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Majorca History

Majorca is the largest island of Spain. The word “Majorca” is derived from a latin word “insula maior” which means larger island. This later became “Maiorica”. Majorca is located in the Mediterranean Sea. The National anthem of Majorca is known as “La Balanguera”. The capital of Majorca is Palma. Palma is also the capital of the Balearic Islands. Balearic Island is a famous tourist spot. Majorca has a history as long as its coastline is. The invaders, visitors, conquerors and settlers have contributed a lot for the rich culture of Majorca. The history of Majorca dates back to 150 million years. Earlier Majorca was joined to the peninsula as an underwater island. The present configuration came into place approximately 149 years back.

The capital Palma of Majorca was called as Palmaria earlier. The capital city was founded during the Roman reign after the remins of a Talaiotic settlement. This particular Island was occupied by Romans in 123 BC. Burial chambers and habitation traces were recently discovered which proves that Majorca has been habitat since ancient times. During the Roman period, Majorca soldiers were known for their excellent skills. In 426 BC the Vandals sacked the island and annexed it with them during 465 BC. After the Vandal downfall, Majorca was reconquered by the Byzantine. Palma was announced as the capital in 1983.

Marjorca has contributed many writers and philosophers to the world. Ramon Llull and Junipero Serra are examples. Spanish Royal Family used to visit Majorca during summer vacation. The Marivent palace is the summer residence of the Royal family. The royal properties are under the supervision of the Balearic Island Government. If you want to explore this historical places then you must go for cheap car rental in Majorca.

Majorca has two mountains for about 70 km length.This covers the north western and eastern portion of the Island. The highest peak is Puig Major and Puig de Massanella. Puig de Massanella is the highest accessible peak. The official languages of Majorca are Catalan and Spanish. Though there are different dialects used across various villages of the island, Mallorqui is the most commonly dialect. Most of the young Majorcans are bilingual. Yes, they are well worse in both Spanish and Catalan. Additionally they also learn German and or English as a foreign language. Airport traveling is also a crucial part of any tour so you can go for cheap car rental in Majorca airport.

Majorca Weather

Majorca is a city located in Spain. If you are planning to visit Majorca any time during the year, my piece of tip for you would be to analyze the weather conditions before you start your journey. This would help you get yourself prepared for the weather and you can also plan your trip accordingly. Majorca is in the CET time zone. It has a difference of +1 hour to GMT.

Rain in Majorca will be varying from light rain to moderate rain. On some occasions the rain fall might even be heavy. Majorca is cold and wet generally. The clouds may be normal or scattered based on the rain fall estimation. Sky will be dry or clear on a sunny day and partly cloudy. Moderate winds are always seen ranging from 240 to 300 degrees.

Weather during the beginning of the year is generally sunny and dry. Winds will be light throughout the day. Temperature will be approximately four degree Celsius. You will see scattered clouds during this period of the year with humidity ranging around 81 percent. The weather is extremely hot during July and August. The temperature goes up to 40 degrees. The weather is extremely on the higher end for almost 300 days in a year. This is one main reason for the increasing tourists for this Island. The best time to visit Majorca is during between May and June or September and October.

February and March is the spring season for the Island. During spring, the landscape with almond trees begins to bloom. It is an inspiring scene for tourists to see the orange groves bloom. However, during winter season the weather is even better and the scene too.  If you want to enjoy the excellent weather of Majorca then you must go for car hire in Majorca airport.

Autumn weather at Majorca is similar to the spring weather. There are only two differences which determine autumn and spring at Majorca. Firstly, the sea will be warm which many tourists enjoy. Second reason is the storm. During October, humidity is high and hence the weather is wet comparatively. It is difficult to spend the day indoor during this season. Winter is quite cold through out Majorca. However, in hilly regions, it is even colder.

Majorca Arrival

Majorca Airport is the main airport for the city. All major flights land at Majorca. The Majorca airport is located at 07611 Palma de Mallorca, Spain. To get into the city you may check the information ANYCAR_PAGES at the airport for more information. Bus, Taxi and Train facilities are available for you to enter the city from the airport.

