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Mijas History

The town of Mijas has seen the rule of many emperors and people belonging from a variety of culture and background. The first people to live in Mijas are believed to be of the of the Tartessian group of the Turtedani tribe. After the period of Turtedani tribe ended in Mijas, it was occupied by the Phoenicians and Greeks. It is believed that during this time period very valuable ores and mines were exploited and were wasted. Later on the town was taken over by the Romans. The Romans basically migrated to Mijas to seek better trade opportunities and in their quest they developed the town of Mijas much by building the Via Api.

The town of Mijas went under the rule of Moors after the Romans left. After the rule of Moors, the town was conquered by Omar Ben Hafsun and made it a part of his independent kingdom. The town was again conquered by another ruler name Abderraman III after the death of Omar Ben Hafsun. in the following time the town of Mijas went under the rule of Catholic Kings and during this time period the people of Mijas were also put under slavery due to the resistance they caused when first conquered by Catholic Kings.

In the beginning of 19th century, the economy and development of Mijas was mainly based on the agriculture work being done. However, times changed for Mijas when in the beginning of 1960’s Costa del Sol caught the eye of the tourists. The large amount of empty land in Mijas was used for making residential areas for these tourists. It was during this time that the famous Burro Taxi’s of Mijas started out. The burros were originally used by the villagers just to travel till their agricultural fields. However, as tourists showed great interest in the animals, the locals made it a source of transportation for themselves as well as the tourists.

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Mijas Weather

The climatic condition of Mijas varies throughout the year and the weather is almost pleasant all the time. The weather in Mijas is usually cool, cloudy and wet as it is located on the coast.

In the month of January the weather in Mijas is cold and the temperature is about 20 Celsius during the whole day and rain also occurs in batches. The breeze usually flows at the hillside and fog can occur anytime. Snow is usually uncommon and may occur once in 15 years, if may occur at all.

The weather in the month of February is almost similar to that of January. However, later in the month the flowers begin to blossom and the season of spring arrives in Mijas. The weather temperature in the month of February is around 23 Celsius and it is a pleasant weather to go out and tour the town. The rain fall get lesser compared to January and the days become sunny and a little warm. In the months of March and April the season of spring is at its peak with flower blossoming everywhere and smooths winds blowing in the town.

The month of May is most suitable for the tourists and visitors of the city as the weather is warm and sunshine is everywhere. The days are warm and the afternoon's and nights are pleasant. The humidity is temperature is quite low as Mijas is located at a coastal region and the town gets cool breezes from the coast throughout this season. The months of June, July and August are the summer time in Mijas and the weather is pretty warm. These months are usually dry however you can expect little rainfall during the night as the sea breeze develops such climatic conditions.

September and October are much cooler months as compared to the weather of summer in Mijsa. However, these months are still not suitable for walks around the town or sightseeing as the temperature is quite rough and uncomfortably warm. The weather gets a lot cooler and bearable in the months of November and December. November is another good months for the tourists as the weather is quite constant. The climatic conditions in November are not too warm and not too cool as well.

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Mijas Arrival

The beautiful city of Mijas is located in the west of Malaga and is divided into two sections namely Mijas Pueblo and Mijas Costa. Mijas Pueblo has been attracting lots of tourist’s attraction due to the beauty and architecture of the village.

The city is easily reachable by the nearby airport of Malaga. The airport of Malaga is the major airport of Costa del Sol of Spain and is directly linked to at least twenty cities in the viccity. The airport of Malaga receives a large number of passengers per year and has many facilities for all of its visitors. The airport also has reasonable facilities for the ease of its disabled passengers which includes special bathroom, tramps, elevators and telephones. The staff of the airport is also very helping and cooperative.   

Many people prefer visiting Mijas as a day tour while they are on tour of Spain. A number of bus services run from other cities and villages of Spain to Mijas. Mijas can be easily reached by a bus from Torremolinos. Regular bus services also run from Benalmadena Costa and Fuengirola to Mijas.  

You can also take your own car to Mijas and reach through E15 motorway. If you are a long tour of Spain, you might want to buy your own car for transportation. However, another easy way of moving around is to hire a car. You can hire cars at cheap and affordable rates while touring in Spain. Hiring a car is a good idea when you are travelling with a bunch of friends or family. Public transportation system of Spain is very convenient and good. However, renting a car is a smart option for people who find travelling through public transportation hectic.

While arriving in Mijas, you can book a car beforehand by contacting the car hiring services. You can also ask the car hiring services for a baby seat if you have an infant travelling along with you. The car hiring services will also prove to be beneficial for the disabled visitors as they might not feel comfortable while travelling at the local transports. To hire a car in Mijas you can contact Car Hire Mijas and to hire a car right from the airport contact Car Rental Mijas Airport.

