Czech Beer Tasting in Prague

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    It's a tour that makes sure that you can sample some of the best beer in Czech on this 1.5-hour beer-tasting session. There is a lot of beer to enjoy for everyone to enjoy and try out. There will also be a friendly local guide which will provide detailed information about the vital aspects of beer-tasting and all of the beer-brewing traditions of Prague. It's a relaxing evening that introduces travelers to the world of beer brewing in the powerful capital of Prague. At the end of the trip, you'll become an expert on pilsners, porters, and everything related to beer in the capital. Interestingly, Prague is one of the places with the highest beer consumption rate in the world. There's a chance to try out up to 7 Czech beers ranging from Pilsners to Porters. The tour guide will also help you sharpen your tasting skills. It's going to be a great Czech experience which takes place in a lively bar in the center of the city. When the beer-tasting session is done, feel free to enjoy some drinks and Prague's vibrant nightlife. Any travelers from around the world can easily pay a visit to the tour.

    The minimum age for travelers recommended on this trip is 18 years. This will make sure that the travelers have reached the legal drinking age limit. The price paid for the tour includes the tasting fee for all the stops that will be visited. Travelers from anywhere in the world can take part in this tour. Wheelchairs are not available for anyone who may need them. There's a chance to taste up to 7 of the best beer in Prague. Complimentary snacks will be offered during the beer-tasting for a complete experience.

    Every part of the trip was engaging and lived up to expectations. The tour guide which handled the trip was also knowledgeable providing us with historic information about the region. The stops were engaging and offered a lot of beer to travelers. The tour was a small group tour consisting of people from ages 20 - 65 years.

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