available at taxi stands and on phones. The STCL manages the transport network efficiently with a trade mark Limoges public transport system.

The town of Limoges is serving by 18 routes of buses. It has 100 vehicles and 300 personnel which serves the public transport needs. The city has trolley buses which are electrically powered taking energy from power lines. The city has special kind of buses for disabled persons include wheelchairs and handy mobiles. Limoges provides train service to nearby areas also such as Paris which is only 392 kilometer from the city. The city has many line buses such as lyon number 2613, 435, 2806, 105 which connects the to nearby areas. Limoges has an extensive buses network which serves the city through electric trolley buses.

The electronic ticket system is attached in the buses to get the ticket without a long queue. Buses are run after every few minutes in the city to pick and drop the passengers. Special seats and ramps are provided for disabled visitors.

best Limoges

Limoges, is known as the homeland of troubadours of old. A city which only just celebrated the 2000th centenary has cultural history that is full of richness.

Disabled visitors Limoges

Limoges, an intersection on the bank of Vienne, is centre for industrial and commercial activities situated in the region of Limousin, France. Sited at the heart of a spectacular farming district consisting of original and unique structures dating back to the Roman times, this city is recognized for its excellent, fine porcelain as well as for the painted enamelware, botanical gardens and cultural events and activities. However, there are many holiday destinations that are very popular but do not provide extra facilities for those visitors who are physically disabled.

It becomes a great problem for those who have disabled friends or family member who cannot be left out from the holiday. In most of the historical sights, museums, they have easy and comfortable access routes that are suitable for those who use wheelchairs even without any assistance. Moreover in restaurants and hotels, the sinks are placed in such a height that can be used by wheelchair users. In hotels and lodges, the kitchen and toilets are also designed keeping this in mind. Thus, it becomes very useful and hazard-less for the disabled visitors and they can easily do their own work without much assistance. Although all of the hotels and restaurants are not built with so much detailed planning, Limoges still is a very welcoming place for disabled visitors and they take as much care as possible to ensure that there visitors are enjoying their trip.

Top attractions in Limoges

Limoges provides variety of attractive places in the city. The city is famous for the manufacturing of porcelain so it caters a great number of tourists towards it. The popular attractive places of Limoges are cathedral is a prominent building of the city is a wonderful bell tower. The tower is partly octagonal. Aquarium contains a large variety od species located close to the town hall.

Musse municipal is an art museum contains a variety of attractive things. Less hales is a covered market with glass structure. The hotels in the market provide the mouth watering French foods. The magnificent train station with a magnificent slate with glass copper and iron rod. Grottes De Las caux have walls with carvings in caves. Oradour sur glane is a historic place. It is a place to get provoking experience. Musee National is an art museum to explore the great variety of arts. It has a great variety of ceramics. Limoges golf is situated at the center of Limoges and famous for golf matches. Chateau De Chalusset is a special type of castle which is very well equipped. Gruffer De Padirac is a lake with underground running through magnificent lime stones.

The easiest way to explore the fun of great places is by car hire Limoges.

Exploring Limoges

Limoges, an intersection on the bank of Vienne, is centre for industrial and commercial activities situated in the region of Limousin, France. Sited at the heart of a spectacular farming district consisting of original and unique structures dating back to the Roman times, this city is recognized for its excellent, fine porcelain as well as for the painted enamelware, botanical gardens and cultural events and activities. Limoges, which recently celebrated the 2,000th anniversary of its birth, is the native soil of troubadours of old times. The city is rich- thanks to its cultural history that has several museums, symphonies and theatres that annually produces over 600 events. Notably, the Museum Adrien Debouche is home to an exclusive compilation of porcelain. The Limousin people are huge basketball enthusiasts and support Limoges C.S.P., considered among the very best of Europe. The Limoges University is home to Centre for Sports Law and Economics. This is the only place where this subject can be found in the world.

Eating drinking Limoges

Although famous for its historical sights, Limoges also has great restaurants that cater to the need of the towns visitors with their flavoursome culinary dishes. All restaurants are favourites of the native people and serve great food, whether it is the typical food of Limoges, or the typical French food. Among the favourites, Limousine Beef has to be at the top of the list. But treats like the Foie Gras including pears as well as mussels in the saffron broth are also not that much behind when it comes to great food. Many of these restaurants also serve delicious and mouth-watering delicacies like Limousine Veal, rich Beef, and stuffed Cabbage etc.

Apart from these, there?s also a bread and breakfast restaurant situated just near the Airport Le Canard au Parapluie Rouge. It is a country home restaurant located on around 3 and half acres of land and gardens. The original building of the restaurant dates back to the 17th century! All this food can make the trip to Limoges worthwhile and one would want to come back over and over again.

Night-life Limoges

Famed all over the world for the stunning porcelains, Limoges is a great holiday destination. And to suit everyone?s choices, it also offers a buzzing nightlife along with its spellbinding historical sights. Limoges secretes a vibrant nightlife behind the town?s tranquil front. It boasts many cafes and clubs, restaurants and small night bars. And the best part is- these are all situated within straightforward walking distance of one another. All these pubs and nightclubs are pretty popular among the students of Limoges and this is perhaps the reason why these places are very much reasonably priced. The town?s party scene is disrupted by numerous events like Petits Centres in October, Halloween night and this is the time when Limoges is believed to attract a large amount witches from all of France! Limoges boasts a dynamic music scene. Various locations for example Limoges official room of "John Lennon" plus music bars such as Zanzibar, Caf des Anciennes majorettes de La Baule? attracts a lot of audience. Even, many frequenters from the Paris music arena also are impressed Limoges musical events and come to perform here every now and then. Thus, nights are never boring and are full of dynamism and energy in the small town of Limoges.