Mijas Transport

The small and beautiful town of Mijas is located in the southern part of Spain. The city is greatly recognized amongst tourists for its beautiful white washed village of Mijas Pueblo. Mijas is never too crowded with tourists therefore it is a perfect destination if you wish to have a peaceful day while touring Spain.

There are a number of ways to travel around in the town. An interesting method to travel inside Mijas is the burro taxi. The burro taxi is very affordable as you can get a burro for 10 euro and a burro with a cart for 15 euro for a 20 minute ride of the whole town. The burro taxi is rather smelly but a fun way to tour with the whole family while you are visiting the city. You should certainly try the burro taxi if you have children with you as it will be a fun experience for them.

You can also get to Mijas by bus. The bus services regular run from nearby villages and cities to Mijas. A regular bus service runs from Torremolinos, Benalmadena Costa and Fuengirola. The bus services are a very affordable and comforting method to get to the town of Mijas. You can also get to the town by a car by taking the E15 motorway.

Instead of buying your own car, you can also hire one. Car hiring is one of the most convenient and affordable method of exploring Spain at your own pace and is very suitable for people touring with family or a bunch of friends. By hiring a car you would not have to go through the hustle bustle of the local transportation and it is also appropriate for people who find the schedules of local transportation hectic. You can rent a car by contacting Cheap Car Rental Mijas. If you wish to hire a car right from the airport you can contact Cheap Car Hire Mijas Airport. You can also hire a car before leaving for Spain by booking online. Disabled visitors can have a parking area reserved for themselves for their convenience.

Mijas Attractions

Mijas has a number of good places to visit besides its amazing beaches and beautiful sunsets. Mijas has been ruled by many people and has a rich culture and this diversity makes the town more interesting. There are a number of cultural and historical monuments in Mijas and the majority of these attractions are located in Majis Pueblo.

Hermitage of the virgen de la pena was built by Mercedarian monks in 1520. According to the legend Virgen de la Pena appeared in front of two shepherds right at this location which is a reason that the hermitage was built here and nowhere else. It also has the image of the patron saint that named this place.

Casa Museo is the recently opened museum in Mijas and contains old farming tools and lots of others historical farming equipments. Casa Museo is located on the Plaza de la Libertad and has several floors. The upper floor of the museum contains artifacts and paintings along with other objects. The museum remains open on almost all weekdays.

Plaza de toros is the bullring of Mijas and is situated in the La Muralla area. the bullring is within easy walking distance of Municipal Auditorium and centre of the town. The bullring was built in the year 1900 and a must visit place when you are in Mijas.

Carromato de max is one of the most interesting museums located in Mijas and a great place to take your children along. The museum is located the main square and the town hall of Mijas Pueblo and has interesting objects like a picture of Abraham Lincoln painted on a pin head. It is quite a usual museum and it would not take more than 30 minutes to see all of the objects it holds. You can explore the town of Mijas at your own pace and appropriate rates by hiring a car. In order to hire a car in the town you contact the services of Mijas Car Hire and in order to hire a car from the airport, you can contact Mijas Airport Car Hire.

Mijas Disabled Visitors

mijas is a picturesque town in the southern Spain and has many facilities for all of its tourists and visitors. Mijas has become popular amongst the tourists community from almost a decade and has made great development to ensure the comfort of its visitors. The town is also a very suitable place for disabled people to visit and they will find assistance wherever they require.

The town of Mijas is easily accessible by the airport of Malaga. The airport of Malaga provides access to many cities, towns and villages in the vicinity and receives about a million passengers each year. The disabled visitors should let the airline they are flying with beforehand about their state so that the airline can make proper arrangements to comfort them. The disabled passengers can also ask for a special seat or chair for the flight. They can also get an assistant to guide them through their stay at the airport. The staff of the airport is very cooperative and will prove to be very helpful. The airport has special bathrooms, ramps and telephones for the disabled people. You can also book a parking in the parking area of the airport for you convenience.

All the shopping malls, historical and cultural monuments and museums can be easily accessed by disabled people and they will receive tremendous amount of support as the people of Mijas are very friendly and helpful. The resorts and hotels of Mijas are also equipped to accommodate and provide complete comfort to disabled people. You can also ask for a room at the ground floor and the hotel and resort staff will try their best to arrange it for you.

Mijas is easily reachable by bus and cars. Buses might be a hectic option for the disabled visitors therefore they can reach Mijas through a car. The best way to move around Mijas is also a car. You can hire a car in Mijas by contacting Cheap Car Hire Mijas. To hire a car right from the airport you can call Car Rental Mijas Airport. The fares of car hire in Mijas are very affordable and the quality of the cars is appropriate as well.

