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    About The Palma Pass: Planning a visit to Palma de Mallorca? Then the Palma pass is your sure bet to gain access to some of the most beautiful attractions in the city. The Palma Pass provides everything a tourist needs to visit the city such as access to some of the best museums, restaurants, guided tour discounts, shopping, entertainment, shops and bus tours. You also get a free guide with the Palma Pass to ensure you have seen everything there is to see in Palma de Mallorca. With this pass, you don’t need to investigate places you want to visit, just order your Palma Pass and go everywhere.

    Palma Express Pass:

    Tourists can also take advantage of their holidays by visiting 3 out of the many museums and attractions in Palma de Mallorca with a Palma Express Pass. You get to visit 3 of your favorite attractions without booking any tickets, with the express pass you get access to three places you want to visit and enjoy your time while relaxing in the Mallorcan Bay.

    The card also includes:

    • Tourists get to choose 3 out of the many museums to visit
    • Discounts in museums, entertainment, restaurants, tours and shopping in Palma de Mallorca for up to 50%.
    • Tourists can explore the wonderful city of Palma and the Cathedral of Mallorca, Bellver Castle and many more while you save money and time as well.
    • Tourists get a 7-day card with a Free Guide

    Palma Family Pass:

    Going on a family vacation/holiday can be really daunting sometimes due to expenses. With the Palma Family Pass, you get a perfect solution to reduce extra expenses. You and your family get to enjoy the amazing monuments and attractions in Palma such as the Palma Aquarium, Bellver Castle, the Cathedral and its chapter museum, San Francisco Convent, La Porciúncula convent church, Toy Museum and many more. The Palma Family Pass will give you value for your money and valuable time with your family.

    These include the following:

    • Up to 50% discounts in museums, entertainment, guided tours, restaurants, shopping
    • A free Palma Aquarium ticket
    • A free ticket for tourists to pick three museums and attractions to visit

    Palma Pass Options / Packages: The Palma Pass can also be purchased online with benefits which depend on the number of days you decide to explore such as the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7 days.

    Palma Pass:

    • Admission to more than 30 attractions like Museums, Waterparks, caves etc.
    • Walking tours
    • Hop-On-Hop-Off Tours Bus Tours
    • Free Harbor boat trips
    • 50% discounts on food, drinks, watersports and many more

    Benefits: Some of the benefits of having the Palma Pass are listed below:

    • You get free entry to attractions on the whole island and the cathedral of Palma
    • You get free entry to the caves, Palma Aquarium, and Waterparks
    • You get free Hop-on-hop-off, Bus tour, guided tours, and harbor boat trip through Palma
    • You also get real exclusive discounts up to 50% off on a whole lot of things
    • You get an English speaking tour guide
    • You get a free Mallorca guide with information about all the places you need to visit with a map of the Island.

    What Attractions Are Covered by The Palma Pass?

    The Palma Pass gives tourists access to Mallorca’s over 30 amazing attractions for free to create your own experience on the Island. Some of the best places to visit in Palma and the Island include:

    Palma City:

    • Cathedral of Palma – La Seu
    • City sightseeing bus trip through Palma
    • Sightseeing boat trip in the bay of Palma *
    • Beautifully restored city palace – Fundación Bartolomé March
    • Guided bicycle tour through Palma
    • Guided tour through Palma’s historic city
    • Tren Arenal – Mini-trains on the beach promenade *
    • Palma Aquarium

    Palma Palma de Mallorca Island:

    • Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours
    • Harbor boat tours
    • The famous dripstone caves in Porto Cristo (Cuevas de Hams)
    • Monastery Real de la Cartuja
    • On the trail of Chopin – Chopin museum
    • The Gardens of Alfabia
    • Monastery – Santuari de Lluc
    • Archeological site – Poblat Talaiotic Ses Paisses

    What Sightseeing Tours Are Included in Palma Pass?

    Some of the top tours you will most likely want to explore are as follows:

    • Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours
    • Museum Tours
    • Open Bus Tours
    • Waterparks
    • Caves
    • Aquariums
    • Mini train tour on the Island
    • 1-hour boat tour in the Palma Bay

    What Discount Do You Get from Palma Pass?

    You get 5% to 20% off some of these places such as:

    • Rafa Nadal Museum Xperience
    • Delicious Tapas Tour in Palma
    • Palma Tourist Center Bike Hire Tours
    • Souvenir shop & Restaurant and Palma Aquarium
    • The adventurous climbing Park
    • Water activities with PX boats
    • The Pirate Show
    • Mallorca Fashion Outlet

    Palma Pass Transport Options: The Palma city pass gives tourists a free ride on the Hop-on Hop-off bus tours, Harbor boat tours, and a mini train tour on the Island.

    Palma Pass Prices Packages: The Palma pass packages depend on the number of days a tourist wishes to spend in the Mallorcan city. Below are prices for the Palma Pass, Palma Family, and Palma Express:


    • The Palma Pass for adults cost £s; 39.90 (1 day), £s;59.90 (2 days), £s;79.90 (3 days) £s;89.90 (5 days) & £s;109.90 (7 days)


    • The pass for children cost £s;19.90 (1 day), £s;29.90 (2 days), £s;34.90 (3 days), £s;39.90 (5 days) & £s;49.90 (7 days)
    • Teens cost £s;29.90 (1 day), £s; (2 days), £s;59.90 (3 days), £s;69.90 (5 days) & £s;89.90 (7 days)

    Palma Express Pass:

    • Adults – £s; 16.00

    Palma Family Pass:

    • 2 adults + 2 children – £s;92.00

    Days options

    • Tourists have the choice to pick how many days they wish to explore Palma with their Palma Pass (Family or Express) from 1 day, 2 days, 3 days 5 days and 7 days.

