Private Dark Chocolate Tasting Tour in Paris

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    France may be famous for wines and cheese, but they also make the best chocolates in the world. Don't miss out on the opportunity and indulge yourself with a private tour all about dark chocolate. Learn the history behind the premium chocolate and appreciate the bittersweet flavor. Train your palate to distinguish the dissimilarity between several plantations and kinds of cocoa.

    Meet your guide and start your journey to the dark chocolate world. By the end of the tour, you will be able to tell apart the first-rate chocolate from a good one and a good one from a typical one. You will know the reason why you should only consider dark chocolate bars and how to appropriately enjoy it. Get to know the interesting history behind it and why France makes the finest chocolate bars you'll ever taste. To guarantee a more custom-made experience, this tour only accepts a limited number of participants.

    Participants were amazed by how the guide skilfully did the tour. He brought 10 different dark chocolates organized by different regions and also by different producers. Recommended for chocoholics and chocolate lovers.

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