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Free Things To Do In Tokyo

Did you know that Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the world? It’s easy to see therefore, why it’s home to so many fun and exciting activities and attractions; with over 36 million residents to entertain, not to mention the millions of tourists that visit every year, Tokyo is one busy city!

There’s plenty of things to do in Tokyo, from free activities suited to budget travellers, all the way to lavish expensive activities ideal for people wanting to splash out on a trip of a lifetime.

Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of the 10 top rated free activities in Tokyo, as well as the top 10 best paid for attractions in the city! We hope you find something suited to you to enjoy while in Tokyo!

Free Attractions in Tokyo

Top Rated Tokyo Attractions


Sens?-ji Temple

The Sens-ji Temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo and is also one of the most popular and highly visited Buddhist temples in the city.

It’s an ideal place for history buffs to visit as it’s enriched in fascinating historic tales and stories. The temple opened way back in 645 AD and was once associated with the Tendai sect of Buddhism, before it gained independence after World War 2.

On the way to the temple,...

Tokyo Subway Ticket (24, 48, or 72 Hours)

clock Duration: 1 day
  • Make your way around the most popular things to do and places to see in Tokyo with ease using the Tokyo Metro Subway. With trains arriving every two or three minutes, you can get to the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, the scramble crossing in Shibuya, Kabukicho in Shinjuku, the Tsukiji Market, the Kabuki-za Theatre in Higashi-ginza, the Tokyo Tower in...read more


Harajuku is one of Tokyo’s largest and most popular shopping areas, residing in the Shibuya District.

However, as this list focuses on the top free activities to do in Tokyo, it’s also an ideal place to window shop; you don’t have to buy anything to have a good time in Harajuku! If you do want to shop however, then you’ll find everything you could ever want including eccentric leopard print garments and...

Tokyo Fuji Art Museum Admission Ticket + Special Exhibition (when being held)

clock Duration: 2 to 3 hou
  • ?Sep 19, 2021?Sun? ??Jan 16, 2022?Sun?
    ?SPECIAL EXHIBITION??Ancient Egypt—The Creation of the World
    ?PERMANENT EXHIBITION??From the Renaissance to the 20th Century—500 Years of Western Paintings
    ?EXIHIBITION OF OUR COLLECTION? ?Through the Looking Lens : Ancient Ruins of the World

    *Notice of changes to museum operating...read more

Shibuya Crossing

Arguably one of the most famous “landmarks” in Tokyo, the Shibuya Crossing resides in the heart of the city and is one of the most iconic street crossings in the world.

An estimated 2,500 people cross the road every time the pedestrian lights turn green, so you can only imagine how busy it is!

It’s probably not an ideal place in the city to take young children, especially during the middle of the day, as...

Harry Harajuku: Meet with Cute Otters, Chinchillas and Hedgehogs

clock Duration: 1 hour
  • Meet with Harajuku's most adorable animal friends.

    The cafe is filled with cute Otters, Chinchillas, and Hedgehogs waiting for you to come and play.

    Find your favorite animal and enjoy hanging out with them.

    Even if it's your first time to meet with these little critters, the staff will kindly teach you how to communicate...read more

Ibiya Park

Hibiya Park covers an impressive area of 40 acres so you can rest assured that you’ll find something to do there for the whole family.

It’s one of the best free attractions in Tokyo, simply because of its incredible size, but also because it’s home to many activities to enjoy as well.

Here you’ll find numerous ponds where turtles and herons, a giant lake that’s surrounded by trees that look truly...

Play with Kawaii Little Animal Friends in Harajuku

clock Duration: 1 hour
  • Meet and play with adorable little animal friends in Harajuku, the popular area where many younger generations go for the latest fashion and new Japanese pop culture.

    This store has various of cute animals such as Capybara, Meer Cat, Fennec, Ferret and more.

    Find your favorite one and pet and enjoy taking pictures with...read more

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Surprisingly for a metropolitan as busy and as bustling as Tokyo, there is actually one place in the city that you can watch the adventures of the streets below from 45 stories high.

