Which City pass / discount card is Better/ Worth for you?

Which City pass/ card is the Best?

Making use of an attraction discount card is a great way to save money during your visit to a city. There is so much to see in most cities, and paying for each place can be complicated and expensive.

We look here at some of the leading cities in the world and what discount cards are on offer in each. We have worked hard to understand all the options, and we bring you an unbiased guide to compare these. Different cards suit different people, and we detail which is the best choice depending on how you want to experience the city. We look at what attractions they cover, their costs and validity, and what extras are included, such as tours and transport.

Travellers often get overwhelmed by the different choices and struggle to make the right choice. We guarantee you will find the one that works best for you, and not waste precious time during your trip trying to figure them all out!

London City passes really worth the money?

London Pass / Explorer pass is Worth It?

London is a huge city than runs at a frantic pace. Its many attractions include the Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge. It is sometimes easier to walk between some of them, though the Underground connects most other places tourists might want to go.

London Pass

  • What is it?: A free access card, without travel, to the many attractions of London
  • Cost: £49-£108 (adult prices), valid for 1, 2, 3 or 6 days. The 6 day pass offers potential savings of over £400.
  • Verdict: A great way to avoid the queues in London. There is the chance to upgrade to include travel

London Explorer Pass

  • What is it?: A customised pass to 3,5 or 7 attractions.
  • Cost: £69 - 129 adults, £55-101 children
  • Verdict: Good for those with limited time and knowing what they want to see.

London City Pass

  • What is it?: A discount pass for the City’s main attractions, 1 up to 10 days.
  • Cost: Various depending on specific requirements
  • Verdict: You have flexibility to choose depending on the time available.

London IVenture

  • What is it?: A prepaid card offering discounts on major attractions and experiences
  • Cost: From $94.60
  • Verdict: Flexibility to choose what you want to do and see makes this a good purchase.

2 for 1 London Attractions

  • What is it?: A discount scheme linked to rail travel customers who must show evidence of their train journey.
  • Cost: Free vouchers for those qualifying through their train journey cost.
  • Verdict: Certainly worthwhile if you fulfil the conditions.

Oyster Card

  • What is it?: A flexible travel card, pay as you go, offering cheaper fares, and free travel for children
  • Cost: Starting at £23, with a £5 for the card, repayable on its return.
  • Verdict: A great way to save money for regular travellers.

Ace Card

  • What is it?: A card offering 2 for 1 entry and discount at restaurants, shops, theatre and cinema.
  • Cost: £19.95 for unlimited use in the year.
  • Verdict: Good value for anyone spending significant time in London.


  • What is it?: 20% discount at a small number of restaurants.
  • Cost: Free - just print it off
  • Verdict: Something for nothing! Can't be bad!


  • What is it?: A comprehensive travel package that can be bought in advance.
  • Cost: Adult prices start at £8.90 and child prices at £3.60 with prices varying with length of validity and travel zones.
  • Verdict: It's value depends on your travel needs.
There is plenty to absorb when planning a trip to London. Often the best way is to examine the offers for tourists than run right around the year. These include tours, discounts at many places and that includes restaurants. There is help at hand with your planning. London Pass vs London Explorer Pass vs London Pass vs IVenture Card

Paris City passes really worth the money?

Paris pass/ Museum is Worth it?

The River Seine flowing through Paris is an iconic river. Notre Dame, Louvre, the Champs-Elysees and the Eiffel Tower are known the world over but Paris has much more, by day and night. There is much to see and do that a weekend would hardly scratch the surface.

Paris Pass

  • What is it?: A free attractions card including hop on hop off tour with free metro travel and restaurant discounts.
  • Cost: Valid for a year with prices ranging from € 40 to €210 depending on days purchased and age of buyers.
  • Verdict: This Pass scores on convenience alone taking away the need to buy individual tickets at each attraction.

Paris Museum Pass

  • What is it?: Access to over 60 museums
  • Cost: €39 for 2 days is the cheapest available.
  • Verdict: Unless you are going to spend plenty of time visiting museums, this is of dubious value though you will avoid the queues.

Paris PassLib

  • What is it?: The official pass provided by the City for anything up to 5 days
  • Cost: From €40 with a 5 day adult pass €155.
  • Verdict: A good way to help you plan your visit with all the main attractions available.

Paris City Pass

  • What is it?: A discount pass for the main highlights and much more for up to 6 days.
  • Cost: From €99 for 2 days.
  • Verdict: A way to beat the queues in this busy city as well as enjoy the River Seine.


  • What is it?: Discount travel on metro, RER and train around Paris and its suburbs.
  • Cost: € 5 purchase price and then money loaded to pay for actual journeys at a discount rate, valid on a weekly basis. Different zones cost amounts varying from €19.90 in 1 and 2 to €34.40 for journeys to the airports.
  • Verdict: A convenient way to travel with savings for those not staying in the centre of Paris.

Paris Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

  • What is it?: Over 50 stops around the City with buses running every 10-15 minutes
  • Cost: Adults €26 for a day, €31 for 2 days. Children €15.
  • Verdict: An excellent way to get around all the highlights of Paris, either as an initial introduction or because time is tight.

