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Paint Traditional Porto Tiles Workshop

clock 1 hour
  • You will take home the best memory of your trip to this beautiful city, hand painted tile replicas of...Read more

Paint a traditional tile of Porto

clock 1 hour
  • You will learn the traditional painting techniques for painting facade tiles. With them you will be able to paint 1 replica of facade tile of Porto or your own personalized...Read more

Surfing in Private & Small Groups

clock 3 hours
  • Have you never surfed before or only a few times? Then this is the experience you have been looking for.

    Be taught in a fun, safe, and encouraging way, to catch your first waves with the support and tips you need to become a better surfer.

    "My name is João, I'm a local surfer from Porto with 30 years experience surfing. I'm a...Read more

Tango, Authentic Conexión_Oporto

clock 2 hours
  • Durante la pandemia se realiza online o de manera particular, por pareja o pequeños grupos y en el domicilio de quien reserva.
    Cuando vuelva a haber eventos publicos, la dirección varía cada día de la semana, porque las "milongas" se realizan en diferentes espacios.
    SI PREFIERES...Read more

Yoga on the Douro River with Vegetarian Lunch

clock 2 hours
  • Get more attention in a small group;
    Observe nature away from the city noise;
    Observe the historical zones of a point that few have access to;
    Enjoy local, vegetarian and organic foods that mainstream tourists cannot find;
    Meet other people with the self-knowledge and development mentality;
    Bring anti-stress tools that will help you...Read more

Yoga with Craft Beer and Portuguese Tiled Views

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Yoga with a fun and spontaneous group.
    A cold craft beer at your side to help you relax
    Views of traditional Portuguese tiles from the Igreja do Carmo
    Lesson planned according to group energy
    Get out of the experience light as a feather!
    A FREE GIFT for bookings of 2 or more!
    For more information...Read more

Learn Photography While Visiting Porto

clock 3 hours
  • This tour/workshop will take you through the most famous streets and views of Porto. It is ideal for all who want to learn photography, while visiting the city.
    This activity is suited not only for beginners, who seek to learn more about photography and improve their work, but also for more experienced photographers looking for someone to...Read more

Photo tour/workshop in the beautiful and biodiverse Freita mountains

clock 6 hours
  • This tour/workshop will take you through one of the most beautiful mountain ranges of Portugal. Just one hour away from Porto, Serra da Freita is one of my favourite places in the country to photograph nature. Its vast grasslands, magical forests and breath-taking waterfalls make this location a truly special place for both wildlife and landscape...Read more

Nature photography tour in Porto

clock 3 hours
  • The City Park of Porto is a place that usually is out of the turists routes, however this is a beautiful location, where you can enjoy the calmness of nature. It is well known by birdwatchers due to the high diversity of species that can be found there, but you can also find many other species of other animal groups. This experience is the only...Read more

Creation of unique and original objects with Célia Pale textile designer

clock 3 hours
  • In this animation we propose to spend 3 hours with the textile designer of the Brand Tombasana and to manufacture his own unique and original object.
    The designer makes you travel in her universe and you transmit all the techniques and know-how from the beginning to the end of your...Read more

Learn to sketch your way around Porto!

clock 2 hours
  • You will see the famous landmarks of Porto and have some unique and personal momentos (your own drawings) take home and remember your trip. You will also learn to draw or be able to improve on skills you already have with the help and trained eye of a professional...Read more

Surf Experience with Transfer to Matosinhos - All Levels

clock 3 hours
  • Learning to surf has never been so relaxed. Lean back and let Linha de Onda's team take care of everything! You will be picked up in Porto and taken to the beach with the best waves for your level. Before that, you will get a wetsuit and a surfboard. You choose the board together with the experienced surf instructors of Linha de Onda. During this...Read more

Mobile Photography

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Learn how to photograph Porto with your phone or tablet while discovering the city and its less known streets and interesting spots! Join me on this walking workshop and improve your Mobile...Read more

Learn Surf with a Pro

clock 7 hours
  • My name is Bruno Rodrigues, I'm the head surf instructor in Surfivor Surf School. I have been teaching surf lessons for over 15 years. To this day teaching and surfing remain my passions.

    I grew up in the ocean and I still love surfing everyday. I have surfed and competed all around the world but for me the Portuguese Coastline is one of...Read more

Yoga Experience Facing The Douro River

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Treat yourself to a relaxing Yoga Class with the view of the magnificent Douro River! You will feel energized to keep your...Read more

Make Your Own Traditional Porto Tile

clock 1 hour
  • Create your own traditional Porto tile during a private workshop with your personal teacher who has over 20 years experience in the field. All necessary materials and equipment are included, including some snacks and tea! Get your tile delivered at home through the post...Read more

Santa Marta Castle - Yovedic Retreat

clock 6 days
  • Yovedic Retreats goes above and beyond to find the right unique venue with beautiful surroundings and views. We bring the knowledge of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Vegan Sattvic food together in a fun and happy environment. During your magical journey, you will learn new knowledge that will help you to become your own healer. You will let go of anything...Read more

Capoeira Workshop

clock 2 hours
  • Capoeira, Music, Art and Brazilian Culture - Workshop for Apprentice / Beginner:

    History of capoeira and its philosophy, body movements and musicality.

    - Heating and stretching;
    - Ginga - basic capoeira movement;
    - Basic moves and strokes
    - Teaching sequences;
    - Capoeira songs.

    What to take:

    Comfortable...Read more

Capoeira Class for Children, Youth and Adults

clock 1 hour
  • Capoeira, Music, Art and Brazilian Culture - Capoeira Class for Children, Youth and Adults - Apprentice / Initiates.

    History of capoeira and its philosophy, body movements and musicality.

    - Heating and stretching;
    - Ginga - basic capoeira movement;
    - Basic moves and strokes
    - Teaching sequences;
    - Capoeira...Read more

Private Virtual Portuguese Language Class with a Local

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • If you ever decide to visit Portugal or Brazil, you need to learn the basics such as to say "OBRIGADO", "DE NADA", "POR FAVOR" and much more. After mastering the basics, you will learn how to count and form a few sentences with Present and Present Continuous - don't worry, it will be fun and informal - following the colors and food.

    After...Read more