And best of all You can do it for free!

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building has a free observation deck on the 45th floor where you can watch the city below in fascination.

It’s rare to find such an incredible free...

teamLab Planets TOKYO admission ticket with one way private transfer

clock Duration: 5 hours
  • Get a ticket and transfer to teamLab Planets TOKYO. teamLab Planets TOKYO is a museum where you walk through water. It consists of 4 vast exhibition spaces with 7 distinct artworks. The artworks are based on art collective teamLab’s concept of “Body Immersive”. Enjoy their magical...read more

Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi is located adjacent to the Meiji Shrine and just a couple of minutes’ walk from Harajuku Station so it’s conveniently located within the city, so you don’t have to go out of your way to find it!

The park is a beautiful oasis away from the hubbub of the big streets and towering skyscrapers of the city and is home to more than 10,000 trees which have all been donated from various cities and regions throughout...

Tokyo: Madame Tussauds Admission Ticket

clock Duration: 1 day
  • See over 70 life-sized figures of celebrities from all over the world including Hollywood stars and famous athletes

    Go beyond the barriers of real life and immerse yourself in the world of international fame with a visit to Tokyo’s Madame...read more

Toyo Bunko Entrance Ticket

clock Duration: 1 hour
  • The Toyo Bunko, or the "Oriental Library," is Japan's largest Asian studies library and is located in Tokyo. Historically, the Toyo Bunko Museum was founded at the beginning of the 19th Century when Iwasaki Hisaya, the former president of Mitsubishi, began collecting Japanese language resources on history and culture. In 1917, Iwasaki purchased...read more

teamLab Planets Toyosu Tokyo Admission Ticket

clock Duration: 5 to 9 hou
  • Step into the world of art with the exhibit’s collection of installations that allow visitors to be part of the pieces. Enter and explore the museum barefoot and become immersed in the fascinating art of the vast installation...read more

Shunkaen Bonsai Museum Admission Ticket

clock Duration: 1 day
  • Shunka-en is the Bonsai garden and museum set up by Bonsai master Kunio Kobayashi (three times winner of the Prime Ministers Award, the most prestigious price to be won in Japan). The garden is an absolute highlight and should not be missed. When entering the garden the first thing you are likely to note is the stunning 1000 year old pine tree in...read more

Yokosuka & Uraga: Port city at Japan-US military bases (lunch included)

clock Duration: 8 hours
  • Highlights of the excursion:
    -Day trip with a French-speaking Japanese guide
    -Visit in small groups
    -Visit of “Uraga”: the key to the defense of Tokyo until the 19th century. Trace gun batteries etc.
    -Lunch in Yokosuka included
    -Visit of the admiral battleship "Mikasa" who won the decisive victory in the Russo-Japanese war in...read more

Half Day Geo Tour at Remote Volcanic Island in Tokyo

clock Duration: 5 hours
  • Izu-Oshima is a beautiful island that you wouldn't believe it's a part of Tokyo. It is filled with nature with many lively creatures on this volcanic island, the Izu-Oshima island is very famous for the 3 million camellia flower that grows in the island that will mesmerize you. With this tour you will find yourself discovering a whole new side of...read more

River Cruise from Nihonbashi Pier to feel Old & New Tokyo

clock Duration: 1 hour 20
  • You can see the view of Tokyo from a different perspective.
    This experience will show you that Tokyo used be a city of water and you will undersatnd that Edo (the old name of Tokyo) was called “Venice of Orient”.
    During this cruise you will find the predecessor of Tsukiji fish market was in Nihonbashi and will see ex-Tsukiji inner market...read more

Private Asakusa, Tsukiji Fish Market and Sumo Stable Tour Including Water Bus Ride

clock Duration: 7 hours
  • Your day starts with the chance to observe a sumo wrestling practice session. Sumo is an ancient sport dating back some 1,500 years. You can feel a Japanese tradition as you watch the powerful wrestlers practicing. Afterwards, you will visit the popular Asakusa area, a typical Japanese garden (Hama-rikyu Gardens) by riding on a water bus, and...read more
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