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Brussels Scavenger Hunt: The Best Of Brussels

clock 2 hours
  • Let’s Roam is the #1 app-led scavenger hunt company. Walk to all the best landmarks and hidden gems, answering trivia questions and solving challenges. Work with your team or compete against them, as you learn new facts and create memorable...Read more

Just A Break Pack - 20 items - 1 person - 15 minutes

clock 30 minutes
  • And if we imagined a place where you could let off steam, a place where you would be able to bring out your anger, your frustrations, let your body express itself to evacuate the overflow that can not go out because you do not dare you...Read more

Escape Hunt Brussels, Escape Game

clock 1 hour
  • Each game at Escape Hunt is unique and will make you live an immersive adventure. Once the door is closed, you must work as a team to solve a series of puzzles. You have one hour to regain your freedom, if you...Read more

Virtual Room Brussels - 1st virtual reality team experience

clock 1 hour
  • You will travel to the limits of space and time, in an unprecedented experience in the heart of Brussels, just a few meters from the Grand Place.

    Experience the best of collaborative virtual reality, in a specially designed room equipped with...Read more

Escape room - Bank Job with 5 players

clock 1 hour
  • Find clues and solve the mystery
    The strength of the game in addition to its enigmatic side lies in the pressure that is put on the candidates who sees throughout the game the time that is draining and therefore its chances of success that...Read more

Walk & Explore Bruxelles with the interactive Qula City Trail

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Price per group of 2-6 people. Within 2 hours the Bruxelles City Trail will guide you along the best spots in Bruxelles, while playing fun riddles and assignments on your smartphone. Try to set a top score with family or friends and explore the...Read more

Outdoor city escape game with guiding - Brussels

clock 2 hours
  • This tour combines walking, playing and learning. There are no extra costs, no entry fees , no objects, no guides. Everything you need is included in the app we offer. You will have an amazing time wandering around the city and learning info about...Read more

Urban treasure hunt to Discover Brussels Rise of the Dead

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • A 120-minute Escape Game to escape the zombies!

    Escape Games is not just about staying locked in a room for 1 hour and finding the exit: today we are offering you a new way to experience Escape with your friends or with your...Read more

Escape Game Hangover in Brussels

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • The new escape game that runs on smartphone and challenge you in real life!
    Bring technology, friends and beer together!

    Escape Brussels will allow you to see Brussels in a new way, compete virtually with other teams. Spend 1h in the bars...Read more