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Venice is a city is the capital of Venito Region in northern Italy, it sits across a group of small islands on the Venetian Lagoon. Venice is a city of upmost beauty, filled with tourist attractions on every side. From the renowned Grand Canal with its Byzantine Romanesque buildings, Renaissance palazzos and neoclassical mansions that lined its shores to the Piazza San Marco and Doges Palace coupled with amazing night vibes and romantic atmosphere makes Venice a must-visit location.

Visiting Venice, this article will offer you the adequate information you need to make the most of your Venice day trips, giving you full details on the best attractions sites around the country. If you are considering having the best of times on your Venice tour, then outlined below are some must visit locations for you.

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1. Dolomites Day Trip from Venice

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Dolomites, a mountainous Alps in northeastern Italy is one location that will give you a memorable experience on your Venice day trip. This mountainous Alps extends from River Adige in the west to Piave Valley in the east covering a total area of 141,903 hectares. The Dolomites stands as one of the most beautiful alpine landscapes in the world with many glaciers, sheer cliffs, vertical walls, valley and mountains with peaks as high up to 3000 metres.

The Val Garden holds amazing experiences for you on your day trip from Venice, it gives you a perfect atmosphere for skiing, woodcarving and rock climbing. The Alpine Botanical Garden of Voitte sits on 10 acres land area and it is lined with thousands of plant species and beautiful flowers – it sits 1500 metres above sea level that gives a good view of the city of Trento.

Awesome experiences awaits you on your Venice day trip exploring the beautiful Civetta Moutain region with its quaint villages. Its mountains stands as one of the most beautiful mountain walls in the Dolomites, its high peak gives the most challenging mountain climb that is often referred to as the “wall of walls” by mountain climbers. You can also enjoy amazing flight over the mountains paragliding the forest of Ciampinoi, Mont, de Seura and Col Rodella.

Cortina & Dramatic Dolomites Full-Day Tour from Venice

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Duration: 9 hours


  • Drive through stunning mountain scenery
  • Spend the day in the fresh mountain air of the Dolomites
  • Go to the peaks of Faloria more