    Palma Pass Validity: The Palma Pass is valid for the duration of 12 days and it must not you decide to pay for that is 1 day – 6 days.

    What Are People Saying About Palma Pass?

    Based on reviews by tourists on who have visited the beautiful city of Mallorca, it is obvious how beautiful and captivating it is to spend valuable time on vacation in Palma and its Islands. According to Michellecoston from Cambridge, UK, she acknowledged “absolutely brilliant tour, will definitely do it again when next Majorca Fabulous stops”, while another tourist by the name Hary5 said it is a “great value for a city tour”.

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Mallorca Pass - Attraction Discount Pass

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    Explore and relax under the sunny beaches on the island of Mallorca using a 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 day Mallorca City Pass. Get access to top attractions located on the island, with free entry to sites like the Mallorca Waterparks, sightseeing bus and train tours, Palma's Cathedral (La Seu), the Marineland Dolphinarium, Chopin Museum, Cuevas del Hams and many more. Embark on a hop-on-hop-off bus tour, using a bicycle or a guided walking tour around all the major attractions on the island. The Mallorca City Pass also includes a Mallorca travel guide with tips and information about the islands top attractions, and you also enjoy exclusive discounts on leisure activities, souvenirs and more. It is ideal for families, friends, groups, as well as solo ttravellers to enjoy their holiday.

    Key Points of Palma Mallorca City Pass

    Enjoy free entry at over 30 major attractions on Mallorca island

    Marvel at Mallorca's attractions on a guided hop-on-hop-off bus, bicycle or walking tour.

    Explore Mallorcaisland with a with your 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7-day Mallorca City Pass at your own pace!

    Enjoy 50%discounts on leisure activities, souvenirs and more with the Mallorca City Pass.

    The pass includes a MallorcaTravel Guide with useful tips to help you get to the top attractions.

    Complimentary Sightseeing Tours Included

    The Mallorca City Pass comes with an hour boat trip in the Palmabay.

    Mallorca City Pass Discounts

    With the Mallorca City Pass, you get 50% discounts for souvenirs, leisure activities and more.

    How Much is a 1/2/3 Day Mallorca City Pass?

    The price for the Mallorca City Pass are as follows:

    1-Day Mallorca City Pass

    Adult (18-99) - €39.90

    Teen (13-17)- €29.90

    Child (5-12) - €19.90

    Infant - FREE

    2-Day Mallorca City Pass

    Adult (18-99) - €59.90

    Teen (13-17)- €49.90

    Child (5-12) - €29.90

    Infant - FREE

    3-Day Mallorca City Pass

    Adult (18-99) - €79.90

    Teen (13-17)- €59.90

    Child (5-12) - €34.90

    Infant - FREE

    5-Day Mallorca City Pass

    Adult (18-99) - €89.90

    Teen (13-17)- €69.90

    Child (5-12) - €39.90

    Infant - FREE

    7-Day Mallorca City Pass

    Adult (18-99) - €109.90

    Teen (13-17)- €89.90

    Child (5-12) - €49.90

    Infant - FREE

    NOTE:Children under 5 years are allowed on the bus or boat tours, so children must be accompanied at all times by an adult.

    Mallorca City Pass Attractions

    Departure Point:Your Mallorca City Pass will be delivered to you via email upon purchase and you can start your tour from any of the top attractions you wish to see first.

    Tours and Top Attractions:Some of the main attractions include Mallorca's Landmark the Cathedral of Palma, City sightseeing bus tour through Palma, Sightseeing boat tour in the bay of Palma, City Palace (Fundación Bartolomé March), Guided bicycle tour, Guided walking tour of the historic city, Tren Arenal (Mini-trains on the beach promenade), Palma Aquarium, Aqualand El Arena largest water park Mallorca, Western Waterpark, Marineland Dolphinarium, Palm House & Aquarium, Katmandu Park 250 meters from the ocean, Golf Fantasia, Coves de Génova stalactite caves, Monastery Santuari de Cura, Glass church, Basilika Convento de San Francisco, Pueblo Español, Museum Diocesano and many more.

    Mallorca City Pass Verdict

    Mallorca City Pass is a unique way to explore this island city and tourists can choose from a 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7-day pass. With this pass, you get to visit over 30 top attractions water parks, museums, oceans views, caves, churches and many more. Tourists get to visit places around the island in either a hop-on-hop-off bus, bicycle or guided walking tours with a 50% discount on souvenirs, local activities and many more. Marvel at the beautiful city while on a free one hour boat tour in the bay of Palma. Mallorca City Pass is for any class of people, groups, families, friends, co-workers and more, to experience the island of Mallorca in a different way entirely.

    Is The Mallorca City Pass Right for Me?

    As a tourist, the Mallorca City Pass is a great way and right for you to experience Mallorca. It is suitable for a family, group, friends and more to explore the major attractions in the city. You get to choose from a 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7-day city pass to enjoy free entry to more than 30 top attractions in Mallorca with 50% discounts on activities and at attractions. Some of the top attractions include Palma Aquarium, Aqualand El Arena largest water park Mallorca, Western Waterpark, Marineland Dolphinarium, Palm House & Aquarium, Katmandu Park 250 meters from the ocean, Golf Fantasia, Coves de Génova stalactite caves, Monastery Santuari de Cura, Glass church, and many more. You also get to enjoy free a hop-on-hop-off bus tour, bicycle tour or guided walking tour with an electronic tour guide to aid you around the island of Mallorca. The pass also gives you a complimentary boat tour in the bay of Palma, this is surely an exciting way to explore Mallorca.