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Weather of Murcia

Murcia is a most beautiful place in Spain with lots of sightseeing attractions for people to explore. The city is most vibrant and considered as the best tourist destination therefore, it experiences flock of people each year to move around and to explore its various places. Murcia is second largest city of Spain in terms of population with lots of activities for everyone. Due to its high population it has many opportunities for everyone to locate different kind of business and new ventures in order to earn fruitful results. Murcia has a Costa Blanca Region therefore, it faces Mediterranean climate. The city’s climate is often predictable and is fairly consistent. Whereas, it’s winter faces some variations with 2800 hours of annual sunlight. The summer season of the city is usually temperate by light ocean breezes which are kept dry by mountains which blocks cool winds, rain-bearing. Summers are really hot with minimum rainfall. Whereas, the average temperature is 27 degree centigrade  in the month of June and 31 degree centigrade during the month of July. It faces the low humidity which helps o keep the heat bearable and makes the afternoon comfortable.

On the other hand, winter season is very mild faces clear, mild sunny days. The average temperature in January is 16 degree centigrade with minimum temperature of 5 degree centigrade. Murcia’s winter is temperamental throughout the whole year. The city and its surrounding areas occasionally experience Gota Fria when temperatures plummet which sometimes faces rainfall over a series of days. This rain leads to severe flooding. Spring season is cool with pleasant winds and good effects. It is advisable to visit the city during spring season to get most of the fun. By this you can avoid the peak of summers, busy beaches and blasting sunburns.

Accommodation in Murcia

Murcia is a friendly city and the most popular tourist industry. it has always been well favored holiday destination due to its lively atmosphere and fiestas. The city’s blazing sun, imposing landscapes and welcoming population makes the city more friendly and attractive for everyone. Undeniably, due to the facts people visits the city in order to enjoy their vacations with family and friends. As it is a hub for fun love people and investors. Murcia accommodation helps people to avail the best options among a large variety of holiday economical lettings according to their pocket margin. It offers every type of accommodation from students to business travelers.

The city has an array of accommodation, starting from bed and breakfast, quality, luxury, comfort and a great value of your actual money. The city has a wide array of hotels with full amenities and luxuries for everyone. Those who want luxury, comfort can go for hotel Nelva which is a congress palace designed in palace way with full luxuries. Moreover, hotel Manolo is located near the new shopping area and the most leisure area of the city. Sansol Balnerio is a specific resort especially designed to combine active tourism by providing golf court and spa center.

Hesperia takes care of small number of people especially designed for students who are from different regions for study. Sensol, Mazarron is an excellent resort offer golf course with 18 holes which will be enjoyed by every person enthusiastically.

Useful Contact Numbers

Murcia is the most populist city and tourist destination therefore; it experiences flock of people to visit the city each year. City has any things to offer and provide special care to its visitors in order to provide them comfort and flexibility. Emergency contact numbers are essential to keep while anyone plans to visit any new place. Tourism industry plays a vital role to boost Murcia’s economy therefore, government organized different institutions to facilitate its visitors. Useful contact numbers help the visitors in case of emergencies.


Murcia hospital provides 24/7 emergency faculty in order to provide immediate treatment to injured or effected persons. It provides urgent hygiene medical treatment to cure all kind of diseases.

968 369 511

Bus service

Murcia serves buses on a large extent with an extensive bus system and offer special seats and arrangements in case of emergencies. Murcia bus system provides the facility to arrange the bus in a short time

962 110 008


Taxis are luckily found in Murcia and considered as a valuable mode of transportation and have very few taxi stands. People can get I by making a call in case of emergencies.

968 248800


The city’s International Airport offer 24/7 customer service for convenience of its passengers in case of emergencies.

0034 968 350 088

Transport system


The city has a large and an extensive railway network which links the city to all areas nearby city. It also arrange special seats for people in hurry and want emergency seats.

+34 968 471 110

Murcia Festivals

Murcia is tourist destination and the most populist city therefore, different festivals and popular event takes place throughout the year. Murcia is full of charm, attractions and with beautiful sightseeing which captures the tourist’s attention towards the city. The city arranges different things to make citizens happy so it celebrates many festivals and endless fun activities for everyone. These memorable festivals give unforgettable memories and pleasurable moments. Some of its festivals include Murcia spring festival celebrates after Easter in which the city awash with colors and with unique dresses. Whereas, festival of the holy cross is the town’s infamous race of wine horses by wearing beautifully embroidered coats and costumes. The most famous three cultural Internationalfestival features an extensive and vibrant program of culture and concerts that centers Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

Many festivals also take place during the season of spring and winters. Events held during winter season include moors and Christians festival which relives a cultural history and bloody battles. The festival consists of competitions, battle re- enactment and opening and closing parades. In the first two weeks of September the city come alive with parades during the annual feria. Whereas, the ten day Romans festival embers the city’s rich history with marches, battle re-enactments, wedding, circus and fireworks. The festival offers indoor and outdoor concerts and fun activities such as fashion shows, art, crafts and dance performances. These celebrations takes place throughout the year Yuletide celebrations held during Christmas season by offering many fun oriented games for Christian kids and adults.

