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Top Attractions In Stockholm For Free

The capital of Sweden comprises 14 islands in a huge archipelago on the Baltic Sea.

It’s more than just a city; it’s an eclectic combination of numerous towns, buildings and streets that house historic and intriguing stories and tales.

Planning a trip to Stockholm can be a little confusing if you don’t know where to begin, but thankfully we’ve put together a guide on the 10 best free attractions in Stockholm.

You’ll also find the top paid attractions in Stockholm below if you’re looking for a variety of activities to enjoy.

Free Attractions in Stockholm

Top Rated Stockholm Attractions



What you need to know:

The Stockholm Public Library is one of the city’s most beautiful and iconic landmarks.

It’s also the largest public library in Sweden and is home to more than 500,00 books!

Students at nearby universities flock to Stadsbiblioteket to study for upcoming exams, and you’ll also often find locals taking out books for pure enjoyment.

If you want to experience...

Stockholm at a Glance Bike Tour

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • A 3 - hour exclusive tour on bike round the central islands in Stockholm city
  • It is a visit to hidden places and landmarks which can only be gotten to on foot or by bike alone
  • It is an expert-guided tour which takes you into...
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What you need to know:

Located within the Nacka nature reserve, Hellasgården is a stunning place to visit in Stockholm if you’re looking to escape the city hubbub for a while.

There’s so much to see and do in Hellasgården and there’s something that caters to every member of the family.

Choose from wandering around the vast lake, jogging through the many paths that are woven...

Stockholm Private Bike Tour

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • An exclusive private tour on two wheels exploring the city's most interesting places
  • A sightseeing tour on a bike to where tourists in buses and cars cannot get to
  • It is a private bike tour with a special itinerary and free...
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Långholmen beach

What you need to know:

For another great family-friendly spot in Stockholm, make sure you add Långholmen beach to your travel itinerary.

Långholmen beach was once a prison island so it certainly has a very odd and enigmatic feel to it, but this actually just adds to the magic of the place even further.

However, it’s now an idyllic place in Stockholm to visit with the whole family if...

Stockholm Small Group Bike Tour

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • It is a carrying away into the city's best gardens and milestones and neighborhoods most tourists miss
  • It is a 3 - hours (Approx.) tour across roads and bridges into Stockholm's most attractive locations - like the Gamla Stan (Old...
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Solna Centrum Station

What you need to know:

For an incredibly unusual free attraction in Stockholm, you need to check out the 100+ underground subway stations that have been decorated in a plethora of eclectic designs by numerous artists.

There are over 100 stations whose artwork you can admire, but arguably the very best and most famous is the “Gates of Hell” art installation located within Solna Centrum...

Viking History Small Group Tour from Stockholm: Half Day Including Sigtuna

clock Duration: 5 to 6 hours
  • It is a 5 -6 hours day tour from Stockholm to explore Sweden's incredible Viking history.
  • It is an interesting tour to unravel the mystery of the Viking history, pay a visit to the eminent Viking sites which hold a colossal...
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Gamla Stan

What you need to know:

Gamla Stan dates all the way back to 1252 and is considered to be the Old Town part of Stockholm.

Adorned with cobblestone streets, picturesque buildings and many famous landmarks, Gamla Stan is a lovely part of Stockholm to hang out for a few hours.

If you’re in the Old Town at around lunchtime, make sure to swing past the Kungliga Slottet, also known as the Royal Palace,...

Private Tour: Swedish History Day Trip to World Heritage Candidate Markim-Orkesta from Stockholm

clock Duration: 5 hours
  • It is a 5 hour day tour from Stockholm to explore the Swedish countryside and live the experience, discover the changes in lifestyle from the historical Bronze Age until today.
  • It is an experience of its own to visit the Markim-Orkesta...
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What you need to know:

Djurgården is often referred to as the ‘green lung’ of Stockholm thanks to its vast open expanses of greenery and park areas.

It’s another place in Stockholm that you’ll want to visit if you prefer being in nature rather than at the heart of the city.

Djurgården is also home to some of the most famous and beloved museums and galleries in...

Viking History Small Group Trip from Stockholm Including the Runic Kingdom: Short Day

clock Duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • It is a 3 hour day tour from Stockholm to explore some Viking history, its Lords and get a glimpse of the Viking Causeway.
  • It is the perfect introduction to Viking Swedes and their impact on Swedish history by your expert local...
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What you need to know:

Södermalm is a hip and happening area in Stockholm that was once a working-class neighbourhood and is now teeming with an abundance of fun and quirky activities.

You’ll find plenty of hipster bars and cafés, as well as independent boutique shops and art galleries; you can literally find anything you want to eat in Södermalm as well!

Södermalm is a place...

Stockholm Nature Hiking - Summer

clock Duration: 6 hours
  • It is a run-away tour from the city center into the hiking world of Stockholm
  • A small group outing (max 8 people) into the beautiful natural blessings that surround Stockholm city
  • A hike into the extraordinary Swedish National...
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Galleri Kontrast

What you need to know:

If you have a particular penchant for art and you want to experience some of the finest works of art while in Stockholm, make sure you add a visit to Galleri Kontrast to your list of things to see and do.

Galleri Kontrast is a small art gallery that’s dedicated to documentary photography.

It’s quite a niche gallery, but one that’s sure to pique your interest if you...

Birka the Viking City - Boat and Walking Tour

clock Duration: 7 hours
  • This is a visit to one of the world recognized UNESCO heritage site - the Birka
  • A full-day travel by ferry into the prehistoric Viking locality and sightsee the inside of the Viking Museum
  • A Stride through the recreated village...
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What you need to know:

Yet another one of Stockholm’s incredible parks, Vitabergsparken is a place that attracts locals and tourists thanks to its tranquil and peaceful environment.

On a sunny day in Stockholm, Vitabergsparken really comes to life and is the most beautiful place in the city to spend an afternoon frolicking in the sunshine.

Remember to bring a picnic along and enjoy some tasty treats...

Private Tour: Swedish History Day Trip to World Heritage Candidate Markim-Orkesta f

clock Duration: 5 hours
  • It is a 5 - hour visit to the UNESCO World Inheritance Candidate Spot - Markim - Orkesta
  • An intensive visit into history as you walk through the two churches that talk more about the ages of Swedish History
  • Also a journey back...
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Sjöhistoriska Museet

What you need to know:

If you like to visit various museums while travelling but don’t like to pay entry costs, then a visit to the Sjöhistoriska Museet is the perfect place to add to your Stockholm itinerary!

Sjöhistoriska Museet is the largest maritime museum in Scandinavia so you can rest assured that it’ll have plenty of exhibits and collections to hold your attention for a few...

Viking History Small Group Trip from Stockholm Including the Runic Kingdom: Short D

clock Duration: 3 to 4 hours
    It is a half day tour into one of the historical facts about Sweden - the Viking Ages A 4-hours tour which includes the visiting of ancient architectural buildings like the Jarlabanke's Bridge, the Viking parliament and many...
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