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Lisbon Hop on Hop off tour - Attraction Discount Pass

  • lisbon-hop-on-hop-off-tour

    1. Benefits: The Lisbon Hop on hop off tour is undoubtedly an amazing experience for all – it is the best way to truly appreciate the beauty of the city and its many attractions and is a must do for all tourists. The entire tour is narrated to English language for those who do not speak or understand Portuguese.

    2. Attractions valid: The tour takes travelers to 15 prominent locations across the city including some of the most famous Lisbon landmarks and monuments. The attractions include Tower of Belem, Marques de Pompal, Jeronimos Monastery, National Museum of Coaches, Monument of the Discoveries among others.

    3. Price and validity: The price of the tour starts from 10 Pounds per person and is valid for 24 hours from the time of its first usage.

    4. Benefits of purchasing online: The Tour can be booked online to save time and avoid standing in lines to purchase tickets.



Lisboa Card - Attraction Discount Pass

  • lisboa-card

    1. Benefits: The Lisboa Card is the complete solution for convenient, cheap and easy travelling, sightseeing and dining benefits for tourists in Lisbon. The card offers free public transportation and entrance to a number of prominent tourist attractions in the city entirely free of cost.

    2. Attractions valid: The card is valid for free entrance at more than eighty different museums, tours and attractions, the most prominent of which are the Jeronimos Monastery and the National Pantheon.

    3. Transport Benefits: The Lisboa Card offers unlimited traveling free of cost on all public transport across Lisbon. It is easily available in the city and can be purchased online as the most reliable means of traveling in the city for tourists.

    4. Transport valid: The card is valid for all public transport including trams, underground, buses, CP train lines and funiculars.

    5. Price and validity: The Lisboa card can be purchased for 24, 48 and 72 hours for which the price for adults is 18.5, 31.5, and 39 Euros and 11.5, 17.5, and 20.5 Euros for children respectively.

    6. Benefits of purchasing online: By booking the Lisbon City Pass or the Lisboa Card online, tourists can save a considerable amount of time and energy, and receive the card without having to wait.



Lisbon Hop-On Hop-Off Tour - Attraction Discount Pass

  • yellow-bus-lisbon-tours

    1. Benefits: Lisbon Hop-On Hop-Off Tour offer perhaps the most exciting of all tours of the city and is ideal for tourists who wish to sightsee as much as they possibly can within a short period of time. The tours offer travelers a chance to explore the beauty and architecture of Lisbon.

    2. Attractions valid: Tours include the Lisbon premium 4 in 1, Belem Tour, Tagus Tour, Hills Tramcar tour, Olisipo Tour, Sintra Royal Palace tours and many more.

    3. Price and validity: The prices of the tours vary, for instance the popular Lisbon 4 in 1 tour costs 22.50 Euros and children can accompany for free.

    4. Benefits of purchasing online: Purchasing the Yellow Bus Lisbon Tours online entitles all adults to get a 10% discount on the original price – plus significant savings on time and energy.



Lisbon Restaurant Card - Restaurant Discount Card

  • lisbon-restaurant-card

    1. Benefits: The Lisbon Restaurant Card offers incredible discounts and offers at a number of famous eateries and cafes across the city. The card with its many benefits provides tourists a chance to discover the authentic taste of Portugal.

    2. Restaurants valid: Discounts of up to 10% can be availed at more than 36 different restaurants across the city.

    3. Price and validity: The Lisbon Restaurant Card is valid for 72 hours from the point of its first use at a restaurant. The price of the card starts from 16 Euros per person (adult).

    4. Benefits of booking online: Purchasing the Card online offers tourists a chance to order it from the comfort of their home, saving themselves the hassle of having to stand in queues and waiting for it after reaching the city.



Companhia Carris de Ferro de Lisboa - Travel Discount Card

  • companhia-carris-de-ferro-de-lisboa-

    1. Benefits: The Carris tickets are available easily in Lisbon on Carris kiosks and booths. The tickets offer reliable traveling around the city on buses and trams owned by the company. The company keeps its website fully updated with schedules, details of the routes and transport timings.

    2. Transport valid: The Carris tickets are valid for all transport across the city except for metros. It can be used conveniently on the city’s trams and buses.

    3. Price and validity: The tickets cost 1.20 Euros per person, purchasing the ticket in advance entitles travelers to a discount. The price of tickets which can be used on trams, metros, funiculars as well as buses costs 3.30 Euros for one day and 13.20 Euros for five days.

    4. Benefits of purchasing online: When purchased online and in advance, the Carris tickets cost 0.75 Euros per person.



Metro Pass - Travel Discount Card

  • metro-pass

    1. Benefits: The metro pass allows for free transportation via Lisbon metro for duration of 24 hours. The card can be used to make unlimited trips on the metro throughout the day. The Lisbon metro is safe, efficient and highly convenient for tourists in the city.

    2. Transportation valid: The Pass can be used on the Lisbon public metro services

    3. Price and validity: The Metro pass costs 6 Euros for 24 hours, excluding the 0.50 Euro additional charges for the reusable card.

    4. Benefits of purchasing online: The metro pass is available at the Lisbon metro stations round the clock.