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San Pedro History the Story of an Ancient Civilization

Located in the south eastern coast, of Spain San Pedro is a popular resort town with its population of 21000 residents. As usual with any resort town, there is a large influx of tourists during the tourist season, between July and August. The city got its name after the apostle San Pedro the saint of the fisherman.

The written history of San Pedro starts in the 17th century at which time a hermitage in the name of San Pedro was constructed in this town. The church was first named El Pinatar but as the inhabitants of the town were mostly fishermen the name was changed to San Padro as San Padro is the saint of the fisherman.

The meaning of the name San Padro is the ?Saint Peter of the Pine woods?. The reason for this name is that there were a lot of pine trees in the area during that time.

The true history of San Pedro dates back to before 2600 B.C. Iberian settlers have been in the area and Phoenician sailors have come to the town around 2600 B.C.

Iberia is the name given by the ancient Greeks and Romans to the present Georgia. The settlers have embarked from there and arrived in the San Pedro area to settle down. As they were all sea farers they used the sea route and arrived at the coastal areas. Since San Pedro is close to the coast it was not an exception for these ancient travelers. ?Phoenician sailors too have used the route along the Mediterranean coast as it was a popular maritime zone during that period. The origin of Phoenicians is still unclear. Only known fact about them is that they sailed the Mediterranean Sea. Subsequently the Romans have settled along the Mediterranean coast and built villas there Romans are the ones to made salt in the lagoons here, where the water has a high concentration of salt. The ancient Romans built spas on the Mar Menar coast for health purposes.

San Pedro at present is a busy little town with bars pubs shops and other amenities for the tourists.

San Pedro Weather

Summer weather in san Pedro is very hot with not much rain fall. The temperature in summer varies from 25 to 35 degrees centigrade during day time. The minimum temperature during summer is around 15?C

In August the temperature goes higher, reaching a maximum of 40?C but the effect of high temperature is not felt, because there is cooling wind blowing from the sea. Due to the low humidity experienced in San Pedro you don?t feel the high temperature. Though you don?t feel, the high temperature could make sunburn. To escape the hot sun, do not go out between 10.00 am to 3.00pm.If you do, take your skin care cream with you. Though the beaches are tempting, be careful about sunburns.

In case you rent out a beach side villa remember to get one with air conditioning to escape the heat. A fan also could give you some relief but air conditioning is always better. If you come from northern Europe, you will feel the heat more drastically because there, even during the summer it is rarely warm.

During winter, weather is less harsh in San Pedro. Since San Pedro is a place where there is sun through out the year, summer temperature hardly go less than 20?C. At this temperature you can safely go out wearing your t-shirt.

San Pedro Transport

San Pedro Transport is very essential part for making the good and rich relation for making the country more flexible and rich for the visitors. There are several kinds of transports are available in San Pedro bus is the very famous for its beautiful and quick and fast characteristics. These buses are very modern and equipped with the latest technology and new models of the buses are available which provide you the great and luxurious way of making journey. These buses are categorized for different buses and for making the several kinds of services to their potential clients or passengers, these buses are gone through different routes, these routes are settled by the concerned body.

This is the most reasonable or we can say the cheapest way of making the travel. Taxi or rental cars are another way of San Pedro Transport but it is expensive one than others, when you hire a car or taxis you feel relax because of its comfortable and luxurious way for getting on your journey and making it right choice for you. Furthermore, it is advised to get on well with your journey and enjoy the adventure of the San Pedro by making your trip by the bus.

When you are willing to make your trip from bus then you are having more chances for getting the more enjoyable and adventurists place for the people do remember that visitors always come here for making their time memorable and want to make the fun and having craze to get the situation where they can get thrill and can enjoy the reality of activities. Many people who can?t afford the high prices or fairs then they should make their transport to the bus because it is very fair in fairs and can handle easily. Most of the people who are willing to make low cost transport to reach their desired location or destination, it depends on you what mode of transport you like. San Pedro Transport is very important and eye cathing which also accounts for to draw the attention of the visitors.

San Pedro attraction

There are several things to make an attractive things area there like; Cabrillo Marine Aquarium is one of the best places in the city. The features of the place makes it more attractive and eye catching like; free entrance and free unique displays, this is very interested place for the people who are having the craze of getting the knowledge of marine animals. This is very attractive place for those who really want to get the fun. Different others site are also here for making the awesome and great fun. Ecologic Divers this is place where people has got more than twenty years for scuba diver.

The folks who are also said as masters they are very friendly and dutiful. They are having the specialty in shop and look attractive to the people who visit there. San Pedro Attractions are having the specialty due to its crazy adventurous places like; Searious Adventures the guides are ready to give you their precious guideline. This is very great thing for young generation here they come and see the attractive place for making the thing attractive and enchanting. You can make an outstanding recreational activity there. Here you will be able to get the right idea of the Maya and do the act curiously and passionately and they are trying to provide their potential clients the most professional and complete tour as an adventure here in this place. San Pedro Attractions include the Point Fermin Lighthouse it is said that it is the place where no one can stay more due to its cooler and chiller. A horde of people get together there on the point when the light was lightening first and sung the song of Happy Birth day. It is really very impressive and nice to hear song, these all things get the attractions of the visitors and help the people of the San Pedro to evaluate the beauty and makes your point or venue more appealing and attractive. There are numerous San Pedro Attractions are there to make a great wow for the visitors and it emerged as triumphant for the country.

San Pedro Disabled Visitors

Every tourist resort or holiday resort today is prepared to provide facilities for to make the visitor comfortable. The visitors come there to enjoy. If the facilities are not provided for them they will not come again. Therefore the tourist is looked after well. In this case the disabled tourist is not an exception. The authorities in tourist resorts make them at home by providing all the required facilities for them.Cheap car hire Spain provides the facilities for the tourists to move all over the place by providing cheap hired cars. This is invaluable for the disabled tourist as it is difficult for them to use public transport

For the disabled visitor a number of facilities are provided in the air port. The disabled visitor should inform his airline before hand that he is a disabled person. For such persons facilities are provided in the airport for the disabled. The lifts and toilets for disabled are provided in all airports railway stations hotels restaurants and tourists sites.

Disabled visitors are found special accommodation in all hotels. In restaurants and shops there is assistance for the disabled tourist. In all tourist attractions they are well looked after. The lowered payments and adapted bath rooms toilets and telephones are available for the disabled.

Radio taxi service is available for the disabled visitor. In San Pedro many more services are available for the disabled visitor. Disabled people are provided with facilities to access walkways bars, beach, car park and all other places.