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Which Melbourne Airport is best to fly or closest to City?

Avalon Airport or Melbourne Airport or Moorabbin Airport

Which is airport is closest or easier to get Melbourne City

Summary of Avalon, Melbourne and Moorabbin Airports

Melbourne has three main airports that serve both international and local flights, and our main objective is to compare all three airports in detail, so you know which ones are closest to your destination and top city attractions

The Melbourne (MEL) airport is the main airport in Australia, it serves both national and international flights. Moorabbin (MBW) airport is also located in Melbourne’s Southern suburbs, it also serves local and international flights with light aircraft. The two airports are closer to the city centre, and MEL has public transport buses and cars readily available to take travellers to the city centre and different tourist attractions close to the airport. The Avalon (AVV) airport is roughly the busiest airport in Melbourne and the farthest to the city centre. The AVV serves more customers and has shuttle buses that transport travellers from the airport to the city centre and other airports with ease.

Comparing Which City Airport Is Best To Fly And Closest To The City Centre

Avalon Airport

Melbourne Airport

Moorabbin Airport

    Avalon Airport Melbourne Airport Moorabbin Airport

Getting to Central Australia, Victoria, Melbourne Airports from each Airport

Distance from Central Melbourne The airport is 31 miles (50 kilometres) from the city centre making it the farthest. The airport is 12 miles (20 kilometres) from the city centre making it the closest. The airport is 14 miles (22 kilometres) from the city centre making it second closest.
Public transport general operating hours Public transports generally open from 4:00 AM – 12:00 AM. Public transports generally operate around the clock and are always available for 24 hours. The last train departs at 22:00 pm at night.
Australia Underground Metro N/a N/a N/a
Train N/A N/A

The train usually runs from 6:00 am until 22:00 pm

Frequency: it departs every 82 minutes

Adult fare: $28.34 for a train ticket.

How to get to Moorabbin Airport in Mentone by Bus or Train

Easybus coach N/A N/A N/A

These buses provide a link to the city from the airport.

Fares start from $22 for a One-way Adult Single trip from Melbourne

$19 for a One-way Adult Single trip from Werribee while up to 4 children (4-16) get to travel for free.

Getting To Avalon

SkyBus service is a shuttle that conveys travellers to and from the city centre 24-hours daily. It has two locations where passengers are picked from by the shuttle – the Qantas/Jetstar domestic terminal or Virgin Australia terminal. Travellers can buy the SkyBus tickets at the desks in T1 and T3 or from the driver using their cards.


A trip from the airport to the city centre takes 20 minutes and costs $18 (one-way trip) and $30 (two-way trip). The SkyBus shuttles depart frequently every 10 minutes and 30 minutes between 1 am and 4 am.

The Moorabbin airport SkyBuses are always available to transfer travellers from the airport for as little as $22 for a one-way trip and $44 for a return journey.

This bus service offer discounts to Seniors while kids travel for free using the Family 1 and Family 2 fares.

Top Airport Bus & Shuttles in Moorabbin
Peninsula Express fares

Special Buses N/A N/A N/A
Le Bus Direct N/A N/A N/A
Express Trains (Fast Trains) N/A N/A N/A
Airport Shuttle N/A Shuttle buses are available at the MEL into the city from the airport. Buses & shuttles N/A
Taxi / Cab Services To enjoy a Taxi or Cab service, it would cost you around $42-$84 Around $56-$84. Around $42-$70.
Taxis You can order an Uber for a journey to the city centre from $121-$162.
Uber fare estimator
Uber from the MEL Airport will cost around $88-$141 to the city centre
Uber fare estimator
Uber from the MBW will cost around $70-$136 to the city centre.
Uber fare estimator

Which Airport Is Best For Me?

How close to City and Top Attractions?

Avalon is the farthest to and from the city centre amongst the three airports.

So it is suitable for those travelling within Australia on a budget, as many low-cost flights operate from this airport. Also, travellers must consider the cost of transportation from the city centre to the airport and attractions vice versa.

This airport is the major travel hub in Australia.

The MEL is not too far from the city centre and it is connected by the road leading directly to the city. There is a lot of cabs, bus, shuttle bus, and taxis services available for incoming and outgoing travellers.

Note: For more information concerning the times and stops for these bus/cab/taxi services, you may want to check each individual bus schedule.