Restopolitan Card

  • What is it?: A discount card for over 1,500 restaurants in Paris.
  • Cost: €10 for a week
  • Verdict: Excellent vale because of the number of restaurants in the scheme.

Paris Visite Pass

  • What is it?: Unlimited bus and metro travel, zones 1 - 5.
  • Cost: $8.44 to $98depending upon length of validity and zones required.
  • Verdict: Its value is dependent upon how much travelling you expect to do.
All the services are available so visitors need to decide on what they are going to do, and how best to do it. Cards are very convenient and a good way to use time wisely. For more detailed information, look on: Paris Pass vs Paris Museum Pass vs Passlib vs Paris City Passport

New York City passes really worth the money?

New York pass/ CityPass / Explorer Pass NYC Worth?

There is so much to see and do in New York that it is difficult to know where to start. In Manhattan alone, there is the Empire State building, wonderful museums and galleries as well as Central Park. There are excellent views of the Statue of Liberty from the tip as well.


  • What is it?: Access to 6 top attractions of your choice.
  • Cost: $109 for adults, $82 for youths and valid for 9 days.
  • Verdict: The flexibility afforded by this Pass makes it a good buy for any visitor to New York.

New York Explorer Pass

  • What is it?: A pre-loaded card with 56 attractions included for visits as and when you wish.
  • Cost: $79.99 for 3 attractions, $209.99 for 10, valid for 30 days.
  • Verdict: This is an extremely flexible card that allows you to change plans at the last minute at no further cost.

New York Pass

  • What is it?: A card providing unlimited access to New York's many highlights.
  • Cost: $85 a day, $230 for the week with prices in between for varying lengths of time.
  • Verdict: You can purchase online in advance of your trip and you can enjoy as many New York attractions as you can fit into your time. Once you begin, the validity is for consecutive days.

Dine 4 Less Card

  • What is it?: A card that provides discount at participating restaurants.
  • Cost: $19.99 and valid for 30 days.
  • Verdict: You certainly can't lose by having this card during your time in the City, even if you only have a single meal or two. It is available online, allowing you to really plan your itinerary.

Metro Card

  • What is it?: A discount travel card that you can load with money to suit your travel needs in New York.
  • Cost: $30 for 7 days, and 30 day cards can be obtained.
  • Verdict: Widely available, if you intend to travel throughout New York, this is the way to do it.

Go Select Pass

  • What is it?: A flexible pass allowing you to visit whichever attractions appeal to you.
  • Cost: The cost is based upon your selections but savings are guaranteed.
  • Verdict: Flexibility is the key to this Pass which is valid for 30 days after first use.

The Bar & Lounge Deck

  • What is it?: A card offering discounts in 52 bars and restaurants within the City.
  • Cost: $20 and valid in the current calendar year.
  • Verdict: This card is an excellent way to keep control of your budget in a city that can be expensive.

The Diner's Deck

  • What is it?: Discounts at named restaurants in the City
  • Cost: $30 and valid for the calendar year
  • Verdict: You need only use it 3 times to get your money back.
New York is a great city and its worth planning in advance to make best use of your time. The various offers for travel, the main attractions and restaurants can only help with your planning. Your choice of what to get very much depends on your time in the City and your particular interests. For more detail look here: New York Pass vs New York CityPASS vs Explorer Pass

Amsterdam City passes really worth the money?

I Amsterdam City Card / Holland pass is Worth?

Amsterdam is a fascinating city where it is likely that you will confront crowds wanting to visit the major attractions and museums. The obvious way to be able to avoid the crowds and make the best use of your time is to buy passes or cards that best suit your interests. The Red Light District is a tourist attraction, as are the many canals and museums like the Van Gogh.

I Amsterdam City Card

  • What is it?:This card offers free entry to all the major city attractions and museums.
  • Cost:Prices vary with duration from €57 for 24 hours to €87 for 96 hours
  • Verdict:When linked with the Amsterdam Regional Ticket at €10, tourists can take public transport wherever they go.

Amsterdam City Pass

  • What is it?:You need not queue at the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum as well as take complimentary canal cruise.
  • Cost:€38 adults, €20 child (up to 12)
  • Verdict:You are effectively getting 20% discount on all the places you visit as well as avoiding the queues.

Amsterdam Holland Pass

  • What is it?:This card allows free entry to major attractions and museums in Amsterdam and surrounding cities.
  • Cost:A 2 ticket package is €35 while 7 tickets are €68.40
  • Verdict:There are large discounts on tourist attractions as well as restaurants, cafes, shops and transport. A single purchase provides access to a comprehensive list of Holland's tourist attractions and services.

GVB Day Pass

  • What is it?:This Pass can be valid for anything from a single day to 7 days for unlimited travel
  • Cost:€7.50 per day; €32 for 7 days.
  • Verdict:They are not available online but are throughout Amsterdam. However, they are most convenient for travelling extensively in Amsterdam.


  • What is it?:A "must have" card for all museum addicts offering access to over 400 museums.
  • Cost:€4.95 for registration and €49.95 for the card valid for 12 months.
  • Verdict:A definite purchase for anyone intending to be a regular visitor to national museums.

