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Paris is the capital city of France, it is mostly voted as the most beautiful because of its Romanesque architecture and monuments that attracts millions of tourists yearly – in fact, it was ranked as the third most visited travel destination in the world after Bangkok and London in 2017 with over 8.1 million visitors. This elegant and magical city should top the list of locations for your next vacation- the wonderful romance ambiance combined with the best of European cultures and fashion is one experience that will make you visit again.

In case you consider visiting Paris on your next vacation, this article will offer you the adequate information you need to make the most of your Paris day trip, giving you full details on the best trips and trips from Paris to different attractions sites around the country. If you are considering having the best of times on your Paris day trip then outlined below are some must visit locations for you.

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1. Versailles Day Trip from Paris

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Take a day trip from Paris by car to Versailles, to visit the fascinating palace and royal residence of Louis XVI. The historic monument is a UNESCO World heritage site that attracts millions of visitors every year – exploring the notable ceremonial hall of mirrors, jewel-like royal opera and the royal apartments enhanced with gold, crystal and precious gems will give you that best day trip Paris experience that you have always wanted. Exploring the garden of Versailles gives you the brilliant experience of living in a French royal court, the 800 hectares Garden de Versailles is lined with sculptures, green fountains and lawns promises an impactful stroll. Your best day trip Paris gives you that top-notch experience you cannot get anywhere in the world but in Versailles, visit to the History of France Museum explore the various pictures and sculptures evidence in the French history from the crusades up to 19th Century. There are series of shows and performances that you can attend on your stay that will give that spectacular Versailles nighttime. The Palace hosts operas and concerts in evocative settings that include the Royal opera and Royal Chapel with performances of sacred music – you can experience the drama at the Royal Court as musicians and dancer from the Compagnie Baroque create scenes of French ball in the Hall of Mirrors. Other Places to explore around Versailles on your Paris best day trips are; the Versailles Cathedral, Royal Chapel situated at the Palace, the church of Notre-Dame de Versailles, Grand and Petit Trianon. There are array of markets like market of Notre-Dame and Jussieeu-Montreuil Market that offers the best of frog legs, brioche, organic produce and other French food stuffs at affordable prices – so take some time to make some purchases. Guided day trips from Paris that best explore Versailles are;

Skip the Line: Versailles and Trianon Audio Pen Tour

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Versailles Skip the Line Audio Full-day Tour from Paris

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