Moorabbin Airport is situated directly within the city centre, which makes it the perfect choice for travellers would like to spend less time getting to their hotels or attractions from the airport.

Many low-cost flights operate from the MBW airport. But also keep in mind that it serves only national flights even though it is situated close to the city, consider the cost of getting there from the airport to top attractions and the hotel.

Flight Fares Take from April 30-3-2018
Flight Fares Flight fares start from $723 Frankfurt, $1664 London, $1385 New York, $1966 Madrid. From $709 Frankfurt, $543 London, $1042 New York, $718 Madrid. From $709 Frankfurt, $543 London, $1042 New York, $718 Madrid.
Cost Factor

The Avalon airport flight fare is 15% - 30% cheaper than that of the Melbourne airport.

Also, Public transport transfer is on the high side compared to MEL Airport because of its distance from the city centre.

Car rentals are 30% Lower while hotel rates are at a 10% low when compared to AVV and MBW.

MEL handles mainly budget airlines to European destinations. Hence, making flight rates higher than AVV and MBW.

Public transport fares depend on the chosen transfer option, it is either lower or higher when compared to MBW and AVV.

Car hire rates at MEL are higher than at AVV while hotel rates are on the lower side.

Although the flight fare at MBW is low, the cost of getting to and from the airport is high.

The cost of renting a car is a bit on the lower side, while hotels cost higher due to many choices other than hotels.

In all, choosing the MBW will only help you if you get a really good flight deal and some extra time to spare.

Airport Delays

AVV is roughly the busiest airport in Australia with regular flights, this causes some delays for travellers.

Average Security & Immigration Delays: Low

Average Flight Arrival Delays: 20 minutes

Average Security & Immigration Delays: low

Average Flight Arrival Delays: 20mins

Average Security & Immigration Delays: Low

Average Flight Arrival Delays: No

Hotel Prices per day (26-03-2018 to 27-03-2018) searched by 24-03-18


Avillion Port Dickson (5-star): Starting from $179.97.

D'Wharf Hotel & Serviced Residence (3-star): Starting from $73.69

Cheaper than Oaks on William and Island Sea View

Oaks on William (4-star): Starting from $310.33

ibis Styles Kingsgate Hotel(3-star): Starting from$196.97

More expensive than Avillion Port Dickson

The island Sea View (3-star): Starting from $123.28

Mizingani Seafront Hotel (4-star): Starting from $253.65

Car Hire Companies

Car Hire Companies

A number of different online car rental companies operate in the AVV with different offers and prices ranging from $165.73- Economy (Holden Spark or Similar), $169.52- Compact (Kia Rio or Similar), $233.83- Full Size (Toyota Camry or Similar) and $423.53- SUV (Mitsubishi Parejo or Similar)

Some of the companies include

Budget Cars

Europe Car Avalon Airport

Prices start from $162.16- Economy (Suzuki Swift or Similar), $166.22- Compact (Toyota Corolla or Similar), $205.51- Full Size (Toyota Camry or Similar) and $479.98- SUV (Toyota Kluger or Similar)

Hertz Car

Europe Car Melbourne Airport

From $201.54- Economy (Suzuki Swift or Similar), $216- Compact (Toyota Corolla or Similar), $220- Full Size (Toyota Camry or Similar), $392.87- SUV (Toyota Kluger or Similar).

Hertz Car

Europe Car Melbourne Airport
Online car hire Car Hire Avalon Airport Car Hire Melbourne  Airport Car Hire Moorabbin  Airport

Airport Facilities

Shopping Kids Zone, Game Room and more. Australian Produce Store, Australian Way, Amcal Pharmacy, Baggage Storage by SmarteCarte, Bally and many more. Home art and more.
Eating & Drinking Refresh yourself with coffee, tea, snacks by using the Drinks and snack machines opposite airport check-in. Able Baker Charlie, Airport Lotteries, Ali Baba, Amuse, Baxa, Bar pulpo and many more. Direct Factory Outlets (DFO).
Lounge The airport has the Flying Fox Bar & Lounge. Air Bar & Lounge and many more. Cafe Lounge and more.
Wi-Fi 4 hours free Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi Available Free Wi-Fi Available

How To Transfer Between Airport Terminals?

Terminal information. How many? How to transfer? Min connection time. 1 Terminal: AVV has only one terminal (T1) and many bus services connect both Melbourne and Avalon Airport to the suburbs and regional centres.

