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    Since the inception of this food tour in Prague in 2011, the idea has been pretty much the same thing. We take you on a discovery journey and introduce you may never have noticed. We also carefully select delicious, traditional food and drinks for you to try out. There's also a chance to learn some vital information that you may not find on Google. We could go-ahead to try to impress you with cliches; traditions passed from generation to generation, hidden corners, and seasonal organic produce from local farmers. But the fact is that everything we do is designed to provide customers with optimal satisfaction. We'll try to make it the best vacation experience and you'll not suffer eating second-rate food or experience. We take you through a food tour where your satisfaction is our top priority. This tour will take travelers through a company of fun-filled locals who will introduce you to the must-buy foods and drinks and avoid tourist cliches.

    The price paid for the tour comprises all fees and taxes for the journey. Travelers on this trip enjoy alcoholic beverages, lunch, dinner, coffee and/or tea, soda/pop and bottled water. It's our duty to satisfy you and will entertain your demands you demand on request. The service also included access to wheelchair, stroller and infant seats. Not suitable for vegetarians or anyone with a vegan diet.

    There's no way I can recommend this enough. The tour took travelers through all corners in the city filled with Czech food. The tour guide was also informative and amazing. The tour is a must-do for food lovers and it's definitely worth another visit.

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