Palma de Mallorca is located 8 kms east of Palma. The major carriers to Majorca are Iberia, British Airways, Avianca, American Airlines, Air Europa Lineas, KLM, Alitalia, Air France, Air Berlin and Easy Jet. There are daily flights from and to the UK.

If you need help on arrival at Majorca, then you may contact the help desk for more information. The contact number is 902 404 704. “Blue Jackets” are the customer service personnel who assist passengers in the second floor.

On arrival, you may want to go from one place to another. Majorca holiday guide comes handy to all tourists as it has a list of information compiled. This guide will be really helpful when you are visiting in and around Majorca. If you would like to see the beauty of the city and of course would like to be economical, then you can travel by bus. The local bus is called the “Portillo” in Majorca. Bus frequency is very good covering many places beyond Majorca too.

Likewise car rental are also available in Majorca. If you would like to know more on renting or other facilities on arrival at Majorca, it is always better to be ready with prior arrangements. You can check for related information on the internet and contact the customer support via mail or seek online support from the customer support to get clarity for your queries. You can also check for the rates and compare between various vendors. You can hire a car in Majorca from any car rental companies. However, remember that the rates are slightly high during peak season. So, be prepared for it. The currently used is pounds and hence checks if you need to convert currency if you are not from a country that uses pounds. So, ensure you get currency conversion done at the airport on arrival at Majorica. For airport traveling purpose you can hire a car in Majorca airport.

Majorca Transport

Now, you have finally reached Majorca. How to move around? No worries. Majorca is everything but a deserted island. There are few modes of transports which you can consider depending on your Budget and preferences.

Firstly, travel by car. Hiring a car in Majorca is relatively cheap and easy. Majorca is a small island. However, its road conditions and networks are good. You can even have easy access to towns and villages. However, petrol might be a concern if you are travelling to the more remote parts of Majorca as petrol stations will be difficult to be located. Most petrol stations are not open 24 hourly in Majorca except the ones in major cities. Before hopping around looking for car rentals, please make sure you have an EC driving license and your passport with you. For children under the age of 12, to sit in the front of a hire car, he/she must be seated in an approved child seat.

Since the road conditions and networks are good, you may also consider hiring a motorbike, scooter or bicycle. They will be definitely cheaper than a car. Do not worry being perceived as a weirdo as Majorca IS famous for bike riding. However, please note that you still need an EC license and a passport to rent a motorbike or scooter.

Travelling around by bus is the cheapest and best option if you are backpacking or on Budget . It is the most extensive public transport as almost the whole island is connected via bus. Palma de Majorca is the bus Terminal for all busses. Sightseeing by bus is the best option if you want a quick glance of the Palma and lazy to walk. A round trip in Palma takes about 80 minutes and it covers most of the tourist attractions here. There you can easily hire a car in Majorca for traveling the beautiful city. For airport purpose you must go for hire a car in Majorca airport.

As Majorca is an island, why waste the option of travelling by sea? You do know you do not get this mode of transport everywhere. The ferry service in Majorca is cheap, frequent and faster than you though. Speed matters. It happens that there is even a super fast ferry service from Manorca to Alcudia. Besides normal taxis, water taxis are also available. This sounds fun!

Majorca Attractions

Majorcahas been a popular tourist destination ever since decades ago and remains as one today. The name Majorca is also known as Mallorca in Spanish and Catalan. It is the largest island in Spain. Being a tourist destination, there are tones of places you can visit. However, if you are looking for an island to relax but not to willing to give up on urbanization, Palma, the capital of this island will be your perfect choice.

Besides all the convenience and leisure a city can offer, Palma is a historical site as well. Research shows that Romans, Byzantines, Muslims and even the Vikings had “visited”this beautiful island. These make Palma an even unique city to visit, embedded with both historical and modern cultures. Let’s talk about the historical side of this city first.La Seu Palma Cathedralis a side you have to visit. It is a Gothic style cathedral with sandstone colored walls that form part of the city’s old walls. These walls witnessed the changes of time. La Seu Palma Cathedral is also famous for its Rose Window. It is one of the largest stained glass windows in the world. Besides the Rose Window, one of Guadi’s most controversial yet unfinished art, The Crown of Thorns could also be found here. Banys Àrabs (Arab Baths) is another experience you should not miss. It is located at Ca'n Serra Street with lush green, beautiful gardens of Ca'n Fontirroig.The place itself is historical, dated back to Palma’s Moorish past. Besides these, you can also visit Castillo de Bellver (a palace) and TheBasilica i Claustre de Sant Francesc.

