Top Malaga Museum Tickets & Skip-the-line Tours

Malaga was rebranded as the “City of Museums” with over 30 museums including Picasso Museum, Carmen Thyssen Museum, Malaga Musseum, CAC Museum, Museo Unicaja de Artes y Costumbres Populares, and many more, which has world – class artifacts and only-of-its-kind exhibits. These Malaga museum tickets give you a pre – booking system that allows you skip the queue of booking once you get there. Every essentials needed to have the best exploration experience in these museums have been inserted in each of the ticket options.

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Malaga Top Attractions Tickets & Tours

Malaga proudly shows travelers and visitors its revitalized city that has a lot of historical and cultural heritage buildings including Muslim Alcazaba, La Manquita, Espetos in Pedregalejo, Jardin Botanico de la Concepcion, Birthplace of Picasso, Castle of Gilbralfaro, and many more. It would be impossible for travelers to be able to unravel the best of Malaga attractions on their own, which is why Malaga attraction tickets and tours have been designed for them. They come with a fast track entry opportunity that saves stress of queuing, and also make them explore more the inner part of the attractions alongside a guide who will feed with live commentary and everything needed to know. Get yours now!!!

Malaga Walking & Biking Tours

Malaga surely has a lot to offer more than just riding in a bus or in a car, you need to take a walk too into the hidden corners that only locals know. How can you do that? Boom! Walking tours. These tours will take you into hidden attractions that lies off – the – beaten paths of the city including Cathedral, Calle Larios, the Atarazanas Market, the Roman Theatre, and the Alcazaba. You’ll be taken by a professional local guide through the itinerary and also help you discover peculiar history of Malaga with some secret legends and facts that will make you fall in love with the city. Walk your way into Malaga’s beauty now!!!

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Top Malaga Hop on Hop off Bus Tours

A perfect introduction to Malaga comes when you climb on – board the double – decker bus to give yourself a overview glimpse of the beautiful attractions, buildings, colorful streets, lanes, and amazing historical figures scattered round the metropolis area. The only to achieve this is by booking these hop on hop off bus tours of Malaga which familiarize you with major attractions like Muslim Alcazaba, La Manquita, Espetos in Pedregalejo, Jardin Botanico de la Concepcion, Birthplace of Picasso, Castle of Gilbralfaro, and many more. Climb on – board, enjoy unlimited hopping, and have FUN!!!

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Bike Tours in Malaga

Do you want to see more of the vibrant and historic city of Malaga apart from the ones in the city center? Every traveler will surely want to, which is why bike tours in Malaga are must – book for everybody. They will help you discover local gems and with a professional guide, you’ll surely receive great tip for authentic Spanish tapas scattered in local neighborhoods and streets. You can either opt for e – bikes or human – powered bicycles depending on your ability. The options are there for you, pick yours now!!!

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Malaga Food & Wine Tours

Do you wish to eat like a local in Malaga? Obviously YES! Malaga is an area of Spain that has a unique gastronomy with a large range of products including olives, almonds, grapes and raisins, sweet wine, seasonal vegetables and fruits, delicious baked goods, and many more. How best can travelers enjoy all these? Malaga food tours which includes exploring the culinary culture of the Spanish city alongside a professional guide who will take you through the markets and restaurants, and also feed you with culinary history/facts of the city. You definitely want to miss these typical foods: Gazpachuelo Malagueno, Plato de los Montes de Malaga, Porra Antequerana, Fritura Malaguena, Espeto, and lots more.

Top Malaga Theatre Shows & Concerts Tickets

The coastal city of Malaga is a hotspot when it comes to rendering cultural and historical shows and concerts in its magnificent theatres and locations. Travelers have always been caught in the midst of opera concerts, comedy plays, musical concerts and many others to cater for their moods. The best way to secure your seat safely and without stress is by booking these Malaga shows and concerts tickets online here now. The options are full of shows and concerts in notable theatres like Cervantes theatre, Alameda theatre, Sala Gades, Sala Maria Cristina, and many more.

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Malaga Night Tours

When night falls, it is time for Malaga city to show travelers the beauty of its lights that contrasts with the darkness of the night. How do Malaga show this to travelers? It is simply by taking them on Night tours. You’ll get to know why La Manquita is popularly called the Cathedral of the Incarnation, and also get to see the Alcazaba and the Roman theatre under illuminated lights. With a professional guide, you’ll walk and learn about the most important streets and squares of the city of Malaga

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Best Day Trips from Malaga

Malaga is surely filled with cultural and natural gems that are well worth leaving town for a day to see. You sun – drenched Andalusian port city of Malaga has become more popular over the years and every traveler will want to be lost in the city’s forward – thinking art, glittering marinas, world – class food, mouth – watering attractions and lots more. So to spend your day having fun more than Malaga city center, you need these day trips from Malaga. They come with transportation, professional guide, live commentary and other benefits just for those who book them. Spend your days having the best fun!!!

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