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There’s more to Dublin than meets the eye. Ireland’s capital city is overflowing with so much personality; a single word is not enough to describe it. Dublin takes pride in its layers of history and heritage, its notable writers and revolutionary music, its pubs, and its world-famous beer. However, its finest gem is its people and their distinct Irish sense of humor.

Although Dublin does not have a subway system, getting around the city is quite easy, thanks to its efficient public transportation. The city’s metro is comprised of the Dublin Area Rapid Transport. With the Dublin metro map, you can explore the city with ease. Get a copy of the Dublin Transport Map to help you figure out the best routes to your chosen destinations.

There’s a little bit of something for everyone in Dublin. Visit the manicured lawns of Stephen’s Green, Phoenix Park and the Dublin Zoo. Explore the National Museum of Ireland and the stately St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Be sure to get a copy of the Dublin Tourist Sightseeing Map so you will not miss any of the top destinations of the city. 

Stroll the historic streets of the city center and take a closer look at Dublin’s past. Here you will find the majestic Dublin Castle, the prestigious Trinity College, the shopping strip Grafton Street, and the nightlife hot spot Temple Bar. For literature fans, enjoy a walk around places associated with James Joyce, starting at No. 7 Eccles St., the home of his famed character Leopold Bloom. The Dublin Walking Tour Maps provide detailed information on the city so you can plan your sightseeing ahead of time and explore at your own pace. The walking tour map does not only show the highlights of Dublin; it also allows you to discover the unknown but equally intriguing parts of the city.

If you prefer a more leisurely and comfortable way of seeing the city, take the Hop on Hop off Bus tour. This option is especially beneficial for tourists who are traveling with their elderly or with kids. To find out where you can catch the bus, check out our free printable copy of the Dublin Hop on Hop off Bus map. 

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