Enough of histories. City dwellers, night clubbers,Can Joan de S'Aigo, Beans or The Abraxas are attractions you have to visit. The Abraxas is partly built into the cliff and partly glassed. What a one of the kind clubbing experience, clubbing at a cliff with views down on to the marina. It must be fascinating! This place attracts top DJs around the world so no worries about lousy music. Besides night clubs, nice fancy restaurants with a Majorca touch can be found here as well, such asLa Cuchara,Pepe Pintos Cocineroetc. The list goes on and on… Why not stop reading, and start packing!

There you can easily avail the services of cheap car rental in Majorca airport or cheap car rental in Majorca.

Majorca Disabled Visitors

We often see information that is for normal tourists. However, quiet often we forget those who are disabled and would also love to go on a vacation. Majorca information centre provides information which is for its disabled visitors. This has been on debate for a long time and in the recent days we see major considerations been given to the disabled ones too.

Wheel chairs are provided to those who are physically challenged. Wheel chairs can also be taken for elderly people who will find it difficult to walk without any support. Few museums offer life facility for physically challenged who will find it difficult to move around for a long time. You will see toilets been dedicated for those who need additional attention. You may get more information from the help desk.

If you or your known ones need help while shopping, there is no need to panic at all. There are at tenders in every shopping mall that can help you complete your shopping starting from buying food to designer wear. If you ask at tenders what you would like to pick, they will help you get the same. Shopping becomes easy now.

There are various websites which gives you information on facilities available for disabled visitors. Do call up the service provider if you would like to confirm the facts given on the website. It’s been understood that disabled visitors needs extra care, equipment and facilities. Parking facility is also made easy for disabled visitors.

If you are a disabled visitor or if you know someone who is disabled and would like to travel, then it is not difficult at all. In the recent days, traveling has become easy under all conditions. However, if you are hiring a vehicle, then it is always better to read the disabled permits of Majorca before you hire a vehicle.

Disabled visitors have a different queue and exit at Majorca airport. This will avoid them from standing on long queue. For visually challenged visitors, they can seek support from the airport authorities for any documentation or other purpose. The visitors can contact the information centre for assistance. There are huge numbers of car rentals companies so you can go for cheap car hire Majorca airport.

Majorca, Spain Useful Contacts

Majorca is regarded as the largest island of Spain; it is located towards the Mediterranean Sea and also, part of the Balearic Islands archipelago. The capital of the island is Palma and the island is quite an attractive tourist spot. Hence, it can be helpful to carry some important contacts before you visit this island. Some of the useful contacts are listed below:

Emergency Numbers:

Police Services:

Emergencies and security: 112

Health emergencies: 112

General information: 012

Centralita Jefatura Superior de Policia de Baleares: +34 97 122 5200

Policia Local - Oficina Central: +34 97 122 5500

Guardia Civil Puesto de Palma de Mallorca: +34 97 160 0227

Policia Local Comisaria Distrito Norte: +34 97 175 8487

Escola de la Policia Local: +34 97 122 5535

Ajuntament de Palma de Mallorca: +34 97 145 2583

Policia Local De Muro‎C/ Ruiz Zorrilla: 971 537 649‎

Policia Municipal‎: 971 565 463‎

Policia Local Manacor: 971 550 048‎

Policia Local Llucmajor: 971 669 000‎

Comisaria De Policia Del Aeropuerto: 971 789 245‎

Oficina Del DNI: 971 225 207‎

Comisaria De Policia: 971 266 262‎

Comisaria De Policia De Manacor‎: 971 823 003‎

Medical Services:

Ambulance: 112/061

USP Clínica Palmaplanas: +34 97 191 8000

Ärztehaus Palma Grupo Medico Aleman: +34 97 122 8067

Centre De Salut Casa Del Mar: 971 725 445‎

Billy Boots S A: +34 97 173 0014

Finding Life S. L.: +34 97 121 3754

Mallorca Centro de Adelgazamiento: +34 97 176 3767

Gerencia Atencion Primaria Insalud Mallorca: +34 97 147 2701

Hospital Universitari Son Dureta: +34 97 145 5089


Hospital Comarcal De Inca‎: 971 888 500‎

Hospital General: 971 891 900‎

Alcudia‎Avinguda Prínceps d'Espanya, 11, 07400

Alcudia (Mallorca), Spain 971 544 808‎

Hospital Sant Joan De Déu: 971 265 854‎

Clínica Rotger‎C/Santiago Russiñol: 971 448 500‎

Hospital d'Alcudia‎C/ Formentera: 971 547 373‎

Clinica Palmaplanas‎Camino de los Reis: 971 918 000‎

Policlínica Miramar: 971 767 050‎

Hospital De Manacor‎: 971 847 000‎


Shuttle Direct Palma Airport Transfers‎Aeropuerto de Palma: 902 334 633‎

Radio Taxis De Ca'n Picafort: 971 850 723‎

Asociacion Servicios Fono-taxi: 971 728 081‎

Jaime Miro Pico: 600 444 429‎

Associacio Radio Taxi Ciutat‎: 971 755 440‎

Taxis Amics‎: 971 549 691‎

Radio Taxi Puerto Pollensa‎: 971 866 213‎

Parada De Taxis‎Plaza Ramón Llull: 971 551 888‎

EMT‎: 971 214 444‎

Grupo Trapsa‎: 971 434 980‎

Vidalbus: 646 727 578‎

Shuttle Direct Palma Aeroport: 902 334 633‎

Autocares Levante‎: 971 818 076‎

Autocares Pujol Palmer‎: 971 136 219‎

Transabus‎: 971 296 417‎

TransUnion Mallorca‎: 971 430 401‎

Other Useful Numbers:

Tourist Information Office of Majorca: +34 971 71 22 16

Foment Del Turisme De Mallorca: +34 971 725396

In order to make your journey devoid of any fatigue, go for car rental Majorca. The car hire Majorca airport too shall add to the convenience of your tour by providing you with sufficient facilities.

Majorca Museums

Majorca has a long line of history. Its early inhabitants were people who lived relying on the sea. The first settlements could be found dating back to 4000 BC along the coastline.  Later on, Romans, Byzantines, Moors, Arabs dominated the island, each leaving behind rich legacies, enriching the life of all.

The place to start learning and appreciating the treasure of Majorca will be The Museu de Mallorca. It is esteemed to be the best in the whole Balearic Islands. It is set in Palau Ayamans, an ancient building built almost 4 centuries ago. The museum displays remarkable findings during excavations which include prehistoric structures with epical past, precious Moorish ceramics, Medieval and Baroque paintings.

Besides Museu de Mallorca, one can also visit Museu Krekovic which was built by Krekovic in 1977. Krekovic was a painter himself. Thus, it is not hard to understand why Museu Krekovic displays only distinguished, money cannot buy Croatians arts. The Krekovic Museum was officially opened in 1981 by the Spanish Queen Sophia. In the guestbook she wrote: ...magnifico museo y magnifico pintor. The Spanish Queen is also the honorary president of Krekovic's gallery.

Majorca offers not only museum with Croatians arts. If you are a contemporary arts lover, The Museu d'Art Espanyol Contemporani is a must visit. This museum is located in Palma itself. At least seventy artworks by renowned, influential twentieth century Spanish artists are on display here. These include Majorca’s very own Juan Gris, Pablo Picasso and many more.

Have enough of paintings? Let’s move on to glasses. Museu Gordiola is named after the Gordiola family who are dedicated to the craft of glassmaking since 1719. This museum showcases fine Mallorcan glasses and is dedicated to the history of glassmaking, from ancient Mesopotamia to the very latest high-style creations today. The museum consists of two levels. Downstairs, one can witness the craftsmen at work and get some souvenirs from the gift shop. The gift shop offers all hand made glass items which are remarkably beautiful.

To add to the list, Majorca’s newest museum, Museu Diocesà is definitely a must visit. It is located in Palau Episcopal. The museum houses an astonishing collection of religious and historical artifacts. If you want to travel all the historical places of Majorca then you must opt for car hire Majorca airport.

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