Amsterdam and Region Day Ticket

  • What is it?:A card for unlimited transport within Amsterdam and surrounding areas for 24 hours.
  • Cost:€13.50
  • Verdict:It is not valid for Lelystad bus lines or NS trains.
You can spend time researching the card and pass alternatives available for you to fully enjoy Amsterdam. It is time well spend but for further information summarizing the detail of each of the cards/passes, look at: I Amsterdam City Card vs Holland Pass vs Amsterdam City Pass vs Amsterdam Travel Ticket

Madrid City passes really worth the money?

Madrid card is Worth it?

Spain's capital is full of history. Apart from the many stunning buildings such as the Royal Palace, there is the Plaza Mayor and some of the best museums anywhere in Europe, if not the world. Art is central to Madrid and art lovers will find it difficult to see everything if they have just a few days.

Madrid Card

  • What is it?:A card which opens up Madrid by offering free admission to attractions and excellent discounts on restaurants.
  • Cost:€45-75, valid for 24, 48, 72 or 120 hours.
  • Verdict:An easy way to enjoy Spain's capital at a reasonable price.

Madrid Art Walk Pass

  • What is it?:Free multiple entry to Madrid's most famous galleries (3)
  • Cost: €24.89 and valid for 6 months.
  • Verdict:Ideal for art lovers who spend time in Madrid.

Madrid IVenture Card

  • What is it?: A prepaid card offering discounts on major attractions and experiences
  • Cost: Prices start at $95 for 3 days
  • Verdict: Flexible in terms of what you can see and one way to help you plan.

Toledo Card

  • What is it?: A card offering rail travel and Toledo sights.
  • Cost: Starting from €23 up to €73 for extra benefits
  • Verdict: Depends if you want to travel further afield.

Tourist Travel Pass

  • What is it?:Free public transport around the city.
  • Cost:€8.40-70.80, valid for 1 day up to a week.
  • Verdict:A convenient pass to help you get around Madrid.
Madrid is a city that attracts many tourists, and hence there can be queues etc. The Madrid Card is an excellent way to arrange to see its Highlights. To find out a little more, go to: Madrid Card vs Madrid Art Walk Pass vs Madrid IVenture Card vs Toledo Card vs Madrid Tourist Travel Pass

Milan City passes really worth the money?

Milan city pass / Milan card is Worth It

Milan is one of the most fashionable cities in the world and tourists often travel there to look at the latest trends. There is much more to Milan than fashion and the city makes it easy for travellers to enjoy the many highlights by offering a range of cards. Duomo di Milano and La Scala Opera House are just two of many highlights in the city.

The Milano Card

  • What is it?:A travel and discount card, 48 hours of travel and an extra day of discounts
  • Cost:€7, 13, 19 for 1,2, or 3 days.
  • Verdict:Savings on getting around and enjoying Milan at minimal cost.

Milan Hop On Hop Off Pass

  • What is it?:A Pass to use the Hop On Hop Off service as an introduction to the City.
  • Cost:€17 per person, children free.
  • Verdict:A great way to see the highlights and get your bearings within the city. Ideal when used in conjunction with the Milano Card.

Milan Visitalia Card

  • What is it?: A discount card for attractions, transport, shops and restaurants.
  • Cost: €8 - 13, 1 to 3 days.
  • Verdict: A comprehensive card offering all you need to enjoy Milan.

The Milano Pass

  • What is it?:Discount Card for attractions with free travel.
  • Cost:€6.50 a day, €13 for 3 days.
  • Verdict:It offers discounts throughout the city, as well as medical assistance if required. A very good deal.

Milano ATM Travel Card

  • What is it?:A travel card that you can top up for long term travelling in Milan
  • Cost:€4 and valid for 4 years with accompanying children travelling free.
  • Verdict:A very convenient travel card, especially for those with children.

Invito A Teatro

  • What is it?:Enjoy discount in many of Milan's theatres and cinema
  • Cost:€76
  • Verdict:A worthwhile card for those loving theatre and cinema with regular special offers thrown in.
To fully enjoy Milan, and even perhaps visit a football match, Milan has a range of discount cards to allow tourists to see its many attractions. For more detailed information, take a look at: Milano Card vs Milan Pass vs Milan Visitalia Card

Barcelona City passes really worth the money?

Barcelona Card / Express card is Worth It?

Barcelona is famous for many things with its soccer side playing at the Nou Camp a major attraction in itself. The architect Gaudi has a number of buildings worth seeing, none more so that the Cathedral that was begun in the 19th Century and still isn't finished.

Barcelona Card

  • What is it?:A card that can save a considerable amount of money if you intend to explore the City with free unlimited travel, free entry to museums and savings on tours, shopping and nightlife.
  • Cost:€34-58 and valid for up to 5 days on activation.
  • Verdict:Undoubtedly a card to have when visiting Barcelona, and there is a 15% discount for buying online.

Barcelona City Pass

  • What is it?: A free entry pass to major attractions and a hop on hop off tour
  • Cost: €109 - 149, 2 or 3 days for adults, €69 - 99 for children
  • Verdict: A good way to plan your trip as well as avoid the crowds.

