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Take VIP Night Photos in Vienna With A Pro Photographer

clock 1 hour
  • We will meet after the sunset to explore the beauty of the inner city. My house is Vienna first district in the last 5 years and naturally happened to know the most hidden secrets, places where regular tourists will never get to see, places that are cool with great lighting setup, unbelievable atmosphere, places that include myself I enjoy every...Read more

Wim Hof Workshop for Mental Training and Ice Bathing in Vienna

clock 7 hours
  • In the middle of Vienna on the traditional trotting course in Krieau, I offer Wim-Hof workshops. Experience an unforgettable ice bath in the middle of Vienna! In addition to the adventure and the special ambience, the Wim-Hof method with its three pillars:

    Breathing, contact with cold and focus releases a wealth of positive effects in the...Read more

KuK perfumery Filz - the fragrance of empress Sisi

clock 45 minutes
  • Learn about the history of Viennese perfumes and their secret ingredients.
    Taste the emperor's fragrances and other traditional Viennese fragrances
    Get inspired by the knowledge of Viennese oldest KuK Perfumery
    Choose as a souvenir your original Viennese perfume (5ml) to take with...Read more

Play Super Friendly Tennis In Vienna

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • This is a great opportunity to play outdoor or indoor tennis in beautiful Vienna. We will meet for a 2 vs 2, or 1 v 1 tennis match, 90 minutes, sand or carpet court in probably the most exclusive and modern Sportcenter in Vienna, near Donau river. The play is light so we can avoid injuries, no sliding. Just plain...Read more

Maestro Masterclass: Sounds Of Vienna

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Connect with an renowned active Austrian conductor off-stage during your own private event.

    After this 90-min private experience you will change your way of listening to Mozart, Strauß and co.

    Great for adding an extra layer of insight and enjoyment to any Viennese classical concert, opera and...Read more

Experience Boudoir, Sensual Photography Studio Vienna

clock 3 hours
  • Exploring boudoir photography in beautiful city of Vienna. You will create stunning images while being supervised by a professional photographer. You will experience a pro session from the beginning to the...Read more

Street photography workshop in Vienna

clock 3 hours
  • Are you interested to learn more about how to improve your talent as a street photographer? You want to share your experience with other participants? You want to get some tips on how to see better or differently? Join...Read more

Play Football Friendly in Vienna

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • This is a great opportunity to play outdoor sport in beautiful Vienna. We will meet for a 6a/7a side football match, 90 minutes, artificial pitch in probably the most exclusive and modern Sportcenter in Vienna, near Donau river. The play is light so we can avoid injuries, no sliding, no hard tackling, no swearing or complaining. Just plain...Read more

Drawing Workshop

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Join us for a 1,5-hour drawing masterclass to learn this valuable skill in an inspiring fine art studio, surrounded by incredible works of art.

    This masterclass is suitable for any level of proficiency so we welcome both complete beginners and skilful artists.

    Let us instruct you in a welcoming and friendly surrounding with...Read more

Drawing Workshop for Children

clock 1 hour
  • Students can choose from several art workshops:

    1. Drawing is a Skill For Life (7-14)

    This may come as a surprise, but drawing is not really a "talent" as many people believe it to be. Drawing is a learned skill just like handwriting.
    This art workshop is an introduction to drawing techniques.

    2. Sometimes We Look But We...Read more

Take Stunning Photos of Yourself While Walking Vienna

clock 1 hour
  • I am an independent video & photographer based in beautiful city of Vienna. I enjoy the intense European sense of style combined with the relaxed north American sensibility. I am based in Vienna holding two citizenships, Canadian & Romanian.

    My style starts when today glamour meets contemporary fashion. I am well known for being creative in...Read more