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Millennium Park Photo Shoot and Walking Tour

clock 30 to 120 minutes
  • Come and join us on a Chicago loop walking tour
  • Main attraction is the Chicago Cultural centre Read more
  • This loop is the heartbeat of Chicago
  • Seize the moment to see beautiful stunning spaces
  • What You'll Do:

  • The tour takes the tourists to the Cloud gate which is one of the most noted tourist attractions
  • Tourists are taken to an outdoor concert venue Jay Pritzker Pavilion which gives a marvellous photo backgrouund
  • At the BP Pedestrian Bridge, tourists get some good shots as they walk along the bridge
  • Enjoy the beautiful skylline shots at the Maggie Daley Park
  • Queen's Landing offers a mesmerizing lakefront view
  • Buckingham Fountain is a splendid venue for clicking attractive pictures
  • The Art Institute of Chicago provides various photoshoot locations
  • What It Includes:

  • This tour lasts for 1-2 hours at max
  • A private gallery of excellent pictures for all the tourists is delivered to them within a time frame of 24-48 hours
  • This is a private walking tour
  • A professional photographer walks beside the travellers the whole day.
  • In this one hour trip, 10 digital pictures are stipulated
  • 20 digital images are stipulated in a 2 hour tour package
  • High resolution, edited pictures are given to the customers
  • This tour is accessible even to tourists using wheelchairs
  • The tourists having back issues are not allowed on this tour
  • Moderate physical fitness is mandatory to participate in this tour
  • Travellers Talk:

  • The tourists said this is a must-go trip for celebrating any occassion
  • They get the opportunity of clicking some awesome pictures clicked
  • They collect several loving memories captured in frame
  • Is It Right:

  • Love to hear stories about the culture of a city? Then this tour is just the thing one needs.
  • All travellers, be it young or old, can come and join as well as take part in this incredible journey with us
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Underground Donut Tour: Chicago's First Donut Tour

clock 2 hours
  • An underground donut tour, which is Chicago's first donut tasting tour
  • The tour takes the tourists to Do-Rite Donuts & Coffee, The Loop and many other famous stores that are popular for their donuts Read more
  • Visit Firecakes Donuts & Doughnut Vault to enjoy the delicious taste.
  • What You'll Do:

  • The tour begins at the Do-Rite Donuts & Coffee where the tourists get to taste some tasty donuts and stay there for 30 minutes
  • Loop tourists visit 4 different stores to taste donuts
  • The next stop is Doughnut Vault where the tourists stop for 30 minutes and enjoy the sample donuts
  • A 30 minute stop is given at the Firecakes Donuts where tourists get to taste the dulcet donuts
  • The last stop is the Stan's Donuts & Coffee where tourists get more tasty doughnuts to satisfy their appetite.
  • Additional donuts are purchasable at each stop
  • What It Includes:

  • Time duration for this trip is 2 hours. One gets to pop in as well as pay a visit to various doughnut shops in Chicago
  • Travellers get to taste the samples of marvellous doughnuts for this tour.
  • Moderate physical fitness is required for all travellers who take part in this tour
  • The tour claims to give the money back if the tourists do not enjoy the tour and are not satisfied with their experience.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • The tourists said there were plenty of doughnut samples to taste from
  • They got plenty of information during this tour that were unknown to them previously.
  • Those attending the trip get to know exciting facts about the city's history
  • The tourists said it is a good activity for doughnut lovers
  • Is It Right:

  • This is a perfect tour for travellers who also go by the name "Donut lovers
  • Unless someone has certain dietary restrictions, this is a trip worth spending one's time and money in.
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Underground Donut Tour - Wicker Park Edition

clock 2 hours
  • Take a tour of the underground doughnut shops famous in the city
  • Trip involves a walking tour through the various unknown places of the city and allows the travellers to explore various options of delicious food as well as various architectural and historical monuments. Read more
  • Learn more about the history of all the places that you get to visit during the tour.
  • What You'll Do:

  • The tour begins at 9 am
  • Get an understanding as to why we love doughnuts
  • Go ahead and visit Wicker park
  • One also gets to visit 4 different doughnut stores
  • Start the day at Wormhole Coffee
  • End the exciting day at Mindy's Hot Chocolate
  • Take a bite of the best doughnuts that are available as samples
  • One is free to purchase additional drinks and doughnuts from the shops
  • The tour usually takes place on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • What It Includes:

  • Time duration is 4 hours
  • A professional tour guide is provided to make your trip more enjoyable
  • Sample doughnuts are distributed for tasting purposes
  • Gluten and nut free variants are also available at many shops
  • Specific dietary requirements can be managed by the company
  • Get a refund of the money invested if you are not contented with this tour.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • Tourists found this one a superb food tour
  • Tourists loved the doughnuts a lot
  • The information that they received on this tour was also very interesting
  • Tourists loved their guide and had a gala time throughout the entire trip.
  • Tourists have recommended this tour to every doughnut lover who is planning a trip to Chicago.
  • Is It Right:

  • Definitely! As one gets to satisfy their sweet-tooth through a journey worth remembering
  • All travellers get to take part in this tour, including anyone with a walking disability or who requires a wheelchair to travel
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Famous Tastes of Chicago Food Tour

clock 3 hours
  • Love food? Well go ahead and book this fantabulous food tour in Chicago.
  • Explore the food, history, architecture as well as culture that the Windy City is famous for. Read more
  • Pamper yourself by tasting 5 to 6 types of classic dishes of Chicago.
  • What You'll Do:

  • A walking tour offers more than enough for every traveller, as this tour can be considered a lunch tour.
  • Experience the world famous Chicago - Deep Dish Pizza.
  • For satisfying the sweet-tooth, delve into the chocolate dessert from the local bakery and cafe, after which you can take a bite of the Chicago Style Popcorn.
  • Stop at the famous Fannie May Chocolates to try several flavourful chocolates.
  • What It Includes:

  • Led by a professional local guide.
  • This food excursion is approximately 3 hours long
  • Visit six famous eateries and enjoy the food.
  • All entry tickets are included in this trip.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as the tour involves extensive walking
  • Trip is not wheelchair accessible.
  • Last minute cancellation is not permitted
  • Doesn't include hotel pick up and drop off.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not included in this tour
  • Travellers Talk:

  • Travellers liked the walking tour and were satisfied with the knowledgeable guide.
  • One of the travellers told that the food samples was of a great variety.
  • Many have commented that it's an excellent tour and they enjoyed all of the food stops as well as all of the architectural sites and their history
  • Everyone appreciated how the trip balanced the combination of delicious food tasting stops and Chicago's history.
  • Is It Right:

  • Take your taste buds on a trip that will leave you craving for more by taking part in this fun-filled journey
  • People with certain walking disabilities, are recommended not to take part in this trip
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Chicago Style Food Tour

clock 3 hours
  • Come join a walking tour that lets you discover the culinary side of Chicago
  • Immerse yourself in the deliciousness of Chicago style food Read more

    What You'll Do:

  • Trip begins at 864 N State St, Chicago, IL 60610, USA and the first stop of the tour is Pizano's Pizza & Pasta, 864 N State St, Chicago, IL 60610, USA
  • Get to taste the traditional deep dish pizza of Chicago at the Pizano's Pizza & Pasta
  • Drop by at the Downtown Dogs in 804 N Rush St, Chicago
  • Enjoy a classic Chicago hot dog at the Downtown Dogs, then head towards Cafe L'Appetito in 3332 N Broadway
  • Near Cafe L'Appetito is the local treasure market where you get to treat yourself to sweet delights, after which , visit the Chicago Kernel Gourmet Popcorn, Millennium Station, and then head towards Fannie May, 343 N Michigan Ave which houses different chocolates
  • Billy Goat Tavern, Lower, 430 N Michigan Ave is the last destination of this tour
  • The day ends at 151 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601, USA
  • What It Includes:

  • The tour lasts for about 3 hours
  • A professional tour guide will be provided
  • Tourists will get a chance to visit a network of walkways which is situated underground, for a round of good snacking
  • A block away from the Magnificent Mile tourists indulge in eating Chicago Style Hot dog
  • Travellers Talk:

  • The tourists got to visit a variety of spots and got to taste a lot ot food
  • Information about the history of the places travellers visit leaves them thoroughly entertained
  • They found the tour guide knowledgeable and friendly and liked the services that they provided
  • Is It Right:

  • If you love food as much as the next person, then booking this tour shouldn't be a problem
  • Take part and visit restaurants as old as 60 years like the Pizano's Pizza and Pasta
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Chicago Architecture Walking Tour: Dazzling Interiors of the Loop

clock 2 hours
  • Sign up for an architectural and walking tour in Chicago which allows a person to explore the mesmerizing beauty of the beautiful city.
  • Learn more about the architectural significance from an expert guide Read more

    What You'll Do:

  • Get a chance to visit some amazing places with exceptionally beautiful architecture
  • Tiffany stained glass dome at Chicago Cultural Center which is the largest in the world is put up for exploration for the people on this cost saving and highly entertaining trip.
  • Get intrigued by art-deco gem at the Chicago Board of Trade Building
  • Starting point for this tour is the 425 S Financial Pl, Chicago, IL 60605, USA
  • Build your stamina to explore every tit-bit of this glorious city and do not leave any corner unseen
  • What It Includes:

  • The tour lasts for approximately 2 hours
  • A efficient local guide is present to lead all who take part throughout the journey
  • The breathtaking beauty of Chicago is enough to make a person speechless in amazement.
  • People of most age groups can participate in the tour
  • Travellers Talk:

  • The people participating on this trip loved their guides and got a lot of information from them
  • One of them found the tour easy to understand and follow
  • Tourists were involved in the tour and the architecture and found it really amusing
  • Is It Right:

  • If one likes learning more about the architectural marvels of any place they visit then this trip is perfect for them
  • Architecture enthusiasts are always welcome to come join this trip
  • Couples and family members can take part in this journey together
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Chicago Favorites Ultimate Food & Walking Tour

clock 3 hours
  • One can call this trip a perfect one, to explore the favourite cuisines and wonderful sites, across the magnificent city of Chicago
  • Stroll through the beautiful streets of downtown Chicago and taste all of the city's favourite food dishes. Read more
  • Travellers can enjoy this quintessential culinary walking tour that will help them make memories that can last a lifetime
  • What You'll Do:

  • Complete this tour with a slice of deep dish pizza, a Chicago-style hotdog, Italian beef sandwich, chocolates and pastries, as well as locally crafted beer.
  • Visit some of the most iconic landmarks, including Millennium Park, State Street and Chicago Theatre, Chicago Riverwalk, Michigan Avenue, and the Wrigley Building.
  • What It Includes:

  • Time duration of this trip is 2 hours and 30 minutes (approx.)
  • Expert professional guide will lead travellers through downtown Chicago's most iconic landmarks.
  • Guide is informative and has a really sweet and polite behaviour.
  • A maximum of 15 travellers allowed on the tour
  • The trip excludes Alcoholic Beverages - Local craft beer samples can be added for a fee
  • Excludes entry fees
  • Certain amount of fitness required to participate in the tour.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • The appreciative knowledge of the tour guide and his friendly nature made him quite popular among the tourists. Visitors liked how most of the guides knew so much about the fantabulous city of Chicago. The place also welcomes every visitor with warmth.
  • The tourist-guide helped the travellers to explore the exotic food joints. He gave quite insightful knowledge, thus helping them to learn some new facts about the Windy City.
  • Is It Right:

  • Join us! And be a part of a culinary experience that will undoubtedly make you crave for more
  • Bring your closest buddies and take part in this flabbergasting tour of food across the city.
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Holiday Hike Chicago-Style: Festive Food & Walking tour

clock 3 hours
  • Get immersed in this Holiday Hike Chicago-Style tour
  • A festive tour where travellers will witness the festivals of Chicago Read more
  • A walking tour through the Millennium Park, Palmer House, the Hilton Historic Lobby, Macy's on State Street and many more places
  • What You'll Do:

  • The tour begins at 130 E Randolph St, Chicago
  • Meet the guide at the Giordano's Pizzeria to taste stuffed pizza also popularly known as deep-dish pizza, a speciality of Chicago
  • Visit Millennium Park which is equipped with an ice-skating rink, where tourists get a chance to glide on ice to their hearts content
  • At Palmer House Hilton Historic Lobby, 17 E Monroe St, Chicago, stop to eat some tasty sweets, a place where the chocolate treats were first discovered
  • Get a chance to see the holiday decor at Macy's on State Street, 111 N State St and then you will be taken to Daley Bicentennial Plaza for shopping
  • Visit the open ampitheatre at Jay Pritzker Pavilion
  • What It Includes:

  • Time taken to cover this trip is approximately 3 hours
  • Food samples are served to the tourists
  • Visit some of the main attractions of Chicago
  • The tourists are accompanied by a local tour guide
  • Holiday Cocoa or Cider are served to travellers as refreshments
  • A moderate level of physical fitness is required to participate in this tour
  • Travellers Talk:

  • The tourists found the tour extremely informative and stated that the guide was friendly and well-behaved
  • They said that the food stops were on desirable joints where they had a lot of fun
  • The tourists loved the company of their guide
  • Is It Right:

  • A trip perfect for all who wish to view and experience the festivities of the Windy City
  • One can take part on this trip with their family and friends
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Chicago's Chinatown Food and Walking Tour

clock 3 hours
  • Come join us on a walking tour and get the opportunity to explore as well as try the mouth-watering dishes in Chicago's Chinatown
  • A completely unique culinary experience which is not to be missed at any cost Read more
  • Indulge in the delicious cuisines while listening to the fascinating stories about the early days of Chicago's Chinatown.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Explore some of the most popular shopping and dining destinations in the area.
  • Tingle your taste buds with some of the exquisite cuisines around, including the cantonese dim sum and tea, Portuguese-Chinese bakery treats, Szechuan chicken, and Mongolian hot pot.
  • Explore the outdoor mall in the center of Chicago's Chinatown.
  • What It Includes:

  • Time taken to complete this walk is 3 hours (approx.)
  • Led by an expert local guide, who is best known for being very polite.
  • There is a specified minimum number of travellers that are required, to proceed with the tour. However, in case of cancellation of the tour, the travellers will be offered a different date or a full refund.
  • Maximum number of 15 travellers may take part.
  • Includes all food and drink samples
  • Confirmation will be received at the time of booking.
  • Moderate level physical fitness required and one must be able to ride a bike for 13 miles.
  • Gratuity for the guide is excluded for this trip.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • The services provided by the tour guide were loved and apppreciated very much, as they were knowledgeable, friendly and bubbly.
  • The food was excellent and travellers had a really great time; many travellers even made new friends on the incredible journey.
  • Is It Right:

  • Why wouldn't it be? Because it can't get any better than this
  • Get the opportunity to explore a little bit of China in the lap of Chicago
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Go Chicago Explorer Pass with SkyDeck and 360 Chicago

clock 60 days
  • Explore the city with this Go Chicago Explorer Pass
  • This trip includes a visit to the Skydeck and 360 Chicago Tower Read more
  • Main attractions include Lincoln Park Zoo, 10pin bowling lounge, Museum of Contemporary Arts, American Writers Museum, and Brookfield Zoo
  • What You'll Do:

  • This tour begins at Chicago, IL, USA
  • Visit Adler Planetarium and 1300 S Lake Shore where the tourists get to see a visual representation of the whole universe, and a sky show
  • View the cityscapes of Chicago and get to ride the fastest elevator in the world
  • Love some thrill? Indulge into some water adventure at the Navy Pier, 600 E Grand Avenue
  • Visit one of the best museums of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago at the 111 S Michigan Ave 159 East Monroe Street
  • Go on an architecture river tour during your Shoreline Sightseeing trip
  • Be amazed by the wonders of the World under one roof
  • What It Includes:

  • This tour pass comes with a compact pocket guidebook
  • Get special discounts at selected restaurants and stores in Chicago for shopping
  • Guaranteed to help tourists avoid long queues
  • Allows participation of travellers with walking disability and who require a wheelchair to get around
  • Most age groups can enjoy this tour
  • Suitable for tourists who want to explore the city at it's best
  • Travellers Talk:

  • Some tourists said they got to see some great sights
  • Tourists were happy with the passes and spent a good time
  • One of the tourists considered the pass to be a good deal
  • Is It Right:

  • If one has the soul of a traveller, then this trip is perfect for them.
  • Get this pass and travel hassle-free without a worry.
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Small-Group Chicago Food Tour: Gold Coast and Old Town

clock 3 hours
  • On this three-hour walk, travellers can explore Chicago's culinary side and sample the delectable tastes of the Gold Coast and Old Town.
  • Along the way, the guide will teach you about the history and designs of these culturally diverse neighbourhoods, situated just north of the city centre. Read more
  • Go around sampling beers in seven different locations as you will stroll through the tree-laden streets and hear more about the history, nature and design of the "Windy City."
  • What You'll Do:

  • Meet at 1120 N State St, Chicago, IL 60610, USA
  • Visit the different locations with a professional local guide
  • Get the chance to taste different food of upto six different locations
  • What It Includes:

  • Visit locations like Lou Malanati's, The Spice House, Old Town Oil, Tea Gschwendner, The Fudge Pot, and Old Jerusalem
  • The pick up and drop off location is the same for this trip
  • Travellers need not worry about having lunch as they will be provided food throughout the tour
  • Certain people have certain food allergies, so it's always advised to mention these at the beginning
  • Same applies for the fact if anyone among the tourists are vegetarian
  • Travellers Talk:

  • Passangers on this tour liked the fact that they got pieces of information about these unknown parts of Chicago
  • Food and the environment throughout the whole tour were really enjoyed by many, who took part
  • One of them praised the hard work and commitment of the guide who was always with them during the entire trip.
  • Is It Right:

  • Come and join us as we take you on a trip that will change the way you perceive food
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Signature Food Tour at Chicago's Navy Pier

clock 2 hours
  • Take a stroll in one of Chicago's most famous locations to sample a selection of authentic Chicago cuisine.
  • Within this 2-hour tour, your professional guide, also known as the Food Ambassador, will take you through the fascinating history and impact of the Navy Pier on Chicago Read more
  • Be presented with some of the best dishes at the Navy Pier and allow the tourists to appreciate the amazing view of Chicago.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Meet at the 600 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, USA,
  • Get to know about the different delicacies of Chicago through this 2-hour long trip
  • Drop by the amazing must-visit Chicago attractions, like the Navy Pier, which is among the 10 best attractions in the USA.
  • Let the the professional guide teach you what Chicago's past and present is all about, from these cultural roots of Chicago
  • What It Includes:

  • Follow your professional tour guide who will help you throughout the journey
  • Will be provided with lunch, along with various dishes which they get to taste, such as American dog and many more.
  • Visit locations like the Navy Pier, and the Chicago Food Planet
  • The ending point is the same as the starting point of the tour
  • Travellers are advised to wear comfortable footwear as the tour involves walking and also to bring umbrellas and other accessories suitable for the weather
  • Travellers Talk:

  • The travellers were impressed with the food along with the pieces of information they got from the tour guide
  • One of the visitors also liked the tour guide and were moved by her energetic and enjoyable guidance
  • Is It Right:

  • Absolutely! As you get to stroll around various neighbourhoods and learn more about the cultural significance of the city
  • One need not worry as this trip is not limited by age group
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Best in Chow: Chicago River North Food Tour

clock 150 to 180 minutes
  • Enjoy being a foodie with this exotic Chicago River North Food Tour
  • Experience the five iconic dishes prepared by the famous restaurants in downtown Chicago. Read more
  • Learn more about the in's and out's of River North & Streeterville.
  • Fall in love with every "Chicago Style" dish in the menu including the classic deep dish pizza, hot dog, Italian beef, popcorn and of course, last but not the least, brownies.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Navigate the busy River North and Streeterville neighbourhoods
  • Enjoy VIP access and therefore skip long and tiring queues on this culinary adventure.
  • Stroll through the main streets of Chicago
  • What It Includes:

  • Time taken to cover this tour is 2 hour and 30 minutes to 3 hours (approx.)
  • Guide is knowledgeable and courteous as well as eager to explain everything to everyone in full details.
  • Travellers with walking disability or those who require wheelchair can also take part in the trip
  • Maximum of 16 travellers can take part at one time.
  • Don't forget to carry sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat during the scorching summer months.
  • Remember to wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes. Flip-flops, high heels, and dress-shoes are not recommended for this tour.
  • Pick up and drop off facilities are excluded from this tour.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • The tour was great
  • Guide was excellent and very knowledgeable.
  • Travellers also liked, how this tour imparts immense knowledge related to the history of the restaurants and the neighbourhoods of this city
  • Is It Right:

  • If a traveller loves food as much as the next person then this trip will certainly leave them satisfied
  • Indulge in the food and cultural diversity of the city of Chicago
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Discover Chicago's Underground City - all indoor walking tour

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Take part in an indoor walking tour of Chicago where travellers get to discover the underground city
  • In this intensive indoor tour, travellers get to explore Chicago by following the mysterious walkways and passages, that connect the city's famous landmarks and buildings, far and wide. Read more
  • Learn more about the Chicago pedway and the mystery that it holds.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Experience the city's architecture and the guide will talk all about the history and culture of the city as well.
  • The brilliantly-designed Pedways will lead the travellers through some of Chicago's best buildings and their architectural splendours.
  • Stroll through stylish lobbies, under magnificent domes and into the expansive network of Chicago Pedway tunnels.
  • What It Includes:

  • Time duration for the tour is 1 hour and 30 minutes (approx.)
  • Guide takes travellers through an interesting yet humorous walk while emphasizing on some of Chicago's well-known as well as the not-so-famous attractions from a different perspective.
  • Admire and get engaged into the riverside sights, and learn everything about the ancient times from Chicago's early settlers.
  • One can try their luck at trivia games - and even win prizes - to keep themselves engrossed as they meander.
  • A minimum number of travellers can participate in this tour
  • The tour is conducted fully indoors, so it operates in all types of weather.
  • However, a moderate level of physical fitness is required.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • One of the travellers said that this tour is one great trip of his life that he has throughly enjoyed
  • Most travellers have highly recommended this tour
  • Every personal guide was engaging, entertaining, animated and very knowledgeable, indeed.
  • Is It Right:

  • A tour that will leave everybody taking part, jaw-dropped, courtesy the beautiful marvels of this city
  • One can bring along their family or friends as they roam along the windy city
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Chicago in a Day: Food, History and Architecture Combo Tour

clock 5 hours
  • Come on as we help you discover some of the best sights and food Chicago has to offer with a local guide by your side.
  • Join an epic tour of some of the city's greatest hits: incredible architecture, both old and new, delicious local treats and iconic Chicago dishes, along with a unique Chicago transit ride, stunning river views, and much more Read more
  • Enjoy a couple of classics made-in-Chicago snacks like Chicago-style popcorn and homemade chocolates
  • Realise why locals have so much passion for their Chicago-style classics
  • What You'll Do:

  • Visitors on this trip have to meet at The Chicago Theatre, 175 N State St, Chicago, IL 60601, USA
  • Everyone needs to be there at 10:00 AM to meet their guide
  • Learn more about the history, cuisine, and culture of Chicago with some of the finest details this city has to offer with fun activities and food
  • What It Includes:

  • Visit places like The Chicago Theatre, Chicago Pedway, Chicago Riverwalk, Chicago River, Cloud Gate, and many more
  • Water Taxi or Subway Tickets are included
  • Entry/Admission for Chicago River is also included
  • Travellers will be provided with enough food to satisfy their hunger for the day
  • Trip is wheelchair friendly and all age groups are welcomed to participate
  • Travellers Talk:

  • Travellers liked the local guides and their presence and knowledge
  • They loved the city, its architecture, food and the tour itself
  • Is It Right:

  • Rediscover the city of Chicago by booking this journey
  • Other than weather conditions, nothing can stop you from taking part while you are enjoying yourself on this trip
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Chicago Walking Tour: Interior Architecture of the Loop and Pedway Tour

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Come and be a part of a thorough Walking Tour around Chicago. Admire the Interior Loop Architecture and Pedway of Chicago that provide travellers with extensive knowledge on the various architectural beauty of the city.
  • This walking tour will take you inside the landmark buildings avaiable with blessed designer- city of Chicago. Read more

    What You'll Do:

  • Appreciate the interiors of the Marshall Field's Building, Chase Tower, Chicago Cultural Center and many such locations.
  • Visit exquisite venues made available to the backpackers on this quest. This is where they are also allowed to see the public art by Chagall and Picasso.
  • Stroll through stylish lobbies, under magnificent domes, and also get the prodigious opportunity to enter into the expansive network of Chicago Pedway tunnels.
  • Listen to the guide as they share insights about the city's diverse architectural styles and the history associated with them,in vivid detail.
  • What It Includes:

  • A small group, consisting of maximum 9 people, are allowed
  • Includes the use of iPad with historical photos, videos and a colour map of the Chicago Pedway system.
  • Operates in all weather conditions
  • Required to have a moderate physical fitness level.
  • Only small groups of travellers get to participate in this trip
  • Travellers Talk:

  • Travellers really enjoyed all of the unique insights that our tour guide provided about the famous buildings in Chicago.
  • Travellers highly recommend this tour for anyone who enjoys architecture and wants to hear more details about Chicago, that are not available on Wikipedia.
  • Is It Right:

  • Yes! It is a perfect travelling destination for those who wish to spend their time admiring the architectural splendors of the city.
  • Get a chance to witness the fantastic mosaics and visit the informative historical exhibit, before the tour begins.
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Chicago World's Fair of 1893 Walking Tour

clock 2 hours 45 minutes
  • A beautiful walk around the city gives travellers an exclusive taste of Chicago, giving them an incredible feel of the city just like in 1893.
  • A knowledge-filled experience of the marvellous architecture and the history behind them will give you a mindblowing idea as to what transformed the city of Chicago into what it is at present. Read more
  • An inquisitive traveller will get to know to their heart's content, about the rich history and traditions of the city at the time of Chicago World's fair of 1893.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Travellers will get to see the wonders of the Auditorium building at 430 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, followed by the Chicago Athletic Association.
  • Explore the ancient architecture and also try out the delicious cuisines at various restaurants of the city.
  • Exciting knowledge about the interiors of a historic Artists " Building is one of the best things about your tour
  • Enjoy a splendid drink at the Berghoff Restaurant, which is over 100 years old and has ties with the World's Fair.
  • Visit iconic places like the Congress Plaza Hotel & Convention Center, which is over 19 centuries old, and is always ready to welcome visitors from different parts of the world where they get to enjoy themselves completely.
  • What It Includes:

  • Time taken to cover this tour is 2 hours 45 minutes
  • A small group of people are allowed together to complete the trip once, so there are no worries for the lonely traveller, or couples.
  • Pass by the different places as specified before the tour and spend approx. 15 to 20 mins - each point.
  • Required Suggestions and Tips are always available with the guide for your convenience.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • The tour was considered to be awesome and an exciting one by the travellers .
  • Highly informative and thoroughly interesting tour that gave the travellers an amazing oportunity to actually visit the interior of several beautiful buildings.
  • Most of the travellers appreciated the suggestions given by their helpful guide, plus their wonderfully planned itinerary, as well as their extensive knowledge and enthusiasm.
  • Is It Right:

  • Absolutely! As travellers get to learn more about the tasty food and fabulous architecture that defines this city
  • Designed especially for those travel lovers who take immense pleasure in the history and appreciate the spetacular architecture
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Chicago Loop Secret Food Tour with Private Tour Option

clock 3 hours
  • Come and be a part of a walking tour of 'Chicago Loop " and also taste some exclusive cuisines of Chicago.
  • Discover some hidden gems and great stories about the city. Read more
  • Tour also includes world-famous Italian beef sandwich with delicious dips, which was invented in Chicago.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Grab a bite at the renowned eateries and shops and drop by various theatres as well as parks.
  • Catch a glimpse of the riverside pedestrian path featuring city views, bridges, fishing piers and boat docks.
  • Stop by at one of the world's tallest buildings found here in America
  • What It Includes:

  • Tour time is approximately of 3 hours
  • Led by a local guide
  • Maximum of 12 people will be allowed for this tour
  • Food tasting and lunch is included in this tour.
  • Confirmation of the tour is received at the time of booking.
  • Requires a good weather. If the trip gets cancelled due to bad weather, then you will get full refund of your money.
  • Pick up and drop off are not included in this tour.
  • Moderate physical fitness level is required for this tour.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • One of the tourist said that the tour guide was wonderful, knowledgeable, professional and funny.
  • Highly recommendable walking tour by many visitors.
  • The food and the tour itself was liked by all who took part
  • Many liked the various interesting sites that they saw and learned about the city, in addition to food sampling.
  • Some travellers said that the guide was knowledgeable and the food samples were delicious. The secret restaurant was amazing.
  • Is It Right:

  • If you want a tour that is the perfect combination of food and travel, then book this one right now!
  • Participation of most travellers, except people with some kind of walking disability, is allowed
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Private Exploration Game of Eastside Chicago

clock 1 hour 35 minutes
  • Play a city game where you will follow clues to discover amazing places and local stories in Chicago.

    You’ll tour Chicago’s famous Millenium Park and learn about the iconic works of art that populate the area on your way to riches beyond your imagination.

    Are you up for an adventure in Chicago?

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A Storied Neighborhood: Dance the dialectic with Bill Ayers on an audio tour

clock 40 to 60 minutes
  • This self-guided audio tour begins at the Laboratory Schools founded by John Dewey, and winds through the University of Chicago. Along the way, walkers will encounter world-renowned architects and Nobel Laureates, robber barons and artists, the DuSable Museum of African American History and the birthplace of the Atomic Age.

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FAQs about Chicago Walking & Bike Tours

Chicago walking tours are unique in that they permit tourists to take a closer view and enjoy Chicagos main attractions alongside roaming the local streets and neighbourhoods, stopping off at a pub or local cafe. It's a great way of sightseeing in Chicago because it takes you to areas where you won't be disturbed by road noise and motors can't go.

There are the best walking tours in Chicago :