Barcelona IVenture Card

  • What is it?: A prepaid card offering discounts on major attractions and experiences
  • Cost: €85 for 3 attractions; €135 for 5 for adults, €65 and €90 the respective child costs. Unlimited attractions also available.
  • Verdict: A way to beat the crowds but not always value for money unless you are certain of your plans.

Barcelona Express Card

  • What is it?: A travel and discount card, valid for 48 hours, covering attractions, restaurants and nightlife.
  • Cost: €18.
  • Verdict: Excellent travel discounts because it includes airport transfers and plenty of alternatives during your time in Barcelona.

Hola BCN Travelcard

  • What is it?:An unlimited free travel card.
  • Cost:€14-30.50, valid for up to 5 days from validation.
  • Verdict:10% discount when bought online, and valuable if you intend to move around a great deal.


  • What is it?:A pass allowing discounted access to Barcelona's archaeological museums.
  • Cost:€13 for a year's validity
  • Verdict:A must for museum addicts.

Articket Barcelona

  • What is it?:A pass giving discount to Barcelona's top museums.
  • Cost:€30 for 3 months.
  • Verdict:Valuable to those who have a passion for museums.

Barcelona Restaurant Card

  • What is it?:10% discount in over 100 tapas bars, restaurants etc.
  • Cost:€5.90 a year.
  • Verdict:Print out online and present it; no problem.

TIO Travelcard

  • What is it?:A card permitting up to 10 journeys at half price.
  • Cost:The cost varies by zone and ranges between €10.30 and 43.55 with validity up to 5 days. You should check the exact details if you are planning routes while in the City.
  • Verdict:Available at metro stations and useful for those with travel plans in mind.
Barcelona is a busy city; tourists visit right around the year and the best way to avoid queues is to be prepared with a travel card. Transport is made easier as well but with so many alternatives, you should examine in more detail on this website: Barcelona Card vs Barcelona Express Card vs Barcelona City Pass vs IVenture Card vs Articket Barcelona ARQUEO Ticket vs Barcelona VIP Club Card vs Barcelona For Free Day & Night Pass vs Hola BCN Transport Card

Rome City passes really worth the money?

Roma pass/ OMNIA PASS is Worth It?

Rome is a stunning city with so much history relating to the Ancient Empire, including the Colosseum and of course, Vatican City and St. Peter's. Vast numbers visit Rome with even plenty of tourists throughout the winter. There are crowds but the rewards are worth it.

Roma Pass

  • What is it?: A Pass offering free access to two of Rome's highlights, as well as discounts for many others with free transport thrown in for 3 days.
  • Cost: €34 for 72 hours
  • Verdict: This card helps tourists to plan their itineraries around Rome, though many of its highlights are fairly close together so transport may not be required too frequently.

Omnia Vatican & Rome Pass

  • What is it?: Free entry to 2 major attractions, discount elsewhere and free travel
  • Cost: €90 for 3 days.
  • Verdict: The fast track entrance to the Vatican is probably the major benefit of this Pass because the queues can be very long.

Due City Card

  • What is it?: A restaurant discount card.
  • Cost: €20 valid for 2 people for 10 days.
  • Verdict: Rome is an expensive city with fine restaurants. Anything that offers discount on bills is surely worth obtaining?

BTI Travel Discount Card

  • What is it?: A card providing free public transport excluding links to the airport.
  • Cost: € 16.50 for 3 days.
  • Verdict: It's worth depends upon how much travelling you intend to do. Many attractions are within walking distance of each other.

Tourist Travel Card

  • What is it?: A restaurant discount card for a wide range of places throughout Rome.
  • Cost: €12 for 2 for 5 days
  • Verdict: A card that allows you to get discount throughout the day in cafes and restaurants for such a small sum is excellent value.

CSI Travel Discount Card

  • What is it?: A card providing free public transport throughout Rome.
  • Cost: €24 for 7 days.
  • Verdict: Value for money if you are in Rome for a few days and intend to travel around outside the compact centre.

Rome Archaeological Card

  • What is it?: A card for archaeological enthusiast offering free access to 10 attractions.
  • Cost: €28 for 7 days.
  • Verdict: Excellent value if you are in Rome long enough to see its top attractions.
It is easy to spend a lot of money in Rome if you are not careful. There are cards providing entry to attractions, discounts on restaurants and free travel. They are ways to help you to budget and for more information, go to: Roma Pass vs Omnia Pass vs Roma City Pass vs Travel Card Vatican & Rome vs National Roman Museums

Berlin City passes really worth the money?

Berlin pass / museum pass / welcome card is Worth It

The best way to see what Berlin has to offer is to get a card that offers savings on the major attractions, travel within the heart of the city and discounts on some of its excellent restaurants. The famous Berlin Wall is long gone but there are remnants of the past still well in evidence.

Berlin Welcome Card

  • What is it?:A card offering between 25 and 50% discount on attractions, unlimited travel and discount in restaurants
  • Cost:€18.50-40.50, for various periods; 24 hours, 48 hours or 5 days.
  • Verdict:This card is all a tourist needs to get the best out of Berlin.

