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Shakespeare's Globe Guided Tours

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Opening Times of Shakespeare's Globe Guided Tours

Duration REVIEWS
Flexible, but around 1:30 hours should suffice Shakespeare's Globe Guided Tours (395 reviews)
Opening Times Best Times
    March to October
  • Taking the tour is best on a sunny and pleasant day.

Highlights of Shakespeare's Globe Guided Tours

  • An interesting overview of how the Londoners entertained themselves in the era of Shakespeare and Elizabeth I.
  • An insightful journey into the 16th century London that reveals the way of life of the celebrated playwright.
  • The activity introducing the history of the Globe Theatre, for which Shakespeare wrote.
  • A self-guided tour of the Exhibition and the guided tour of the Globe Theatre's auditorium.
  • Imagine performances written by the playwright, such as Hamlet, played on the theatre's scene.

Is It Suitable for Me?

  • Joining the activity is the right thing to do for the admirers of Shakespeare's work and literature in general.
  • The entertaining tour sends you back in time, which is why people interested in history should consider booking the tour.
  • If theatrical shows are among your passions, don't miss the tour when you are in London.

Your Experience With Shakespeare's Globe Guided Tours?

  • Take a tour of the Globe Theatre and travel back in time to learn about the London of the Elizabethan era.
  • Enjoy the exhibition revealing the life of Shakespeare and his writing for the popular Globe Theatre.
  • Have an insightful guided tour of the theatre and its auditorium.
  • Learn the past and the present of the famous theatre and how "Wooden O" operates.
  • Listen to recordings of the gripping 16th century performances by means of an audio guide.

What Shakespeare's Globe Guided Tours Includes?

  • Admission to the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.
  • A self-guided tour of the exhibition with the complimentary audio guide.
  • A guided tour of the auditorium of the theatre.


  • The Shakespeare's Globe Theatre is an open-top venue, so check the weather forecast before booking the tour.
  • If you attend the performance, taking photos isn't allowed during the show.
  • This doesn't apply for intermissions.

Travelers Reviews about Shakespeare's Globe Guided Tours?

  • Travelers that took the tour found it very entertaining and insightful.
  • They have a great opinion of their guides and recommend them wholeheartedly to guests that consider booking the activity.
  • The participants enjoyed the atmosphere and have a great opinion of the related exhibition.
  • Their comments indicate that the worth of the tour exceeds its cost.

Disabled Access

    Please advise in advance if you need wheelchair assistance to join the activity.

Ticket Details

    Paper and mobile vouchers are both acceptable for taking part in the tour. Cancel the activity at least 24 hours before the beginning of the tour to receive a full refund.

Things to Consider Before You Go

  • Sometimes guided tours aren't available if the show takes place at the Globe Theatre.
  • In those cases, you can attend the Exhibition and have a guided tour of the Rose Theatre, an archaeological site nearby.
  • Dress accordingly to weather conditions.

Address / Pick up Location

    Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, the entrance facing the River Thames, London






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