Update on COVID-19:
Coronavirus Travel Restrictions, Advice and Tips.
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Budapest, Hungary Coronavirus Travel Restrictions and Advice

Traveling in Hungary should follow these procedures. It should be noted that everyone should comply with the measures put in place in Hungary to limit the spread of COVID – 19. Hungary introduced gradual easing since the end of May and as of June 12, libraries, hospitals and shopping have been lifted off their restrictions. However, as a traveler, note these:

  • People should wear a face covering (i.e. mask, scarf or shawl) in all public gatherings and places.
  • Shops, bars, and similar indoor settings are open but customers and visitors should adhere to the rule of social distancing, using face masks and proper hand hygiene.
  • The rule of social distancing and the use of face masks also apply for travelers in taxis, and private or public transports.
  • Outdoor attractions may open including outdoor swimming pools, spas, zoos, playgrounds and outdoor museums.
  • Mass events are banned until at least 15 August or further notice.
  • Local and regional authorities have some power to introduce and modify additional restrictions, so all travelers are advised to follow tactical instructions.
  • All UK nationals living in Hungary should keep in mind this special rule by the National Directorate General for Aliens Policing. It says that Expiring residents’ permits from 11 March onward will automatically remain valid during the state of emergency and for 45 days after the state of emergency terminates.

For more enquiries: Visit https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/hungary/coronavirus