Berlin Pass

  • What is it?:A card providing a hop on hop off bus tour, free entry to various attractions and free travel within zones A, B and C.
  • Cost:€74 (2 day adult pass), €34 (2 day child pass), €89 (3 day adult pass), €39 (3 day child pass).
  • Verdict:A flexible card to make seeing Berlin much easier.

Berlin City Pass

  • What is it?:A discount card for over 50 attractions, restaurants, tours with unlimited travel
  • Cost:€16.90-35.90, for 24 hours, 2 or 5 days within Zones AB (Central Berlin) or Zones ABC (including Greater Berlin area).
  • Verdict:A convenient card for seeing the city and its major attractions.


  • What is it?: 2 for 1 offers card for between 3 and 7 days covering a host of attractions and activities.
  • Cost: €18.70 - €28.70 for 3 to 7 days. An annual card is €66.
  • Verdict: An excellent range of inclusions makes this a valuable card.

Berlin Museum Pass

  • What is it?: A Pass proving access to 30 exhibitions and museums.
  • Cost: €29 but often discounted itself and valid for 3 days.
  • Verdict: A must have card for anyone interested in visiting museums in Berlin.
There is certainly a choice when it comes to the card you will pick and that choice may well be dependent upon what your plans are and how long you are going to be in Berlin. Before you decide, here is the detail: Berlin Welcome Card vs Berlin Pass vs Berlin Museum Pass vs Get2Card

Florence City passes really worth the money?

Firenze Card is Worth It

The advantage of a card is avoiding the queues in one of Italy's most iconic cities. The museums and galleries are especially stunning so everyone wants to see the most popular ones. Florence was central to the Renaissance and it is art that regularly draws visitors to the City.

Firenze Card

  • What is it?:A card facilitating entry to museums, gardens and monuments.
  • Cost:€50 for 72 hours.
  • Verdict:A convenient way to avoid the queues when visiting Florence.

Florence City Pass

  • What is it?: A prepaid way to gain entry to many of Florence’s attractions.
  • Cost: Varies with your requirements
  • Verdict: A good way to avoid the queues that gather at many of the top attractions but not cheap.

Multiple Day Tickets

  • What is it?:A fixed cost bus travel card for various lengths of time.
  • Cost:24 hours costs €5, 3 days costs €12 and 7 days €18.
  • Verdict:Plan your routes by bus and buy this value for money card.

Amici Degli Uffizi Card

  • What is it?:A card that means you avoid the queues at Florence's main attractions; museums, gardens and villas.
  • Cost:Valid for the remainder of the calendar year. Under 26 years of age € 40, family tickets for 2 children and 2 adults € 100 and individuals € 60.
  • Verdict:The value varies depending on the time of year you visit.
Visitors to Florence inevitably go because of the City's place during the Italian Renaissance. Be prepared for queues unless you buy a card. For further details of what is available take a look here: Firenze Card vs Florence City Pass

Frankfurt City passes really worth the money?

Frankfurt card / pass is Worth It

Frankfurt has become a popular city with tourists and the range of cards now available reflects that popularity. If you get a card offering discounts on the many attractions and on travelling all you need to do is plan what you really want to see. It is famous for its museums while the Opera House and the Old Town Centre will be on everyone's list to places to visit.

Frankfurt Attraction Card

  • What is it?:A card providing free public transport and huge discounts on the city's attractions, as well as restaurants, shopping and theatre.
  • Cost:€9.90 for a day, €14.50 for 2 days and special prices for groups of 5.
  • Verdict:The best way to see Frankfurt, this card can be bought at several stations in the City.


  • What is it?: A discount card for many activities and free public transport.
  • Cost: €22 for 2 days but only €46 for a family or group
  • Verdict: Certainly value for money if you are travelling with family or friends.

The ESN Card - Frankfurt

  • What is it?:A card offering discounts to restaurants, clubs and parties as well as a range of tours and attractions.
  • Cost:Just €5 euros for the year.
  • Verdict:For such a cost, you really can't go wrong.

Frankfurt Blue Buses Card

  • What is it?:A card for a 14 hop on hop off bus tour, running every 30 minutes around the city's highlights.
  • Cost:$21.29 for the day; $ 11.36 for children, valid for a day.
  • Verdict:The best way to conveniently see all Frankfurt's highlights.

Frankfurt Hop On Hop Off Tour

  • What is it?: A 1 hour tour card allowing exit and egress throughout the day.
  • Cost:£12.68, valid for 24 hours
  • Verdict:Spend time at the attractions you like, then hop on again.

Museumsufer Ticket

  • What is it?:A ticket providing discount entry to the City's museums.
  • Cost:€18 with a family ticket just €10 more.
  • Verdict:The best way to avoid queuing if you intend to visit several museums.

RMV - Wochencarte

  • What is it?:A travel card for cheap travel around Frankfurt, and at certain times, free travel.
  • Cost:Varies with the zones in which you want to travel.
  • Verdict:The best way to save money when travelling.
Hop on hop off buses provide an excellent introduction to a city after which you can decide where you want to spend your time exploring further. There is plenty of information to absorb and if you want to research, take a look at: Frankfurt Card vs RheinMainCard

Venice City passes really worth the money?

