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Kuala Lumpur Food Tour Through Chow Kit

clock 4 hours
  • A 4-hour food tour through the Chow Kit district; one of the most thrilling food locations in Kuala Lumpur.
  • An excursion through the bustling district with a private guide and a small group. Read more
  • An avenue to learn about tasty Malaysian Cuisines and the intriguing Malaysian culture.
  • A chance to savour Kuala Lumpur's delightful dishes.
  • What You'll Do:

  • You'll meet up with a small group and your tour guide and embark on the most thrilling journey through the food stalls in the Chow Kit district.
  • Stop at food stalls to taste various dishes and learn about Malaysian cuisines and culture along the way.
  • Enjoy engaging discussions on diverse topics ranging from dishes to culture, history, music, etc with your guide and group members.
  • View landmarks and tourist attractions along the way.
  • What It Includes:

  • A tour guide
  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages
  • A small group of other tourists
  • Travellers Talk:

  • 'A fantastic evening! And seriously there is so much food that we didn't eat for nearly a day afterwards! Tim, our guide, was great. He first took us to a Malaysian street food area and we sampled a number of dishes.' "
  • 'This was by far the best food tour I've ever taken! We tried so many different dishes from the three main cuisines in Malaysia. This tour took us to the best restaurants and food stalls that I definitely couldn't have found on my own.' "
  • Is It Right:

  • If you are an adventure lover who enjoys seeing new places on foot to derive a closer experience, then this is for you. .
  • You've seen some of the reviews, here's a tour that's exciting, filled with scrumptious dishes and thrilling conversations. If you are looking for all these, then this tour is definitely right for you.
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Malaysian Cooking Classes

clock 6 hours
  • It's an exquisite 6-hour cooking class where you will be taught how to prepare Malaysian dishes by certified cooking experts.
  • A guided tour of a local market where you will see and learn about vital ingredients for Malaysian dishes. Read more
  • An exploration of a tropical garden where some of the ingredients for your dishes will be sourced.
  • A chance to enjoy tasty Malaysian meals at breakfast and lunch.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Meet up with your tutors in a house in Malay Kampung where your fun-filled day will begin.
  • Relish a quick local breakfast of roti canai and teh tarik before heading out to the local market for a tour.
  • Interact with local herbs and spices and learn about key ingredients for Malaysian cuisines.
  • Take an intriguing tour of a tropical garden stocked with various vegetables and herbs that will be used in preparing your meal and even get a chance of harvesting some of them.
  • You'll get a chance to cook various yummy Malaysian dishes while watching demos from your tutors then enjoy these dishes for lunch.
  • What It Includes:

  • Hotel pick up
  • Market tour
  • Cooking class
  • Local breakfast and lunch
  • Tour of a tropical garden with edible vegetables and herbs
  • Travellers Talk:

  • 'This cooking experience was certainly beyond our expectations.' "
  • Is It Right:

  • Do you enjoy trying your hands on international delicacies? Yes? Then this is for you! .
  • If you are looking for a fun way to spend one day and enjoy local Malaysian dishes at the same time, then this tour is just right for you.
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Private Half-Day Temples and Cultural Tour in Kuala Lumpur

clock 4 hours
  • This private tour is an introduction to the diverse cultures of Malaysian people.
  • The exploration involves visits to some of the religious sites such as the Batu Caves, a Sikh temple the National Mosque and Thean Hou temple all located in Kuala Lumpur. Read more
  • You'll learn about the food of the various cultures as the come together to serve food at Petaling street market in China Town.
  • What You'll Do:

  • You will be transferred from your hotel to the Batu caves in a private vehicle. An awesome view of the city waits for you at the end of a tall staircase which you will climb.
  • You will also visit to the Masjid Negara, National Mosque a modern architectural building surrounded by lush gardens.
  • Dressed in a mosque appropriate outfit, you will into the beautiful place of worship and to catch sites of traditional Islamic art, calligraphy, and ornamental architecture.
  • At Thean Hou temple also called the temple of the Goddess of heaven, you will explore Malaysia's Chinese Buddhist heritage.
  • Several sumptuous meals and snack await at Petaling Street Market during your visit to china town
  • What It Includes:

