Update on COVID-19:
Coronavirus Travel Restrictions, Advice and Tips.
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Spain Coronavirus Travel Restrictions and Advice

As combating the Coronavirus pandemic, the state of emergency declared on 14 March by the Spanish Government has ended on 21 June, and the country has opened the “the new normal” chapter in their book of escalating the spread of the pandemic. In good news, restrictions on movement throughout the country have been elevated and travel between regions is legalized. Travelers should therefore adhere to these “new normal” procedures:

  • Social distancing should be mandatorily maintained – that being in a position that is 1.5 meters away from the next person.
  • There is obligatory use of face masks in public and places where social distancing is not much effective for everybody over the age of 6 years. Note that face masks must cover the nose and mouth, penalties may be imposed if you do not comply.
  • All shops, businesses and transport companies have been specifically indebted to keep passengers’ and customers’ contact information for up to 4 weeks for “tracking and tracing” purposes.
  • Establishments such as hotels, bars, shops, and restaurants in Spain have their own specific safety measures which travelers, visitors and customers must abide by.
  • Restriction of capacity has been placed at beaches and attraction destinations, and the use of online booking has been implemented. For more information as a traveler, refer to your tour authority for measures in places you want to visit.
  • If any visitor/traveler tests positive or develops symptoms during their stay in the country, they will be moved to specific labelled accommodation to curb the spread.
  • Personal hygiene should be maintained, i.e. washing of hands frequently and thoroughly using soap and water, or hand sanitizer gel (in places where soap and water is not available).

For more enquiries: Visit https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/spain/coronavirus