Venice Museum Pass / Card Is Worth It

Venice is a unique city but you have to be prepared for crowds. Cards help ease the potential problems of queues. Whether your interest is St. Marks' Square, the churches or a ride on a gondola, you should plan ahead.

Chorus Church Pass

  • What is it?:A card providing access to the Churches of Venice.
  • Cost:Adults €12, Students €8, Families €20., validity for one year
  • Verdict:The best way to see Venetian Churches and available online.

Venice Museum Pass

  • What is it?:Entry to 16 museums in Venice.
  • Cost:€ 24 adults and € 18 for those under 25 and over 65, valid for six months.
  • Verdict:If your interest is the City's museums, this is certainly the cheapest way to visit them.

Venice Card

  • What is it?:A card for entry to the main attractions and discounts for restaurants, shops etc.
  • Cost:€29.90 for those under 30 and €39.90 for everyone else; validity is 7 days.
  • Verdict:Good value if you are spending time in Venice and want to enjoy all it has to offer.

Rolling Venice Card

  • What is it?:A discount card for the under 30s offering deals at a host of places, shops and restaurants
  • Cost:€ 4for the current calendar year
  • Verdict:Aimed at the younger tourists, a good service at an insignificant cost.

Alilaguna Time Tickets

  • What is it?:Free travel on all Alilaguna Lines.
  • Cost:€30 per day but only €65 for 3 days.
  • Verdict:Good value if you are intending to travel extensively; to the islands or airport especially.

Venice Tourist Travel Cards

  • What is it?:Unlimited travel excluding the Airport
  • Cost:12 hours for €18, 2 days costs €30 and 7 days €50.
  • Verdict:Useful if you are moving around Venice a great deal.
Cards and passes bought in advance will make your Venice experience all the better. Venice welcomes tourists and reveals many attractions. To find out more, visit: Venice Card vs Venice Museum Pass vs Venice Chorus Pass vs Venice Transport Ticket

Vienna City passes really worth the money?

Vienna City pass is Worth It

Vienna is an interesting city with many attractions appealing to anyone interested in history, art and culture. It is popular with tourists and the city ensures they can get value for money by obtaining cards to help with their itineraries. Schonbrunn, the Hapsburg's Summer Palace stands out as a landmark everyone should see while Belvedere is an 18th Century Palace that is also most impressive

Vienna Card

  • What is it?: This card can be used throughout the city for its main attractions, transport and discounts in theatres, shops and restaurants.
  • Cost: €19.90 and is valid for 72 hours.
  • Verdict: The Card makes it very easy for a tourist to enjoy what the City has to offer and it can be purchased online in advance to help with planning and budgeting.

Vienna City Card

  • What is it?: Free entry card to over 60 city attractions and a hop on hop off tour.
  • Cost: €59 - 124 for 1 to 6 days for adults, €29.50 - 62 for children.
  • Verdict: The convenient way to avoid queuing at the main attractions.

8 Day Climate Card

  • What is it?: This is a flexible travel card for use over 8 days in total but that can be 2 people over 4 days.
  • Cost: €35.80
  • Verdict: A particularly useful card for getting around in Vienna with flexibility being an additional benefit.

Wiener Linien Travel Card

  • What is it?: Unlimited travel card on Vienna public transport.
  • Cost: 24 hour costs €7.10, 48 hours €12.40 and the 72 hours €15.40.
  • Verdict: Considerable savings can be made by buying a travel card before setting out to explore Vienna.
The appeal of Vienna is broad, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. You can visit the main attractions and benefit from the discounts available while you do so. To get further detail, go to: Vienna Pass vs Vienna City Card

Sydney City passes really worth the money?

Sydney City Pass /Attraction Pass/ Sydney Flexi Pass is Worth It

Sydney is a vibrant city offering great beaches, nightlife and such iconic attractions as the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Visitors will never be short of things to do in Sydney and the city offers plenty of opportunity for tourists to take advantage of the promotions it provides.

Sydney Flexi Attraction Pass

  • What is it?: This pass gives free entry to a varying number of attractions depending on what you want.
  • Cost: 3 attractions are AUD99, 5 AUD 149 and 7 AUD 199. The card remains valid for 3 months.
  • Verdict: Flexibility both in terms of what you want to see and the timescale in which you do it are certainly benefits of this Pass.

Sydney Unlimited Attractions Pass

  • What is it?: If you can cram in 20 attractions while you are in Sydney, this is the Pass for you.
  • Cost: 2 days is AUD 229 and 7 is AUD 359 with transport costs included.
  • Verdict: If you want to see as much of Sydney as possible, this is certainly value for money for any tourists.

MyMulti Tickets

  • What is it?: This is a very practical ticket which covers all your travel costs in Sydney and the surrounding area.
  • Cost: A single day costs AUD 23, and there are 7-day tickets that vary in price from AUD 46 TO 63 depending on your route.
  • Verdict: This ticket is most convenient by the day to get around, though you will need to plan in order to get a suitable 7-day ticket.

