Update on COVID-19:
Coronavirus Travel Restrictions, Advice and Tips.
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Canary Islands Coronavirus Travel Restrictions and Advice

The beautiful Canary Islands are one of the regions in the world that are least affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, but maximum conditions of safety, hygiene and quality are needed to be placed so that travelers can now start entering the Island’s destinations, attractions, businesses and restaurants. So, all travelers and visitors are advised to be aware and must adhere to these general safety measures:

  • Social distancing is mandatory – staying 1.5 meters away from the next person.
  • All premises and materials used for activities should be suitably cleaned and disinfected including lavatories and similar areas.
  • It is compulsory for adults and children over the age of six to wear a mask, in exception of disability or respiratory diseases.
  • At every tourist destination, the number of people allowed should be limited and should observe proper social distancing requirements.
  • The number of people permitted in a self – built swimming pool is the same as the number of sun lounges – that is there should be two meters between two people.
  • Natural swimming pools and beaches are limited in capacity (4m2 per person). Also, time limitations and access in some popular beaches according to social distancing should be adhered to.
  • For restaurants in the Islands, the minimum distance between tables is 1.5 meters, and tables should be cleaned and disinfected before guests sit down.
  • Shops that sell garments and textiles should sanitize their goods, and card payment is recommended for everybody.
  • The Island has reduced her events but at cinemas and theaters, seats have been arranged to suit precautions and physical distance requirements will be enforced by securities.
  • Spas and wellness centers have been ensured to follow strict hygiene requirements due to the pandemic, reduced population and the use of towels or bathrooms is also mandatory.
  • Indoor activities (gyms and sports) should follow the rule of 25 people (max) and outdoor activities (gyms and sports) should follow the rule of 30 people (max), and should never forget the rule of social distancing.
  • Nightlife activities are limited to outdoor terraces and drinks should be served and consumed at a table not at the bar. Note that dance floors are not permitted.
  • Outdoor active tourism in the open air is at low risk because it is carried out for small groups, but individuals must adhere to social distancing rules and disinfection protocols.

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