4 Terminals: The Melbourne Airport (MEL) has four (4) terminals (T1, T2, T3, and T4) which provide travellers with an undercover interchange for buses located at the Domestic Terminal (T4).

The bus interchange offers direct access to Jetstar, Regional Express services, and Tiger Airways while other airlines depart using T1, T2, and T3. These terminals all have bus services to enable travellers to get to the central business district with ease. T4 is 10 minutes’ walk away from T1 so it is a walking distance.

1 Terminal
Currency Exchange, ATMs & cashpoints Travelex, HSBC Travelex, HSBC Travelex
Important phone numbers Avalon Airport Phone: +61 3 5227 9100 Phone: +61 3 9297 1600 Phone: +61 3 8587 8000
Major Airlines and Destinations
Major airlines Operating Jet star Airways. Air Asia X, Aircalin, Air Canada, Air China, Air India, Air New Zealand, Air North, Alliance airlines, Beijing Capital Airlines, China Airlines, Emirates, Fiji Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Hainan Airlines, Jet star Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways, United Airlines and many more. King Island Airlines
Major connecting Destinations Adelaide, Gold Coast, Hobart, Sydney. Dublin, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Alicante, London-Heathrow, Boston, Geneva, Innsbruck, Barcelona, New Quay, Dubai International, New York, Nice, Aberdeen, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Los Angeles and many more. King Island.
Tourist Information
Tourist Info Centres Geelong and Great Ocean Road Visitor Information Centre. Melbourne Airport Visitor Information Centre assists visitors with a variety of tourism services. Get tourist info on the corner of Grange Road and Centra Dandenong Road in Cheltenham, DFO Moorabbin.
Official airport website https://www.avalonairport .com.au/ https://www.melbourneairport .com.au/ http://www.moorabbinairport .com.au/

Which is the main airport in Melbourne?

Melbourne Airport is the main International Airport in Melbourne.

Which of the airports is nearest to places located in the respective central city?

Melbourne Airport is connected to all the major hotels and tourist attractions. As a major airport in Australia, most airlines operate international flights from the MEL. It is close to several buses, taxi/car hire and shuttle companies which offer transportation to and from the airport.

Based on cost factors, which airport charges high flight fares compared to other Airports?

The Melbourne and Avalon Airports charge higher flight fares compared to Moorabbin Airport. Almost 20 percent more than the average flight fares.

Which airport is close to the respective central city?

Melbourne and Moorabbin Airports are closer to the city centre compared to the AVV.

Which are the best hotels close to the Melbourne airports?

At AVV: Avillion Port Dickson(4kms) and D’Wharf Hotel & Serviced Residence (600mts). These hotels provide free private parking, free Wi-Fi, a fabulous fitness centre, restaurant, non-smoking rooms, bar, good breakfast and pets are allowed.

At MEL: Oaks on William (4kms) andibis Styles Kingsgate Hotel(2.8km). They provide travellers with a free airport shuttle, free Wi-Fi, private parking, good fitness centre, non-smoking rooms, bar, good breakfast and pets are also allowed.

At MBW: The island Sea View(6 km) and Mizingani Seafront Hotel (2km). These hotels also provide free Wi-Fi, private parking, good coffee, swimming pool, superb breakfast, and rooms with a balcony with great city views.

Which hotels have traffic problems for public transportation?

Melbourne Airport has serious traffic problems because of the big city’s unpredictable traffic. So when using cars, buses or taxis to get to the airport, the risk factors are higher.

Which of the Airports have high immigration processes?

None of the three airports have any high Immigration Processes.

What is the best tourist attraction close to Melbourne Airport?

At Melbourne Airport:Maribyrnong Valley Parklands is just a short drive away from the heart of the city, it features Brimbank Park and Horseshoe Bend Farm. The parklands offer an ideal setting for outdoor activities such as picnics, walks along the extensive network of trails, fishing, canoeing and bird watching, all set within the peaceful parklands surrounded by prolific birdlife. The Horseshoe Bend Farm is open to visitors; it is a popular destination for visitors of all ages. During the week it is regularly occupied by young families, playgroups, primary schools and older recreation groups.

Note: Conditions may change in parks due to some many unforeseen reasons. It is best to get the latest information about any changes in local conditions. Visit the relevant park pages on the Parks Victoria website, and be bushfire ready for the great outdoors.


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