Sydney Whale Watching Combo Pass

  • What is it?: A 5 attraction pass including a 4 hour pass in search of whales.
  • Cost: AUD 95 for children and 150 for adults, the pass is valid for 3 months.
  • Verdict: The opportunity to see a whale does not come often for most people and having that as one of 5 different attractions should certainly appeal to many people.
If you are lucky enough to visit Sydney, you may not have the history of many European cities but there is a real experience awaiting. While cards you might obtain will depend largely upon time, but if you are starting to plan, you can get more details here: Sydney Ultimate Pass vs Sydney Unlimited Pass vs Sydney Flexy Attraction Pass vs Australia Multi City Flexi Pass

Munich City passes really worth the money?

Munich card

When you visit Munich, there is a great deal to see and do. You may need to do some planning before you go, and one thing to investigate is whether there are discounts in Munich and how to obtain them. Hofbrauhaus is a 16th Century beer hall and the Oktober Festival is certainly something to enjoy if you are there at that time of year.

Munich City Tour Card

  • What is it?: This card covers most of the highlights of Munich and the surrounding area, as well as providing unlimited travel with some zonal restrictions.
  • Cost: €10.90-69.90 with validity for anything from 1 to 4 days. There are variations based on zones and group sizes where required.
  • Verdict: The only card around if you are in Munich so take advantage.
You need to think about your particular circumstances, size of group and length of visit to see what this card will cost you. You should look here for more details:

Munich City Tour Card / Munich Tourist Discount Cards/ Restaurant Cards

Budapest City passes really worth the money?

Budapest card is Worth It?

Budapest is a fine city built either side of the Danube. There are attractions on both sides of the river with the impressive Parliament building on the banks of the Pest side with Buda old town looking down and across the Danube towards it.

Budapest Card

  • What is it?:A card giving access to a host of attractions as well as a hop on hop off bus tour and restaurant discounts.
  • Cost:€19 for a day, €29 for 2 and €37 for 3 days
  • Verdict:The ideal way to get to know Budapest by taking the bus tour and spending time at personal highlights.

Gastro Card

  • What is it?:A discount restaurant card offering between 30% and 50% off.
  • Cost:11,900-59,9000 Forint, valid from 3 months to a year for either 2 or 4 people.
  • Verdict:If you like dining out, it's a card for you.
Budapest has a great deal to offer and the two cards combined will help you make the best of your time in the city. To get more details, take a look here:

>Budapest Card / Gastro Card / Discount Cards/ Restaurant Cards

Athens City passes really worth the money?

Athens spotlighted card

Athens is one of the real historical jewels of the world. The City welcomes tourists and seeks to make its attractions readily accessible to all visitors. The Parthenon seems to dominate the skyline, one of many landmarks tourists should visit.

Athens Spotlighted Card

  • What is it?:Designed specifically for tourists, it provides discounts on attractions as well as shops, theatres and museums.
  • Cost:Free of charge for 10 days.
  • Verdict:Available for collection at the Airport, you can present it for discount all over the city.

Athens Tourist Tickets

  • What is it?:Unlimited travel within Athens of varying duration.
  • Cost:€4 for 24 hours with 3 and 7 day tickets available as well.
  • Verdict:They can be bought at stations throughout Athens and offer savings if you intend to travel around.
Both of Athens' cards are designed to assist tourists both to get around the City and then to see the major attractions, while also providing discounts in its many restaurants. All travellers should collect them on arrival.

Athens Spotlighted Card / Athens Tourist Discount Cards/ Restaurant Cards

Malaga City passes really worth the money?

Malaga card

The South of Spain attracts holidaymakers who want guaranteed sunshine for their main annual holiday and fairly warm weather if it is cold at home, as Northern Europe tends to be for several months. The appeal is plentiful accommodation and beaches with a developed infrastructure to cater for the numbers.

Malaga Card

  • What is it?: This is an all-encompassing card offering discounts citywide, fresh bus transport and entry to Malaga's main attractions.
  • Cost: €35 with various time periods from 1 to 7 days.
  • Verdict: This single card is probably all a tourist would need to properly enjoy time in Malaga.

Malaga Hop On Hop Off Tour

  • What is it?: This tour with audio is a great introduction to Malaga.
  • Cost: €18 for adults, €12 for children for an 80-minute tour. Valid for a day.
  • Verdict: If you are not familiar with Malaga, this is a great way to find out more.

Bon Appetit

  • What is it?: A restaurant discount card allowing you to enjoy the wide range of cuisine in the city.
  • Cost: Annual membership is €55.35, 3 months €27.06
  • Verdict: If you intend to dine out throughout your holiday time in Malaga, this card will certainly save you money because on average you will save 20%.

Eurail Train Spain Rail Pass

  • What is it?: Discount card for rail travel
  • Cost: $218 to $557 for terms between 3 and 10 days.
  • Verdict: Whether this is a worthwhile purchase depends entirely on your travel plans.

Renfe Spain Pass

  • What is it?: This Pass allows for up to 12 journeys in a month.
  • Cost: €392 for 12 journeys, €163 for 4 journeys.
  • Verdict: This is of value to regular train travellers and you need to look at your plans if you are considering getting one.
So much depends upon your holiday plans when you look at cards. If you are dining in your hotel and not travelling by train, three of these cards are irrelevant for you. However, if you are going to explore Malaga, take a look here at things that may suit you:

Malaga Card / Malaga Hop On Hop Off Tour/ Discount Cards/ Restaurant Cards

Lille passes really worth the money?