  • Private tour with professional English speaking guide / driver.
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off for residents at Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya hotels.
  • Transportation in a private air-conditioned vehicle for residents at Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya hotels.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • Excellent Tour. Our guide was very accommodating and even suggested an extra visit to the Royal Palace and took great photos of us.
  • Had very good and comfortable visit. The attendant was very good. The trip was complete package. best suitable
  • Is It Right:

  • If you're looking to enjoy a great sightseeing tour, this is one!
  • Some of us just enjoy diversity. This tour provides you the chance to learn the culture- way of life of the Malaysian people
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Private Kuala Lumpur Night Market And Food Tour

clock 4 hours
  • It's a 4-hour evening tour of Kuala Lumpur and its fascinating points of attraction
  • A great way to sample local food and enjoy a buffet dinner at a Malaysian restaurant Read more
  • A tour of markets where you can purchase several gift items and souvenirs
  • An opportunity to learn all the intriguing details about Kuala Lumpur from a knowledgeable local.
  • What You'll Do:

  • After being picked up by your driver, you will head to Merdeka Square or Independence Square, the point where the Malaysians celebrated independence from the British.
  • Take a trip through Petaling Street and Central Market where you can purchase souvenirs, gift items and products ranging from clothing to electronics and food items.
  • Wrap up your night by visiting a Malaysian restaurant where you will be treated to a sumptuous buffet dinner and allowed to sample a wide variety of Malaysian foods.
  • All along, discuss with your guide, ask questions and get to learn a lot about Kuala Lumpur.
  • What It Includes:

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off in an air-conditioned car
  • An English-speaking guide/driver
  • A buffet dinner and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Trips to the hidden streets of Kuala Lumpur
  • Travellers Talk:

  • "Great evening! The food was all delicious. We never would have found the places they took us on our own. The guides were informative about the food, the history, and life in Kuala Lumpur. We highly recommend this tour."
  • "Probably the best food tour we have ever done. I was in a food coma for two days. Our guide Timothy was amazing. We learned so much."
  • Is It Right:

  • There are fun ways to learn about a place but none is more enjoyable than learning about the place while sampling the local food too! This is the unique opportunity this tour offers and you should grab it if you are serious about exploring Kuala Lumpur in the best way possible.
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Private Tour: Half-Day Shopping and Market Exploration in Kuala Lumpur

clock 4 hours
  • This half day walking tour is an exploration of the of some of the liveliest markets in Kuala Lumpur
  • It is a "history and shopping in a box offer as you will not only spend time purchasing souvenirs and keepsakes at the markets, you will also learn about the bustling market's history Read more
  • The tour affords you some time to sample a traditional Malaysian, Chinese and Indian meals
  • What You'll Do:

  • You will be picked up by your friendly driver and tour guide who give you lessons on negotiation so you can get the best bargains and derive maximum utility from your shopping budget.
  • At China town you'll be gazing at a wide array of meals as you stroll the streets and passageways packed with several yummy -looking local foods. Of course, you're welcome to sample as many as appeal to you.
  • You will visit the super spacious Central Market where you can continue your food sampling and also shop for souvenirs.
  • The final visits will be to the Jalan Masid India market, a local street market and the Little India Brickfields, where you can purchase flowers and have a taste of Indian pancakes traditionally referred to as "Dosa"
  • What It Includes:

  • Friendly, Professional driver and tour guide
  • Hotel Pickup and drop-off
  • Fees for Food and drinks not included
  • Travellers Talk:

  • Great way to experience KLs markets. Our guide Vikram was very friendly and knowledgeable. We had plenty of time to wander around each market.
  • My wife was happy! Chinatown is a heaven of food and cheaper shopping. Central market good place for local souvenirs and handicrafts.
  • Is It Right:

  • Yes! If you L-O-V-E good food.
  • Looking to just let your hair down, clear your head and recharge? After completing this tour, you'll be supercharged
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Withlocals The 10 Tastings: Kuala Lumpur Private Street Food Tour

clock 4 hours
  • A delightful four-hour tasting tour of the city of Kuala Lumpur
  • It's an opportunity to sample as much as 10 different delicious Indian, Chinese and Malaysian foods and snacks Read more
  • Go on your journey with a private guide and learn about the influence of other cultures on Malaysian foods
  • A fully flexible tour with an opportunity for you to choose your itinerary
  • What You'll Do:

  • Meet up with your guide and begin your tasting tour at the Chow Kit Market where you'll enjoy fresh produce like fruits
  • Visit Kampung Baru and enjoy Malaysian dishes like savor nasi lemak and pisang goring
  • Head to Jalan Masjid India and treat your taste buds to tasty and spicy Indian cuisines
  • Enjoy Chinese-inspired Malaysian meals like curry mee, yong tau foo and a creamy glass of cendol
  • Learn about Malaysian cuisines from your friendly an d knowledgeable guide
  • See interesting landmarks and experience the bustling nature of Malaysian food markets
  • What It Includes:

  • A private guide
  • A city-wide tour
  • Lessons about Malaysian cuisines form your guide
  • A city-wide tour
  • Food sampling (up to 10 scrumptious dishes)
  • Travellers Talk:

  • "Excellent tour. The guide was very knowledgeable and the food was delicious! We learned so much about the culture and history of KL.''
  • 'What an amazing experience we had with our guide T.K on this tour. As it was a private tour, he gave us the option of going truly off the tourist trail to hidden places where the locals eat.' "
  • Is It Right:

  • Sure it is, as long as you love exploring unfamiliar places on foot while interacting with the locals and enjoying the ambience.
  • If you are not only into sightseeing but also food tasting, you'll absolutely love this tour.
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Private Cooking Workshop and Market Tour in Kuala Lumpur

clock 3 hours
  • An interesting 3-hour private cooking class where you'll get to learn how to prepare the exotic Malaysian curry dish
  • An opportunity to enjoy a 3-course Malaysian meal, part of which you will prepare alongside other tourists Read more
  • A great way to learn about Malaysian dishes as you shop for ingredients in a market.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Meet up with your private guide and head to a market to pick up your ingredients while you enjoy chatting and sightseeing with other group members.
  • Have the privilege to be hosted by a Malaysian local so you and your group can have fun cooking the main course.
  • Learn about the different types of Malaysian dishes and curries from your hosts that you can even try out on your own.
  • Savour the tantalizing local appetizer and dessert your host will prepare and afterwards sit to enjoy the main course with your host and group members.
  • What It Includes:

  • A private guide
  • An entertaining cooking class
  • A trip to a local market to purchase ingredients
  • A delectable local 3-course meal
  • Travellers Talk:

  • 'It's always great to share food, it teaches you something about a culture and people. Fares was a great host and the trip to the market was fun.' "
  • 'My husband and I had a wonderful experience with our hostess. She is a wonderful cook and encouraged us to participate in the preparation of the meal.' "
  • Is It Right:

  • If you love to learn fascinating details about the culture of the locals in places you go on vacation to by getting your hands busy, then you would love this tour.
  • Do you love to try your hands on not so familiar cuisines, learn and have fun all at once? Yes? Then this private cooking class and tour is just right for you.
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Discover the Best Local Food Tour by Night in Kuala Lumpur

clock 2 hours
  • It's a private 2-hour trip that will take you round 3 food stalls in Kuala Lumpur where you will sample various tasty delicacies, both local and international.
  • A journey filled with thrilling information on Malaysian foods Read more
  • It's a tour with a flexible structure that allows you determine your itinerary
  • A fantastic opportunity to hear interesting personal tales from your amiable guide and also enjoy fun conversations.
  • What You'll Do:

  • You'll link up with your tour guide at a pre-arranged meeting point then chat about your favourite cuisines as both of you head to Jalan Bkit Bintang.
  • Head to the Hutong Food Court in Jalan Bukit Bintang where you will enjoy bites of the delectable Siew Bao - crispy barbecued roasted chicken buns - and also try out the chicken curry puff (a scrummy pastry filled with chicken).
  • You'll embark on a short trip to Jalan Alor where even more scrumptious meals await you. Here, you can munch on some Chinese Dim Sum and Satay Lok Lok with peanut sauce.
  • Wrap up your tour at a Mamak food stall at Mamak SK Corner by grabbing a bite of some paper dosa (a paper-thin pancake eaten with Indian sauces like the curry or coconut chutney). Top it all off with some Teh Tahrik: a refreshing drink of milk tea.
  • What It Includes:

  • A private guide
  • Free meals (6 tastings per person)
  • One non-alcoholic beverage
  • Travellers Talk:

  • 'The tour leads through the food mile of Bukit Bintang. Our companion contacted us the day before the tour. She was already at the meeting place when we arrived. She guided us through the evening in a very pleasant and friendly way. Sure you can do it alone, but the information about the food, land and people as well as about the city were very informative.' "
  • 'We thoroughly enjoyed this tour. We tasted food we had never had before. Learned some local culture. Tk is a wealth of knowledge on local food. Such a lovely young man. Would recommend this tour to everyone.' "
  • Is It Right:

  • If you are an adventurous food enthusiast, then yes, this tour is just right!
  • And if you are just someone looking to have a good time and treat yourself to a wide variety of tasty goodies in the process, you should sign up for this tour too.
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Kuala Lumpur By Night Tour with Dinner

clock 3 hours
  • It's an exquisite 3-hour tour of the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur under its shimmering night lights
  • The tour entails a visit to the bustling night market in Chinatown where bargain prices and thrilling items await you. Read more
  • A fascinating expedition to the Sri Mahamariamman Temple, the oldest Hindu temple in Malaysia is also included in the package.
  • It covers a trip to the Cultural Night Village where you will be treated to a buffet of sumptuous local and international cuisines while enjoying a show of Malaysia's rich cultural heritage.
  • What You'll Do:

  • You will begin the night tour by meeting up with your friendly, English speaking driver/guide.
  • Then you'll head on to the night market on Petaling Street in Chinatown where you can just wander around and take in the beautiful sights or pick-up items of your choice at bargain prices.
  • Your next stop will be the ancient Sri Mahamariamman Temple where you'll have the opportunity to sightsee and learn some fascinating historical facts about the Hindu temple.
  • Next up is a trip to the Cultural Night Village. Right here is where you'll get to delight your taste buds by tucking into a repertoire of local and international delicacies in an all-you-can-eat dinner while you watch a dazzling cultural show.
  • What It Includes:

  • A driver/guide
  • Transportation in an air-conditioned car from your hotel to the outlined tour destinations and back to your hotel afterwards.
  • A buffet dinner of Malaysian and international cuisines
  • Travellers Talk:

  • 'A great tour guide, very informative and chatty. Chinatown is great, plenty of time to wander and shop.' "
  • 'Great guide and much more than we expected for our money. The buffet dinner and cultural show were amazing.' "
  • Is It Right:

  • If you like to learn fun facts about landmarks and tourist attractions, then you will love this tour!
  • If you are the type of person who loves to go sightseeing at night, try new dishes then yes!
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Private "Lepak-Lepak" Tour : Local Night Market & Mamak Stall

clock 3 hours 30 minutes
  • A 4-hour trip that includes visits to a vast number of stalls and shops in the market.
  • It's a tour that gives you access to Malaysian cuisines in food stalls as well as in a Mamak restaurant. Read more
  • A great opportunity to have fun while seeing Kuala Lumpur at night.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Experience the thrill of exploring Malaysian streets at night.
  • Visit the bustling night markets and learn to bargain like a local as you watch your guide do it.
  • Still in the night markets, sample various Malaysian foods as you take recommendations from your guide and try out snacks that look appealing to you.
  • At the end of your market tour, make your way to a Mamak restaurant with your guide and take in the Mamak culture firsthand. Also enjoy some more delectable dishes.
  • What It Includes:

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • An English-speaking driver/guide
  • food tasting
  • Dinner at a local Mamak restaurant
  • Travellers Talk:

  • "Excellent opportunity to taste food from the region. WARNING!!! Don't eat before you go. There was so much food to taste that I had a lot to take back to my hotel room for the evening. I would highly recommend this tour."
  • Is It Right:

  • Looking for a cool way to spend the night, learn about Kuala Lumpur and fill your stomach with sumptuous food all at the same time? Yes? Then this tour is just perfect for you.
  • If you are looking to familiarize yourself with the environment with the help of a knowledgeable local, look no further, this tour provides that and more.
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Private Full Day Tour : Kuala Lumpur City & Shopping with Lunch

clock 8 hours
  • An 8-hour tour that takes you through the most important monuments and places in the city of Kuala Lumpur.
  • A chance to be chauffeured by a knowledgeable local and learn a lot about the city through your conversations. Read more
  • Go through the scenic streets and explore the depths of the Kuala Lumpur's beautiful and bustling areas.
  • Enjoy the guide of someone familiar with the landscape and stop at fascinating places including the Central Market where you can purchase gift items.
  • What You'll Do:

  • After being picked up at your hotel, visit the 88-floor Petronas Twin Towers and explore other sites of attraction at the same location including the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and the Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge.
  • Visit the National Museum and the Perdana Botanical Garden (Lake Gardens) where you can enjoy picturesque views of man-made waterfalls and trees.
  • Explore the magnificent Chinese Thean Hou Temple and walk through the Central Market in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Visit other points of attraction including Chinatown, the little India Brickfields, Royal Selangor Visitor Centre and Batu Caves. All great places for you to have a great time.
  • What It Includes:

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off in an air-conditioned vehicle
  • Lunch
  • An English-speaking driver/guide
  • Free entry to Petronas Twin Towers
  • Free entry to the National Museum
  • Travellers Talk:

  • "The guide, Ali was very knowledgeable and very friendly. He took us to almost all the places in Kuala Lumpur. I highly recommend this tour. We had a lot of fun picked up at right time and dropped at our convenient time. Thanks a lot guys.' "
  • "Our guide presented himself well and was very knowledgeable. Very clean car. Local food picked by guide also good. Overall experience was great. Plenty pictures and memories.' "
  • Is It Right:

  • If you enjoy comprehensive tours, then this is definitely for you.
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KL Night Tour and Malaysia Cultural Show with Dinner

clock 4 hours
  • It is an evening tour in Kuala Lumpur that allows participants enjoy fascinating moments in the city with several stops at some notable spots for photos in the city including the Twin Tower and other popular landmarks.
  • This tour includes an exciting night with live entertainment from some cultural Malaysian dancers and musicians with a chance to learn about the history of some spots in the city and Malaysia’s entertainment culture. Read more
  • It includes a traditional Malaysian Buffet dinner with a convenient round trip transportation from Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya and a professional guide to give some information on the locations you stop at or pass through during the tour
  • What You'll Do:

  • You will enjoy a night tour in Kuala Lumpur that includes several fun activities and entertainment with a convenient round trip transportation and a professional guide.
  • This tour includes live entertainment of Malaysian musical and cultural dance performance at a fascinating spot in the city and also learn of the city’s dance and music culture.
  • You will take several stops at some popular landmarks in the city and stop for photoshoots and also learn the history and facts about some of the locations from your tour guide.
  • What It Includes:

  • Confirmation at the time of booking.
  • Live music and dance performance.
  • Photo sessions.
  • Pickup and dropoff.
  • Sightseeing.
  • Dinner Buffet.
  • Driver.
  • Guide.
  • Dress code is smart/casual.
  • Shorts and slippers are not allowed at the restaurant.
  • Not wheelchair accessible.
  • Infants must sit on laps.
  • Most travellers can participate.
  • For a full refund, cancel booking at least 24hours before your tour date.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • Although there was a complaint from a participant on the location of the live show, most travellers said the tour was amazing and they loved the pictures.
  • Most people commented on the good food and great customer service they got at the restaurant. Some people recommend the tour for everyone.
  • Is It Right:

  • Offering participants an insight on the dance and music culture of the city, with a glimpse of some popular landmarks in Kuala Lumpur, this tour is suitable for everyone.
  • It includes dinner, live entertainment and round trip transportation in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya with a guide .
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Kuala Lumpur: Plane In the City Dining Experience

clock Half Day
  • It's a delightful dining experience in restaurant built inside a Boeing 737 aircraft.
  • The dining experience includes window seats available in economy, business and first class. Read more
  • A three to four course meal prepared by the renowned Le Meridien Group
  • What You'll Do:

  • Sit to have dinner inside a Boeing 737 aircraft.
  • Enjoy a rich meal that's well tailored to your package of choice while listening to relaxing music.
  • The menu includes: appetizer: smoked eel, marinated tomatoes, perila vinaigrette. For the main course, you can have any of the following (i) beef: Braised beef, rosemary pumpkin mash, wilted spinach, (ii) fish: glazed Atlantic seabass, kalian, wasabi mayo, prawn beignet, (ii) Chicken: marinated chicken, burdock roots, pickled scallions, parsnip puree. For desert you'll have: Chocolate creameux, dehydrated raspberry, berries marmalade.
  • Visit the cockpit and
  • What It Includes:

  • Free entry to Skyland lounge
  • Window seats
  • A visit to the cockpit
  • A walk on the aircraft's wings
  • An exquisite three to four course dinner
  • Travellers Talk:

  • "It was a thrilling experience! Everything was great, from the food to the tour of the aircraft and the window seats."
  • Is It Right:

  • This is a great way to add some excitement to the otherwise bland task of eating dinner. If you are looking to do something different and enjoy a nice meal at the same time, then this is your best bet. It offers the intriguing experience of touring an aircraft and even getting the opportunity to see the insides of the cockpit. Not to mention you'll get to go for a walk on the wings of the aircraft. If you are looking for an unforgettable way to spend an evening in Kuala Lumpur, this is it.
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KL Tower Revolving Restaurant Buffet Dinner and Central Market Night Tour

clock 3 hours 30 minutes
  • This is a 3.5-hour tasty dinner and experiential market tour in Kuala Lumpur
  • It is an invitation to soak up picturesque sights of Kuala Lumpur from the top of Asia's tallest tower, the Kuala Lumpur Tower aka. Menara Kuala Lumpur Read more
  • The Expedition also includes a stroll through Kuala Lumpur's famous Central Market, one of the city's leading attractions.
  • What You'll Do:

  • You will be picked up from your hotel, provided you are in the Kuala Lumpur city center area and \conveyed to the KL Tower.
  • You will enjoy an all you can eat dinner at KL Tower's revolving restaurant.
  • Feel on top off the world because you are in fact on top of the world.
  • Led by your tour guide, you will also take a stroll in the Central Market and shop for keepsakes while you are at it.
  • If you are willing to pay a little extra you can have a seat at the window side.
  • What It Includes:

  • A professional English-speaking driver/guide
  • Buffet dinner at 360 Atmosphere KL Tower
  • Hotel pickup and drop off are included
  • Transport by air-conditioned minivan
  • All taxes, fees and other surcharges are included
  • Travellers Talk:

  • The meal at the end with a night view of KL was most definitely the highlight of this trip.
  • I bought this for my mother and grandparents and they absolutely loved it. Worth every penny.
  • Is It Right:

  • This tour will hit well with you and perhaps most people. Seeing that we all love to treat ourselves to a time with great food
  • Great food, stunning views, from one of the tallest spots in the world. You will find everything about this tour lovable.
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2-Hour Dinner at KL Tower Revolving Restaurant with 1-Way Transfer

clock 2 hours
  • This is a full evening experience of delight at the Atmosphere 360 revolving restaurant located at the Kuala Lumpur Tower.
  • It combines great tasting local and international cuisine with an aerial view of the city, with live music to give you a classic dinner experience. Read more
  • It includes a one way shared transfer from your hotel to the Kuala Lumpur Tower
  • What You'll Do:

  • You will be picked up from your hotel in Kuala Lumpur city and conveyed to the Menara Kuala Lumpur, one of the tallest buidings in the world, standing at 1,380feet above Kuala Lumpur
  • You'll board a high-speed elevator that will take you to the atmosphere 360 Revolving restaurants, at 905 feet and is about 328 feet higher than the "Petronas Twin Towers" Skybridge.
  • Soak in the night view of Kuala Lumpur as the restaurant slowly revolves. Catch sight
  • You will enjoy a modern buffet of genuine, delectable, Malaysian dishes along with some international favorites. Order from a menu of wines and cocktails and then finish off with a selection of desserts
  • After a delightsome dinner experience take the high-speed elevator to the ground floor and end your experience
  • What It Includes:

  • Buffet dinner at 360 Atmosphere KL Tower
  • 1-way hotel pickup from selected hotels within Kuala Lumpur City Centre
  • One-way shared transfer
  • English speaking driver
  • Hotel drop-off after dinner in not available
  • Fees for Beverages; wine, soft drinks, juices, alcoholic drinks, etc. are not included
  • Travellers Talk:

  • A special evening of good food and amazing views. Very well organized.
  • Is It Right:

  • This package provides a romantic experience that is perfect for couples
  • If you'd love to simply treat yourself to a delectable dinner experience while enjoying sweeping views of the lit up KL city, then this is for you.
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Night Tour from Kuala Lumpur With Firefly Watching and Dinner

clock 6 hours
  • A 6-hour tour from Kuala Lumpur to the serene district of Kuala Selangor on the outskirts of the city.
  • An opportunity to enjoy the natural views of the rural region of Kuala Selangor Read more
  • A package that includes a boat trip to Kampung Kuantan and fireflies watching at sunset.
  • The chance to enjoy sightings of fascinating indigenous wildlife like macaques and silvered leaf monkeys.
  • A chance to relish a sumptuous seafood dinner.
  • What You'll Do:

  • You'll enjoy a car ride from your hotel in Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Selangor, a little serene village located on the banks of Selangor River, which is popular for its countless fireflies.
  • Visit a lighthouse on a hill where you can scan the skies and trees for fascinating local wildlife like birds, macaques and silvered leaf monkeys.
  • You'll head out to a close fishing village where you'll be treated to a delightful seafood dinner.
  • Your tour will end by you boarding a boat at sunset to watch the millions of fireflies as they light up the environment with their beautiful lights.
  • What It Includes:

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off in a private car
  • A delectable seafood dinner
  • An intriguing boat ride
  • A tour guide/driver
  • Travellers Talk:

  • 'It was a nice ride characterized by fascinating activities and places. First the Hindu temple, then a lot of fun also meeting the monkeys by feeding them. Finally, the visit to the fireflies along the river, after a typical dinner, ended the day with a flourish.' "
  • 'I enjoyed watching fireflies and feeding silver monkeys very much. And the seafood dinner was very good.' "
  • Is It Right:

  • If you are up for a long, fun and adventure filled day topped off with a delicious seafood dinner, then you should try out this tour.
  • If you find nature appealing and are fascinated by wildlife, rarities like a swarm of fireflies lighting up the sky then yes! This is perfect for you.
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Cruise - Port Klang (Kuala Lumpur) Shore excursion

clock 5 to 8 hours
  • Kuala Lumpur is approximately 45km (1 hour to 1.5 hours) from Port Klang where the cruise ships berth. There are limited options getting into town without advance private arrangement. The closest train station is a 20 mins drive away. The port is not serviced by public buses. Cruise official tours are crowded with fixed itineraries.

    Our...Read more

The Old City of Kuala Lumpur and Batu Caves Private Tour

clock 4 hours
  • You can see how diverse, harmony and peaceful Malaysian is. The mixture of culture and heritage. Everything you can find it here, that's why you must join and enjoy the...Read more

Introduction to Wonders of Kuala Lumpur

clock 3 hours
  • After a long flight and the ride in from the airport, bustling downtown Kuala Lumpur can be a confronting experience. Take this short guided tour for a Kuala Lumpur crash course. Learn about the main attractions in the central city, visit some local favorites and plan out the rest of your day. Your guide explains how to get around the city with...Read more

Magic of Kuala Lumpur under The Lights

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  • From the Malay enclave of Kampung Baru to illuminated views from the Heli Lounge Bar, this guided evening tour of Kuala Lumpur has it all. You'll learn about the cultural diversity of the capital from your local guide. Street food tastings at the hawker stalls of Jalan Alor are included in the 3-hour itinerary.
    - Guided 3-hour night time tour...Read more

FAQs about Kuala Lumpur Food, Wine & Beer Tours

Kuala Lumpur food and wine tours designed to allow travellers explore the art and culture of Kuala Lumpur locals and elites when it comes to foods, wines, beers, local snacks, etc. and also offer great knowledge of the culinary history of Kuala Lumpur city