Update on COVID-19:
Coronavirus Travel Restrictions, Advice and Tips.
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France Coronavirus Travel Restrictions and Advice

While the lockdown has almost been entirely lifted in most of the French cities, the coronavirus epidemic remains present. Visitors from all over the world are being required to stick to French regulations on health and safety to ensure they do not risk spreading the virus. Some of the specific safety measures in France includes:

  • Every traveler aged 11 and over must wear masks in public transports. Anyone caught not wearing once can face fines of up to €135.
  • The decision to enforce compulsory mask – wearing is up to the owner of individual business (offices and shops).
  • In open spaces, the government advises that masks should be worn especially in areas where social distancing is more difficult to keep.
  • Parks and Gardens who want travelers to wear masks have placed signposts on their decision.
  • It is generally advisable to wear a mask when entering restaurants and cafes, but can be removed once seated at a table. Customers will sit at tables spaced at least a meter apart and no more than 10 people can sit at any one table.
  • Tourist attractions like museums have stated safety measures such as pre – booking requirements to avoid queuing in lines and many demand the use of masks.
  • Beaches are open to visitors but a number of social distancing measures are recommended. Note that groups of more than 10 people are not allowed on the beach.
  • Nightclubs currently remain closed.

For more enquiries: Visit https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/france/coronavirus