Top 5 Must-See Activities in Berlin

These are the most famous Berlin tourist attractions & sight tours which sees thousands and millions of visitors each year:

Berlin Tourist Attractions Maps | City Tours Map

Visiting Berlin for the first time is certainly an incredible experience. With an eclectic mix of culture and history, not to mention gorgeous architecture and interesting museums, the city could overwhelm even the most well travelled visitor.

The best way to explore Berlin is with the help of a printable tourist map Berlin. This map will serve as your guide to the Berlin most famous attractions, such as the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall, Reichstag building, and several museums and art galleries. For travellers who prefer to access the map on their device, we offer the Berlin interactive map that’s available for you to download. With the overwhelming number of museums and attractions in Berlin, having a copy of the tourist information Berlin map can make your trip to the city even more convenient.

Navigating the city of Berlin for the first time can get really confusing. This is why Tripindicator provides a copy of the Berlin tour map for free in the hope of helping tourists enjoy their stay at the city even more. The map of Berlin includes all the information that every tourist needs to know about the city including directions on how to reach the famous attractions and museums.

For those who want to explore the city using the Berlin U-Bahn, which is the city’s metro system, we have provided a copy of the Berlin metro map with attractions. The map will tell you which station of the metro you should get off when visiting a particular place. With the various museums, landmarks, monuments, and attractions scattered all over Berlin, you definitely the printable map of Berlin to be able to visit all these places.

For tourists who are taking the Berlin hop on hop off bus, you can check the Berlin hop on hop off bus map so you will be guided which places the bus will stop. Tourists who would prefer to walk should grab a copy of the Berlin tourist map walking. Regardless of how you prefer to explore Berlin, carrying a copy of our Berlin city sightseeing maps is definitely a big help.

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Berlin City Sightseeing Bus Tour Map

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