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Exploring the culture and traditions of Malaga’s locals and high society means two things: local food and wines! With best Malaga food tours, you will dive into the city’s streets and neighbourhoods to get the most popular foods and cuisines that both elites and locals of Malaga cherish. That’s why our constantly-reviewed list was compiled from researching the best Malaga Food tours including other food tours in Malaga like Best walking food tours Malaga, Malaga wine and cheese food tours, tapas and Wine tasting tours in Malaga, Malaga secret food tours, Malaga pub crawl tours, Cocktail tours in Malaga and many others. Some of the chosen food tours in Malaga include Food Hopping Tour Malaga – Tapas‚ Toros & The Heart of Malaga‚ Malaga Food tour – Do Eat Better Experience‚ Malaga Street Food & Market tour – Do Eat Better Experience‚ etc.

The criteria applied in our search include budget-friendliness, reviews from tourists, recommendation from top suppliers, easy booking, instant confirmation, availability, and lots more. Furthermore, our list does not exclude major restaurants/markets in Malaga including Mercado Central de Atarazanas‚ Huelin Mercado Ecologico Mensal Food Tour‚ Mercado de Salamanca Food Tour‚ Mercado Municipal – El Palo Food Tour‚ Mercado de Bailen Food Tour and lots more. Our Malaga food tours have been designed for tourists to get to learn about the best local cuisines to eat as well as know which market/restaurant to eat. Furthermore, they will permit another perspective of Malaga and its residents. If you want the best food tours in Malaga, then you must not miss booking your choice out of the Malaga food tours on our list – browse today!

Tapas Tour Malaga: Origin, elaboration and tasting

1. Tapas Tour Malaga: Origin, elaboration and tasting

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • A tour that takes you on a relaxed route where you can get to see a lot of unusual and traditional places.
  • The tour is a chance to enjoy the people of Malaga and the Tapas culture while enjoying a collection of local Spanish dishes.
  • It provides a unique experience for you while you get to eat some delicious meals.
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Malaga Tapas Tour with Boat trip on the bay

2. Malaga Tapas Tour with Boat trip on the bay

clock Duration: 4 hours
  • A tour which takes you on a relaxing cruise and you get to try out the food in the most unusual and interesting places.
  • Guests meet with the local people of Malaga and Tapas culture while trying out a good number of local dishes.
  • Finish the tour by taking a boat trip along the bay of Malaga.
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Malaga Tapas Tour with Flamenco Show

3. Malaga Tapas Tour with Flamenco Show

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • Exploration of the streets of Malaga in search of the finest food in the city.
  • A gastronomic experience representing traditional tapas and Spanish wines.
  • The tour includes Flamenco dance, a popular manifestation of Spanish culture.
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The Original Malaga Tapas Crawl Adventure

4. The Original Malaga Tapas Crawl Adventure

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • An experience that lets you discover the culture, food, and drinks with other people in a small group.
  • Some time with food experts who want to share their passion for food with you.
  • The tour is designed to take you to different venues that give you an overview of what the city would look like.
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Malaga Catamaran Cruise with BBQ Lunch and Port Restaurant Dinner

5. Malaga Catamaran Cruise with BBQ Lunch and Port Restaurant Dinner

clock Duration: 4 hours
  • A 3-hour lunch sailing cruise in Malaga aboard the Catamaran.
  • From the Catamaran, admire some impressive views of the coastal scenery and swim/snorkel in the clear waters before a barbecue lunch is served.
  • A tour where you get to taste traditional Spanish delights.
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Malaga Tapas and Wine Tour

6. Malaga Tapas and Wine Tour

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • A three and a half hour culture and culinary tour through Malaga stopping at some of the cities best sights, beautiful landmarks and most popular tapas bars.
  • It offers the opportunity to ask your guide all about local Spanish cuisine, how tapas is made and why it's the national dish of the country.
  • An immersive culinary
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Malaga Nightlife - Pub Crawl Tour with Skip-the-line Club Access

7. Malaga Nightlife - Pub Crawl Tour with Skip-the-line Club Access

clock Duration: 4 hours
  • A tour that shows you the nightlife of Malaga and allows direct access to a club.
  • Meet up with your guide and group at the specified location and time, you can then proceed for a nightlife adventure.
  • Learn about the nightlife in Malaga on a Pub crawl to some of the most popular clubs and bars in the country.
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Wine and Tapas Bike Tour

8. Wine and Tapas Bike Tour

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • A three hour tour of Malaga by bike including wine and tapas tasting at local bars and bodega's.
  • This is both a culture and culinary tour that burns calories as you go.
  • It provides a speedy way to navigate the city, all while uncovering Malaga's beauty, history and culture.
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Paella Cooking Class in Malaga

9. Paella Cooking Class in Malaga

clock Duration: 3 hours 30
  • Guests get to learn how to make the most famous dish in Malaga from an expert chef in a 3.5-hour class.
  • Meet your chef guide and pay a visit to the market together to learn about the ingredients which will be included in your Paella.
  • A chance to learn traditional recipes.
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Sun and Wine Route - Small group, wine tasting and lunch included

10. Sun and Wine Route - Small group, wine tasting and lunch included

clock Duration: 7 hours 30
  • Come with us to learn more about the wine culture and history in Spain and learning about the muslim past of these white villages. Firstly we will...
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