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Top Attractions In Lille For Free

This attractive city in north-east France has much to enjoy. Take your little ones to the Citadel Park and Zoo, which contains about 400 animals including monkeys and panthers. It’s free to enter. Nearby, Parc les Poussins offers fun rides for kids from February to November, also free. The Citadel itself is a military fort surrounded by a park, where you can relax, feed the ducks and enjoy some lunch at one of the restaurants. Explore the development of our planet in the Museum of Natural History, with its live insects and stuffed animals. Take in some culture at the Palais des Beaux Arts featuring works by Goya, Picasso and Donatello as well as Flemish masters. Lille is a beautiful city for a stroll, especially the Old Town, with its charming cobblestoned lanes and red-brick houses. Here you will find the birthplace of famous President Charles de Gaulle and the monumental cathedral Notre Dame de la Treille.

Free Attractions in Lille

Top Rated Lille Attractions


The Old Stock Exchange

France has many architectural treasures, but the Old Stock Exchange is simply at the top of the list. It dates back to 1653 when it was completed. Its design instils an aura of grace and peace in the hearts of its visitors. Julien Destrée was the one who designed it with the touch of Flemish Renaissance and woodwork. The walls have elaborate paintings of amazing artistic patterns that are still the talk of the town. The building reached...

Lille City Pass

clock Duration: 3 days
  • Make your travelling much more easy with the Lille City Pass
  • Get benefits of free entry to museums and different attractions and also free public transportation with the help of this pass
  • With the access to this pass save your...
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Grande Palace

Grande Palace is more of a market area, or one might say it is what most people call the square of Lille (Nord). In the medieval ages this square was the main market for wheat. It has been famous for its historic contribution to the existence of Lille and the characteristic feature that attracts most tourists is that it is rich in minerals. Back in 1944, on 12 August the area had a new name in honour of Charles de Gaulle who was a famous...

Lille City Sightseeing Tour

clock Duration: 1 hour 15 mi
  • Explore the iconic sites of Lille in this short bus tour
  • Learn about the city's journey through the 11th century to the modern metropolitan
  • This is the best way to get a perspective of the city in a very short duration for new...
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Zoo De Lille

Zoo De Lille is the great zoo of the city of Lille. The zoo opened in 1950 and continues to grow until now, and it occupies 3.5 hectares. The park hosts more than 300 animals of diverse species, all well tamed and kept under the ideal natural conditions that suit them. Free entry into one of its sites attracts a large number of tourists each year. In 2000, the zoo was located in 9th place of the French cultural and recreational sites with a...

The Belfry of the town hall Admission Ticket inc Audio guide and binoculars

clock Duration: 1 to 2 hours
  • Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site, Lille's Belfry, by booking the tickets in advance
  • Climb the tower and witness mesmerizing views from there, click pictures and create memories forever!
  • Be assured to get an entry, even...
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La Grande Braderie De Lille, France

La Grande Braderie De Lille is famous as the largest flea market in Europe. It gathers two to three million visitors every year. This place was originated in the 12th century. This market has evolved from time to time. This place has its own significant history, which anyone must visit when he/she visits Lillie. This is the finest place for one to drop by to have an amazing time among millions of people who gather every year to have a quality...

Unique Tour of Lille by Convertible 2CV with Champagne Break

clock Duration: 1 hour
  • Get yourself a fancy, vintage ride in the city of Lille
  • From top attraction sites to the historic monuments, visit them all on your fancy ride
  • This is a small group tour and ensures undivided attention to all the tourists
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Lille Tourist Office

The Lille Tourist Office found in the previous gothic church of a fifteenth century royal residence, assembled by the Duke Philippe the Good of Burgundy. Earlier fire gravely harmed the vast majority of this building, and it remained void until it experienced redesigns, making it suitable for its current use as a traveler office.

The place is a great wellspring of maps and vacationer qualified information. The Tourist Office...

Personalized cosmetics

clock Duration: 1 hour
  • Go on this tour to learn how to make your own cosmetics
  • Ditch the harsh chemicals of the branded beauty products by taking this tour
  • Make your own stash of cosmetics with natural products and soothe your skin with it
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Citadel Park and Zoo Lille

This is one of Lille’s largest parks (60 hectares) and frequently visited by tourists in Lille. It comes as a source of fresh air and a fascinating insight into wildlife. The Deûle canal enriches the park with the Bios de Boulogne Woods, which surround the zoo. The woods also extend encircling the ramparts of Vauban’s Citade. These woods are actually, what attract more visitors each year, as there are some amazing collections of trees...

Lille 2 Hour Bike Tour

clock Duration: 2 hours
  • Get on an exhilarating journey of Lille on a bike on this tour
  • Explore the popular sites of the city and also the hidden ones
  • Get a comprehensive view of the city with the help of this tour
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Place Rihour Christmas Market

An amazing Christmas Market in Lillie is offering an exquisite touring adventure. Impressive monuments to Lille’s war history are here as well. Many people visit this market prior or during Christmas to shop for gifts and other Christmas decoration accessories. This market is not that big, but it is always crowded and festive, December is its season. Many resting spots, such as restaurants and hotels, surround the market so that the tourist...

Privatized rent Kota Grill Finnish Mont des Cats

clock Duration: 1 to 360 min
  • Enjoy a comfortable barbeque with your family in this tour
  • This tour provides an exquisite Scandinavian experience to all the tourists
  • Have a fun and relaxing experience at Flanders
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Old Lille

Old Lille District or ‘Vieux Lille’ is an old side of Lille having a lot of historical significance. This area is frequently crowded by tourists. This side of Lille is the center of numerous hotels and restaurants that define the rich cultural heritage of this city. It is easy to find tour guides in this area as well. There are many memories related to century’s old historic war situations in France, and some romantic sites as well....


clock Duration: 60 to 90 min
  • Take part in an Escape game on being a part of this adventure
  • Be filled with nostalgia of your childhood, playing games
  • A unique welcome by actors doing a role play
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Place du Theatre

Place du Theatre now known as place André Malraux is a path of 1st district of Paris in France. The Vieille Bourse connects Place du Theatre lays north of Grand Place and the two squares. The main buildings here are the opera house, which dominates one side of the square and the Chambre de Commere et d’Industrie, whose tall belfry can be seen from many parts of the city.

After the unfortunate fire in 1907, Louis-Marie Cordonnier who...

Australian and New Zealand Battlefield Day Tour in the Somme from Lille or Arras

clock Duration: 9 hours
  • Step back in time to the World War I period to know the details of that time
  • Witness different memoirs of the First Wold war and visit the battle fields
  • Visit all the significant places related to the war to acquire interesting...
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Latina Café

Latina café is located at 42/44 Rue Massena, Lille, France. It is popular, famous and the favorite of so many tourists. This is an extraordinary café to visit with family or friends at any time of the year.I For those visiting Lillie, it would not be a good idea to ignore Latina café. This is a grand place where people can dance, drink, and party. This place is busy and festive all through the year, and crowded by tourists and locals who...

Treasure Hunt and Beer Tasting in Lille

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • Get the best combination out of this tour- a treasure hunt and beer tasting
  • Numerous insider tips can be learnt from the locals
  • Personal service to the tourists by way of small groups
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There are many things you can do for free in Lille like booking free entry into some Lille museums, joining locals to do some free activities and others. This allows you to have fun and relax on a budget or save for further experiences on your trip.

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