Shopping Limoges

France is very well known for the branded shops and stores that simply are a delight for shopping lovers. People from all around the globe visit France to join in the shopping sphere. Although nowhere near the size and the number of shops of Paris, yet Limoges does offer plenty to its natives as well as to its visitors. There are shops and markets right at the centre of Limoges that pretty much look after all the requirements of the local people. Besides all these shops, they also have supermarkets, wholesale markets to cater to the needs of their local inhabitants. Although these shops might not offer the best of Europe, but they certainly has the capacity to fulfil the need of the people of Limoges and as such, these people do not need to go out of town to get goods of daily use to say the least.

Disable visitors

Limoges always welcomes disable visitors to visit the city and also provides variety of facilities to its disabled visitors. Number of organizations and NGO?s are working to facilitate its disable visitors. These types of activities for disable visitors enhance the value of the city. The city provides variety of facilities for disable visitors such as wheel chairs, lifts, ramps and guide dogs. Limoges airport facilitates disable people by providing elevators, wheel chairs and ramp access which are easily available at the Terminal of the airport. It also gives priority to those types of people while booking the flights and any assistance required by those people should give prior notice. There are many hotels that provide ramps and lifts to disable visitors and provide them luxurious easy to use rooms. Mercure Royal Limousine hotels also provide front desk service to these types of visitors.

Disable visitors and contact details

The contact numbers of HANDI SUP organization helps its disable students by offering each kind of assistance and help them to build their professional future.

(33) (0)5 55 10 21 94

The organization is working to improve the communication among disable students. FNFS organization enables the deaf students to learn bilingual education. They arrange campaigns and seminars in order to educate the people of the city towards this kind of education.

Accommodation in Limoges

Limoges is full of art collection, because of this art collection. Many people are scared of heavy expenses of trip. Limoges provides the best accommodation according to person?s Budget . Limoges provides best accommodation to everyone. It offers the best quality accommodations with breakfast and bed. Limoges offer luxurious accommodation for Disable people also. Accommodations and facilities may vary for business travelers, youngsters, families and for students.

Limoges offers a great variety of accommodation such as Hotel De France is a two star hotel situated in the center of Limoges. Sunset House provides a great variety of food and breakfast. Les Pradelles is situated just 98 kilometers away from the airport. Maison Taupe provides a poolside breakfast and bed. It is a rural farmhouse outside the Oradour. Leybardie Chambers is well known for its ancient chateux .it is situated near thousands of hills and lakes. It is located at stunning backdrop of limousioun country side.Rebeyrat Gites is situated at the peaceful place for those who wish for tranquility. It is an ideal condition for walking and cycling. Old granary having a facility of splash pools in peaceful hamlet.

These accommodations provide quality service to its vacationers and facilitate its customer by providing 24 hour front desk service. The city has many facilitates for its visitors.

The city of Limoges

The city of Limoges is located at the crossroads of riverside of Vienne. The city is well known for its porcelain, enamelware and cultural activities. It is located at south central France; it is just 229 miles from Paris and 138 miles from Bordeaux. The city has stable economy due to the manufacturing center of porcelain.

Limoges has a population of 200000 and is considered as the 22nd largest city in France. The city is renowned in the world for its porcelain. Limoges can easily be reach through rail, airplane and by road. The economy of the city is based on porcelain and electronics. The economic situation is also based on leather and beef cattle. The city has many learning institutions and a home of first library and having 90 research laboratories. The city has a strong cultural history and a homeland of troubadours of old. The theater produces 600 cultural events every year. It has many theaters, museums and symphonies. The city has also Famous for its sports especially in basket ball and its team is considered as the best team of Europe.

The University of Limoges is famous for art, economics and sports. The Limoges University has 15,000 students learn the courses of humanity, art and science. The city has many attractive sights. The people of the city are enthusiastic of basket ball and they organize great events every year.

Emergency contact numbers

Limoges is famous for its porcelain. Many tourists have attraction towards the city. Many people and celebrities visit Limoges each year. Emergency numbers are essential to keep for everyone while plan for a trip. The city is well known as the ceramics capital as it is an expert in manufacturing of porcelain. It is also a big industry of crafts, stained glass and ceramics. Many industrialists have a great attraction towards the city.

International Airport Limoges

It provide 24/7 online service to its customers in booking the flights

05 55 43 30 30

Family law and mental health

It provides an advisory service and welcomes donation for services

05 55 79 23 40


Helps their patients to get the best service and specialists for their treatment. The pharmacy is also open 24/7 for emergencies.

05 55 05 55 55

Fireman station

05 55 12 8000

Emergency doctor

05 55 33 2000

Police station

05 55 45 4949


05 55 14 31 70

Car hire services

It has a large car service network which enables visitors to move rapidly

33 (0)1 4235 1011

They offer cars and car services as well to airports including Roissy ,Orly and Le Bourget.

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