Murcia also celebrates many shopping festival and fashion shows which are specially designed to promote city’s fashion industry. These festivals play an important role to give awareness and provide an opportunity to boost city’s economy and to create the city’s name among the most popular sectors. However, the city’s primary aim to showcase their festivals to entertain tourist and citizens.

Murcia Beaches

Beaches play an important role to make people relax and have its own importance in every ones life. It is the only place where the people can get relax and children enjoy and spend whole day regardless tiredness. Murcia has Many beaches and People love them because of its beautiful sight seeing and a beautiful structure.  Villa nanitos is the most famous bacxh located at near mud baths of san perdo. The beach offer many activities such as windsurfing, kayaking, volley ball and waterskiing. La Llina a sandy beach with foot showers during the seasonal months with waves in arks.El Espeju is a blue flag sandy beach with wind surfing with calm waters and blowing winds.

City’s Government spends lots of money in order to make the beaches clean and more pleasant, beautiful and peaceful. Whereas, it provides many activities for fun oriented persons in order to provide them most of the fun. Moreover, arenal beach is a large open beach of fine golden sand with all amenities and different services. The beach is relatively busy because of its location and activities. Activities offered by beach include fishing and bird watching that mostly people loves to do.

It is advisable to visit the beach during summers when the sun shines with light rainfall. During summers the beach gives pleasant scenes and effects of sand, mud and rock.  To visit the city and nearby areas people are recommended to car hire in Murcia which is considered as the best way to get around and to get most of the fun. Mostly people get afraid to bring their own vehicles or to pay heavy amounts to taxis and other transports. But, this is an easiest and convenient method to move around in cheap prices.


Murcia is a place blessed by many nature parks and a place with full of fun activities for kids and adults. The city is the tourist most favorite destination spot with lots of fun activities. Whereas, many water and theme parks are most vibrant and popular tourist attraction. Moreover, the city has many activities for everyone therefore; it faces couple of people each year.  Parquet natural de Sierra Espuma is an amazing amusement park with limestone peaks, pine forests and remote mountain villages. The park has numerous birds, healthy population f large mountain goats wild cats and genets. The park offer hiking, Walking, mountain biking, rock climbing and fishing. Salinas Arenales Nature reserve covers pine forests, stunning sandy beaches, and crystal clear water. The park serves wind surfing, bird watching, scuba diving and snorkeling. On the other hand, Calblanque Nature Reserve has vast array of birdlife with most popular wild birds. The popular safari park contains many zoo favorite items such as camels, species and other dangerous animals. The park is located on the coast south of mar menor. The park consists of Animals like hippos, lions, birds of prey, crocodiles and sea lions in a large variety to entertain kids to obtain some knowledge. Academic institutes arrange educational trips in the park in order to deliver key information to their children. The park has protected landscapes in spectacular open space where families can enjoy the pleasant scenes of exotic birds and animals. The park is famous due to its location and fun activities with different creatures of nature. This seems the only way where children come closer to the nature and natural effects of beauty.

Amusement and water parks are the source of enjoyment for kids and for adults also.. It also plays a vital role to make the environment more pleasant and attractive.

Real Estate

The region is rich in history and art and gaining a great advantage of overseas property buyers. The city is famous and growing day by day therefore; it is receiving large investments in infrastructure and planning to facilitate people in the next few years. The city is famous due to its popularity and attractive places therefore, its real estate has a worth and a high market value. Due to its growing economy people seem interested to purchase property and to invest in order to get future profits. People are enjoying real Spanish lifestyle by living among them hat can easily be communicated to other places in an easy drive on beaches and mountains. It has been noticed that, the costs of running a property are relatively cheap and people seems interested to invest in the property. Moreover, the Murcia market covers a huge array of properties including plots, villas, commercial complexes and apartments.

The city holds various profit making opportunities in real estate for those who are interested in making money outside the home land. The widely used way to earn money on the place is to invest in apartments and hotels that people could rent out to visitors and tourists. Visitors are flock to see the most beautiful paces, activities and wonderful beaches. Murcia is awarded as the region with the best economic potential for foreign investors therefore; it is the most potential method to earn fruitful results by investing in city’s real estate. Moreover, Fuerteventura including buying and selling, project development, contractors and the local government projects. Its real estate helps in boosting the economy by renting the apartments further to visitors and an easy way to earn money.

The city is on lovely location and easy reach from different regions and places and provides a platform to earn your livings in a effective manner.