Prague's Private Local-Favorite Food Tour

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    It's a tour which takes you through the experience of enjoying the native food of Prague. On the trip, you get to taste a variety of Czech foods and drinks. It's a private food tour which takes you through the beautiful city of Prague. Prague is a city with a rich culture, so there's a lot to eat for everyone around. The whole tour starts with a visit to a popular pub to enjoy a mug of Czech beer. Travelers are also offered a glass of Czech wine. Let a professional guide you through the corners of the city and visit some of the best shops, cafes, and pubs to try out some tasty wine, beer, cheeses, sausages, and coffee. Some of the delicious food to eat include pickled sausages, Hermelin cheese, Koliba cheese The guide will also provide detailed information about the secrets of the city, tips about favorite people in the city of Prague. There's also a chance to meet with some of the locals that prepare this food. The journey through Prague will also bring you to face to face it some of the city's landmark locations such as Republic Square, The Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord and so on. It's a complete experience with a lot to enjoy. The tour ends on s great note with a cup of coffee. The tour is a great idea for anyone as long as you're a food lover.

    The tour is flexible to book and travelers can choose from multiple departure times depending on which suits the traveler's schedule. There is an English-speaking licensed tour guide to take you through a whole-food tour of Prague. The guide had local knowledge of the area and will provide detailed information as they pass through the streets of the city. Travelers are entitled to 3 alcoholic nonalcoholic drinks. The tour also includes four food tastings. Advice on any special dietary requirements when booking. It's also possible to book a vegetarian option for the tour.

    The tour was simple and offered a lot of fun. It was also nice that the tour was in a different part of Prague and travelers could get to experience something new. The food was great and everyone had a nice time.

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