Mijas Spain Useful Contacts

Mijas is basically a town as well as a municipality in the Malaga province that is located in Andalusia in the southern region of Spain. You may come across some museums and some souvenir shops as well. It is known that Mijas comprises the most expansive golf resorts in Spain. Hence, even though it is a small village, it has quite a lot of attractions for the tourists. Therefore, it can be assisting for you to note down all the important contacts listed below in case of emergency in particular:

Emergency Numbers:

Police Services:

Emergencies and security: 112

Health emergencies: 112

General information: 012 

Policia Local Mijas Las Lagunas‎: 952 460 808‎

Local Police: 952-486-228

Local Police Station: 952-460-808

Fire Brigade: 952 586 382

Guardia Civil: 952 591 017

Medical Centre Urgencia: 952 486 466

Police:  952 486 228

Medical Services:

Ambulances: 112/061

Clínica Vital Dent Mijas: 952 592 465‎ – 952 479 498‎

Clínica Vital Dent Fuengirola‎: 952 198 227‎ – 952 581 557‎

Centro Sanum: 952 476 943‎

Marbella Medical Services‎: 952 823 135‎

Casa de la Cultura de Mijas Pueblo: +34 95 248 5483

Centro de Salud Cita Previa: +34 95 259 0513


Hospital Costa Del Sol Care: 951 976 902‎

Alqna: +34 95 293 9515

Costa del Sol Hospital: 952 86 27 48


Mijas Costa Telephone: +34 952 476 593

Donkey Taxi ServicePhone: +34 627 02 69 58

Francisco Cuevas Madueño: +34 95 248 5116

Dilo Bus: 951 274 386‎

Grupo Paco Pepe: 952 469 945‎

Other Useful Numbers:

The Mijas Village Tourist Office: + (00 34) 952 58 90 34

Mijas Town Hall: + 34 952 589 000

Town Hall: 952 485 900

Foreign Residents Dept.: 952 589 010

Tourist information952 589 034

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Mijas Festivals

Spain is a country where festivals are celebrated all round the year. The festivities in this part of the world never cease and you can find something going in about every season. The festivals of Mijas include cultural, historical and religious festivals.

InternationalPeoples Day is celebrated in the second half of may in Mijas. This festival is all about showing the unity amongst the people of Costa de Sol and the people from different cultures and backgorunds come together to celebrate their harmony. Offer to the Virgen of La Pena is celebrated on 2nd june and a ritual is conducted where the virgen leaves the hermitage and children offer her beautiful flowers and bouqets.

Fire of Juanillos is celebrated on the 23rd of june and the people of Mijas gather on the street and participate in different acitivities to celebrate the longest day of the year. Flamenco festival is one of the most important festival for the people of Mijas and the celebrations start off in honor of patron saints. Rock in Mijas is rock music festival held in Mijas during the months of july or august. It is a National festival where artists from all over the country come and perform for a large number of aurdience each year. Festive Progression of three Magi is held on the 5th of january in three separate parts of the town. Corpus Christi is conducted in the months of may or june and one can find a number of handycraft altars in the town as the body of Christ arrives.

Easter Week in Mijas is one of the most popular festivals in the town of Mijas and a favorite amongst the locals and visitors alike. Other festivals held in Mijas are Carneval in Mijas, Week of gastronomy and Feria of Mijas.

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Mijas Museums

Mijas has a number of museums and places of interest if you want to explore the culture and history of this town. Like every area of Spain, this city also has a legend and has a rich and diverse culture.

The local history museum of Mijas is a very well set museum and worth a visit when you are in town. The museum comprises of twelve rooms and depict the life of a common man in Mijas until its recent recognition in the world and improvement of its economy. The rooms are set out to portray the lifestyle of Andalucian village and also contains the farming and agricultural equipment from these times. The entrance to this museum is free therefore you can easily take the children with you and it will take a short time to completely view the whole place.

Museum of miniatures is another interesting and unsual place you will find in Mijas and you must visit this place once to get amazed by the diverse collection it holds. It was opened for the public in the year 1972 and was formed by a Spanish traveller Max. Max travelled throughout Europe and Africa and gathered the tiny objects that he found interesting and collected for the world to see. The museum is located in Max's Caravan and has more than 360 exhibits.

The bullfighting museum in Mijas contains many artifacts that depict the culture and origin of the bullfighting game. the museum also houses the collection of a local bullfighter named Antonio Jose Galan. However, after the death of this bullfighter his collections are available to public yet.

Other interesting places that you can visit in Mijas include The Church of the Immaculate Conception, The Virgin of the Rock, San Sebastian Church, The Shrine of our Lady of Los Remedios, Shrine of Calvario, Fortress Walls and The Municipal Auditorium.

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