Top Attractions In Tenerife For Free

Tenerife is a relaxing destination known for its beautiful beaches and beautiful natural attractions. Many would come here for the beach and relax at some of the most luxurious resorts in the island. But for those who are traveling with a limited budget, the best way to make the most of your trip is to check out the many cheap things to do in Tenerife.

Although traveling to Tenerife does not come cheap, there are numerous free things to do in Tenerife to keep you entertained. If you are into museums, there are free museums in Tenerife that feature interesting exhibits of the island’s culture and history. There are also a few free attractions in Tenerife that includes the Masca Valley, Garachico, Auditorio de Tenerife, and Los Gigantes cliffs. If you’re into nature, then these are the best places for you to visit.

Regardless of the time of your visit, there will always be something that’s waiting for you to do in the island. For instance, one of the free things to do in Tenerife this summer is to visit the charming coastal town of Garachico and take a dip at the natural rock pools that were formed by lava. Families who are traveling with kids will also have a great time in Tenerife even with a limited budget. Among the free things to do in Tenerife with kids is to go for a hike at the picturesque Masca Valley. Better yet, take the kids to Loro Park, an amusement park with lots of entertaining rides. It may come with a fee, but your kids will surely have a great time!

So if you’re in the process of planning for a trip to Tenerife, you better include these free things to do in Tenerife on your itinerary.

Free Attractions in Tenerife

Top Rated Tenerife Attractions


Masca Valley

This extremely picturesque valley offers the chance for some hiking and an opportunity to get close to the more rugged side of Tenerife. There are several options for exploring this beautiful valley. If you have hired a car, you can make the drive to Masca Village, but be aware the road is quite hair-raising to navigate with lots of hairpin bends. The tiny village has some charming little cafes selling local delicacies like cactus ice...

Loro Park and Siam Park Twin Ticket + Transfer to Loro Park

clock Duration: The duration
  • A visit to the amusement Loro Park in Tenerife.
  • This themed area offers various shows performed by whales, dolphins and other marine creatures.
  • Siam Park offers various adventurous activities.
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This charming coastal town on Tenerife’s north coast nestles at the heart of one of the island’s most unspoilt areas. The town has natural rock pools formed by lava flow; these have been joined by manmade steps and are used as a series of swimming pools, sure to delight both young and old alike. Garachico has an interesting history, as it was destroyed by a massive earthquake 300 years ago and subsequently rebuilt. Many of the buildings...

Tenerife Kayaking Tour and Snorkeling with Turtles and Rays

clock Duration: 2 hours
  • An outdoor activity that combines kayaking and snorkeling.
  • A visit to the spot where you will have an opportunity to examine turtles, rays and other sea life from a close distance.
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Los Gigantes cliffs

It’s well worth taking a trip to the quaint former fishing village of Los Gigantes to see these magnificent cliffs towering from the ocean to the sky. They reach a height of 500-800m.

There are three main viewpoints to see the cliffs: the easiest one to find is on the main road to Tamaimo, but there is also one above the sports club and one from the coastal path around the Hotel Barcelo. However, to get even closer, a boat trip is a...

Tenerife Mount Teide Cable Car Fast Track Ticket

clock Duration: The duration
  • This is a panoramic sightseeing tour of Mount Teide, the highest mountain in Spain.
  • A chance to observe volcanic formations and landscapes of immense beauty.
  • An opportunity to take a hike of the Mount Teide National Park.
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Auditorio de Tenerife

This striking and distinctive modernistic structure sits adjacent to the Atlantic coast at Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It has a very large central arch overhanging the building, inviting differing interpretations; some say it resembles a ship’s sail, others a leaping fish, and many draw comparisons to the Sydney Opera House. The building was constructed between 1997-2003.

The auditorium hosts a great variety of concerts and shows, but...

Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour Amsterdam

clock Duration: 24 or 48 Hou
  • A flexible sightseeing bus ride in Central Amsterdam.
  • An opportunity to see the city's highlights without the hassle of working out public transport timetables.
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Teide National Park

Visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site and admire the wonders of Mother Nature as you explore, on foot and/or by car, this volcanic landscape full of interestingly shaped lava rocks and ash beds. One iconic photo you'll want to take is that of the Cinchado, a volcanic rock that is eroded at the bottom making it look like it could topple over at any moment – Combined with the view of Mount Teide (which last erupted in 1909) it's a classic...

Rijksmuseum and Canal Cruise Combi Ticket

clock Duration: Flexible: 1
  • A super saver combi ticket for a 1 hour canal boat trip and single entry to the Rijksmuseum.
  • Satisfy your inner culture vulture with works of art plus canals and architecture.
  • Use these tickets on the same day, or different days,...
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Hijuela Botanical Gardens

Otherwise known as La Oratava, this botanical garden might be on the small side but it certainly is beautiful. Once the garden of a nearby convent, today it can be enjoyed by everyone as they recharge in nature admiring the different tree and plant species (including a marvellous dragon tree) from different parts of the world along with a variety of birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.

Take a stroll along the dirt paths (if it has...

Amsterdam Layover: Airport Transit City Tour

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • Three-hour tour to explore Amsterdam during your layover
  • With the possibility to extend and customize to the hours you have to wait.
  • Private driver to show you around the city.
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History and Anthropology Museum

Get free access to this interesting and informative museum free of charge every Friday and Saturday afternoon, saving yourself 5 euro per person and learn what life in the bygone days was really like, not what popular belief has led us to believe.

The museum is located in Casa de Carta (the charter house), a typical 18th century manor house with 14 exhibition rooms and open spaces highlighting the traditions, beliefs, and behaviours of...

Delft, The Hague & Madurodam Half-Day Tour from Amsterdam

clock Duration: 6 hours
  • Six-hour tours in two important Dutch cities: Delft and The Hague.
  • Multilingual guide who will provide extensive explanation throughout the tour in your preferred language.
  • Perfect introduction for first-time visitors to other...
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Anaga Rural Park

This country park is your gateway to the mountains of La Laguna and Santa Cruz. Declared a Biosphere Reserve, the stunning mountain chain with its sharp peaks is sure to take your breath away as you try to do it justice with a photo.

Spanning 14,500 acres it's a vast playground for those who love to play in the ground outdoors – Follow one of the trails that leads to a charming sandy bay such as Benijo beach which is loved for its...

Photo Shoot in Dutch Traditional Costume in Amsterdam

clock Duration: 15 to 30 min
  • Photoshoot wearing a traditional Dutch costume with iconic items like Gouda cheese, tulips and clogs.
  • Costumes available for men, women, girls and boys.
  • Up to 25 people can be in the picture.
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Carnival of Santa Cruz

This buzzing colourful carnival is the second most popular in the world after Rio de Janeiro. It takes place every February-March with many events (shows, parties, and parades) leading up to the grand finale – The grand parade otherwise known as 'el Coso' which takes places on 'Carnival Tuesday'.

On the Wednesday you can see the the 'Burial of the Sardine' which sees a papier mache sardine carried through the streets on a funeral...

Expert Led Tour of the Rijksmuseum with Admission Tickets

clock Duration: 2 hours 30 m
  • 2 hours and a half guided tour with an expert through the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
  • Explanation about the artworks of Dutch Golden Age, including Rembrandt and Vermeer.
  • Visit to one of the world's great museums.
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Museum of Wine and Honey

The honey and wine museum are located at Casa del Vino, a 300 year old typical Canary farm estate home and are a must-see for anyone with a passing interest in gastronomy, that would be most of us! Watch a short video documentary describing how the wines of Tenerife have evolved before viewing the 2 permanent exhibitions that give you more information. You will also get to see the vineyards and gardens before seeing the traditional wine and...

Amsterdam Small-Group City Segway Tour

clock Duration: 1 hour 30 mi
  • One and a half hour tour in a small group through the highlights of Amsterdam's city center on a Segway.
  • Maximum of 7 people in the group guided by an expert local guide.
  • Fun and exciting way of going around the city to see...
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