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8% Discount Milan Attractions & Tours

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Milan Attractions Pass

Milano Card

1. Milano Card

clock Duration: 8 hours
  • Enjoy the wonders of going around the beautiful city of Milan with this Milano Card. The pass offers travelers discounts on specified museums and attractions in the city such as the Leonardo Exhibition
  • Discounts are also offered for eating at local restaurants. This way, travelers can enjoy the culinary delights of the
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Milan Pass Including Duomo Terraces and La Scala

2. Milan Pass Including Duomo Terraces and La Scala

clock Duration: 2 days
  • This is a 48-hour pass tour to Milan's finest attractions such as the famous Duomo where you can get inside or stand on its grand Terraces.
  • If you upgrade, you will have the chance to avail the hop on, hop off tour through free public transport.
  • Availing this pass will also entitle you to have a private guided tour within
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Milan 3 hour walking tour

3. Milan 3 hour walking tour

clock Duration: 1 hour
  • Let's explore together the most famous buildings of the city. La Scala theatre: the opera house, where the high society and VIPs show their status to the world of music, La Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the sparkling and exclusive shopping mall of the Milan fashion city and the Duomo cathedral, a masterpiece of gothic art with its white marble...
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FAQs about Milan Sightseeing Passes

Milan Sightseeing passes are cards designed to make you have free or reduced access into the most popular tourist attractions in Milan which means they provide you a great way of saving time and money as you explore Milan city.

Are Milan attractions Milan passes/Discount cards worth it?

Milan passes/discount cards offer great advantages, saving you a great deal of money that should be spent on each attraction visit in Milan, offer discounted tour combinations, make every minute full of activity, help you build a personalized Milan itinerary, provide discounted Milan public transportation, provide a self-paced tour and much more.