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Top Attractions In Rome For Free

There are lots of good reasons why millions of tourists would flock to Rome each year. The city is filled with lots of historic sights, beautiful attractions, and great architecture that cater to all kinds of travellers. If you’re visiting on a budget, then you better take advantage of the many cheap things to do in Rome. In fact, by simply exploring the city centre of Rome, you’ll already be entertained by the number of exciting sights and activities! .

Sure, Rome is not a cheap city to visit. But with the many free things to do in Rome, you’ll be guaranteed to have a great time even with limited budget. For instance, if you’re a history and culture buff, then check out the free museums in Rome. You can also visit numerous free attractions in Rome, such as the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi, the Pantheon, St Peter in Chains, Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s Basilica, and many more. .

The best thing about Rome is that there will always be things for you to do regardless of the month of the year that you visit. For instance, one of the free things to do in Rome this summer is to explore the many piazzas or squares in the city while enjoying the good weather. If you are visiting Rome with kids, one of the free things to do in Rome with kids is to take a walk or cycle along the Appian Way. You and your kids will surely have a great time exploring this ancient road. .

So if you are in the process of planning a trip to Rome, better check out this list of free things to do in Rome.

Free Attractions in Rome

Top Rated Rome Attractions


Church of San Luigi dei Francesi

The reputation of this church rests largely on a trio of paintings by the master Caravaggio, depicting the life of St Matthew. They attract a large number of visitors due to the excellent use of light and shade. Although admission to the church is free, dropping a coin into the special box will cause the paintings to be illuminated.

San Luigi dei Francesi was built as the National Church of France in Rome between 1518-89. This is...

Colosseum Express Guided Tour

clock Duration: 1 hour
  • A short and sweet guided tour of Rome's Colosseum.
  • An opportunity to see inside the most famous remaining buildings of the Roman Empire.
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One of the most iconic buildings in the world, this impressive structure has been standing for almost two thousand years. The name means “Temple dedicated to all the gods” but since the 7th century it has been used as a Roman Catholic church. After entering through the vast pillars at the front, you can take in the magnificent dome with its hole at the top, which lets in natural light. Known as the oculus, any rain that falls through is...

Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill with Audioguide

clock Duration: 3 Hours
  • A self-guided tour of the largest and most famous building of the Roman Empire.
  • An opportunity to explore ancient sites and ruins.
  • A time saving ticket which lets you skip the line.
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St Peter in Chains

This church was built in the 5th century to contain the chains which bound St Peter, both those from Jerusalem when he was held by Herod and the Roman ones when he was imprisoned by Nero. The chains are thought to have fused together miraculously. While these are a moving sight, another huge draw for the church is a masterpiece by Michelangelo, the statue of Moses which adorns the incomplete tomb of Pope Julius II. This well-loved statue...

Rome Angels and Demons Half-Day Tour

clock Duration: 4 Hours
  • This is a small group tour therefore tickets are limited. We recommend booking the tour in advance during the busy summer season or during national holidays.
  • A unique combination of walking and bus tour in the City Centre of...
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Trevi Fountain

No trip to Rome would be complete without a visit to this brilliantly elaborate fountain, with its statues and tumbling water pouring into a pool full of coins. The story goes that if you throw in a coin, you are sure to return to Rome.

The fountain occupies a surprisingly small space at the junction of three alleys. It was completed in 1762, after over a hundred years of designs and plans to replace the earlier fountain, a project that...

Tivoli Half-Day Tour with a Visit to Villa d'Este and Hadrian's Villa

clock Duration: 4 hours
  • This is a convenient half-day tour which takes you to 2 of Italy's most culturally and historically significant villas.
  • An opportunity to see the Italian country side.
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St. Peter’s Basilica

The most famous church in Rome and the centre of the Vatican (link), St Peter’s Basilica stands in the vast Piazza San Pietro (link). It is one of the most important Catholic sites in the world and it is from here that the Pope delivers sermons to huge crowds in the Piazza.

The basilica is reputed to contain the remains of St Peter, the first Pope, below its altar. The tomb was excavated in the 20th century. The present church was...

Vatican VIP Experience Private Tour

clock Duration: 3.5 Hours
  • An exclusive early morning tour of the Vatican City's best attractions.
  • An opportunity to explore the Vatican City without crowds.
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Rome has a splendid array of squares or piazzas with wonderful architecture, fountains, and many other features. Undoubtedly the most famous of these is the Piazza San Pietro (St Peter’s Square) in the Vatican (link), in front of St Peter’s Basilica (link), which is packed to capacity during Papal addresses. At the centre of the square is a 4400-year-old Egyptian obelisk standing 25.5 metres tall.

There is also the Piazza di Spagna...

Roman Catacombs and Crypts Tour

clock Duration: 3 hours 30 m
  • This is a unique city tour of Rome which dives into the history of the city and takes visitor away from the overcrowded city sights.
  • An opportunity to learn and see a lot of the Italian Capital in a short time.
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The Vatican on the Last Sunday of the Month

This is when the Vatican Museums (link) including the Sistine Chapel (link) open their doors for free. They are not open on any other Sunday of the month. The admission hours are only from 9am-12.30pm, but visitors can remain until 2pm. You need to be aware that demand is understandably high so it is worth waiting until later in the morning when the initial early queue has died down.

The Museums contain a wealth of stunning artworks,...

Pompeii Day Trip from Rome

clock Duration: 13 hours
  • In the same day you'll discover the extensive ruins of Pompeii AND the volcano which caused the city to remain hidden for so many years.
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Arch of Constantine

Another famous sight in Rome, this splendid arch was built in 315AD to celebrate Emperor Constantine’s victory over Maxentius and is located between the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill. The optimum view of the arch is to be had from the top of the Colosseum. It has three archways, and stands 21m high.

The arch is decorated with an abundance of reliefs and statues, with the architects reusing parts of earlier monuments from the times...

Florence Day Trip from Rome

clock Duration: 15 Hours
  • A fantastic full-day excursion from Central Rome.
  • This is an opportunity to travel from the "Eternal City" to the "Cradle of the Renaissance" and back in just one day.
  • A convenient time saving option for visiting Florence.
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Appian Way

Where better to indulge in a bit of vigorous walking or cycling than on an ancient Roman road This is definitely an experience that shouldn’t be missed while in Rome and by walking along here you will be taking footsteps into history. The road was built in 312 BC. You can get to the start via a subway and bus. Starting from the Domino Quo Vadis church, you will pass the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metello and the catacombs of St. Callistus, both...

Tuscany in One Day Sightseeing from Rome

clock Duration: 12 hours
  • Discover the highlights of the wonderful Tuscan province in a single day.
  • An opportunity taste locally produces wines at a real Tuscan winery.
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Il Vittoriano

This vast edifice built of white marble is a tribute to King Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of the unified Italy. It was erected between 1885-1925, the work of several sculptors. There is a very wide central staircase, Corinthian columns, fountains, and equestrian statues of the king and the goddess Victory.

Located in the centre of Rome, there are fantastic paronamic views to be had from the roof. There is a glass elevator you can...

2-Day South Italy Tour from Rome

clock Duration: 2 days
  • Enjoy an overnight getaway to some of the most significant and picturesque locations in the south of Italy.
  • An opportunity to taste a real Pizza Napolitano, visit UNESCO World Heritage sites, and enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery.
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FAQs about Free Things to Do in Rome

There are many things you can do for free in Rome like booking free entry into some Rome museums, joining locals to do some free activities and others. This allows you to have fun and relax on a budget or save for further experiences on your trip.