Lille city pass

A first-time visitor to Lille need not worry about how to get around and see its many attractions. The cards on offer make that a very easy task. It was an important merchant town and the old city with its cobbled streets remain a major attraction today.

Lille City Pass - Attraction

  • What is it?:The Pass provides free entry to many of Lille's attraction, free transport and discount at shops and restaurants.
  • Cost:€25 for a day, €35 for 2 and €45 for 3 days
  • Verdict:The Card provides all a visitor needs to enjoy Lille.

The Fork Dining Discounts

  • What is it?:Restaurant Discount Card; up to 30% off.
  • Cost:Price varies with the restaurants requested.
  • Verdict:It is important to judge the price charged against the benefits being given.

Guided Tour of Vieux Lille

  • What is it?:A card that provides a chance to view Lille's highlights.
  • Cost:€11.50 for the 2-hour tour.
  • Verdict: Worthwhile if you have limited time and the City Pass is not needed.

Passe Journee

  • What is it?:Free travel in Lille
  • Cost:€4 for the day.
  • Verdict:A cheap way to get around for the day if you intend to take several journeys.

Trampoline 1 Day Pass

  • What is it?:Free rail travel for 24 hours.
  • Cost:€4 for children, €8 for adults
  • Verdict:A convenient way for families to travel in a day.
Lille welcomes visitors and the passes that are available makes it an easy city to enjoy with savings available on everything from tours to restaurants. To find out more, look at:

Lille City Pass / Guided Tour of Vieux Lille/ The Fork Dining Discounts/ Trampoline 1 Day Pass/ Guided Tour of Vieux Lille/ Passe Journee

Lisbon City passes really worth the money?

Lisbon card

Sao George Castle is a dominant feature in Portugal's capital. It is a coastal city from which many explorers sailed centuries ago. The impressive suspension bridge is photographed by every visitor while the old town and its pastel-coloured buildings make Lisbon a little different from many modern-day capitals.

Lisbon Hop On Hop Off Tour

  • What is it?: The main attractions of Lisbon are covered in this tour of the city.
  • Cost: £10 per person, valid for 24 hours
  • Verdict: This is a great way to familiarise yourself with Lisbon before going on to explore independently.

Lisbao Card

  • What is it?:Free entry to most of Lisbon's attractions with free public transport included.
  • Cost: Adults €18.5, 31.50 and 39 for 1,2 or 3 days and children €11.50, 17.50 and 20.50.
  • Verdict: The ideal way to get to know Lisbon either individually or as a family.

Lisbon Yellow Bus Hop-On-Hop-Off Tour

  • What is it?: Another hop on hop off tour
  • Cost: €22.50 for adults with children free.
  • Verdict: Ideal if you have limited time and want at least to see the main attractions.

Lisbon Restaurant Card

  • What is it?:Restaurant discount card across a range of places in Lisbon.
  • Cost: Starting from €16 for 72 hours
  • Verdict: A saving if you intend to dine out each day.

Lisbon Metro Pass

  • What is it?: Free metro travel for 24 hours.
  • Cost: €6 per day.
  • Verdict: There is a comprehensive metro system and if you want to get around, buy the Pass.

Companhia Carris De Ferro De Lisboa

  • What is it?: Free bus and tram travel.
  • Cost: €3.30 per day, €13.20 for 5 days.
  • Verdict: Good value if you have plenty of travelling planned.

Lisbao Card / Lisbon Yellow Bus Hop-On-Hop-Off Tour/ Lisbon Restaurant Card/ Lisbon Metro Pass/ Companhia Carris De Ferro De Lisboa

Palma City passes really worth the money?

Palma Pass

The Gothic Santa Maria Cathedral dating back to the 13th Century is the main landmark on the island of Majorca. Tourists visit for the climate but there are still some things worth taking the time to see. When you visit Palma, the best way to stretch your money is to take advantage of a recently introduced pass that has several advantages, not least free airport transfers.

Palma Pass

  • What is it?: This pass offers free entry to major attractions, some bus travel and discounts in shops and restaurants.
  • Cost: €34 for 2 days, or 41€41 for 3.
  • Verdict: Free airport transfers and other bus travel means this is good value, especially if you want to travel elsewhere and do some shopping.
The Palma Pass can certainly save you money when you are out and about. There is every reason to take the discounts available to holders of the card and for further information, go to:

Palma Pass Express / Family

Tenerife City passes really worth the money?

Tenerife is a holiday island worth exploring. An all-year holiday destination, there is no need for locals to worry about a limited season. If you spend time there, you ought to look for the discounts available, and there are many available on these two cards.

Bono Bus Discount Card

  • What is it?: A bus travel discount card on TITSA buses and attractions
  • Cost: €12 or 30 depending on requirements up to 18 journeys.
  • Verdict: A useful card for getting around.

Green Banana Guide

  • What is it?: A general discount card for everything from tours to restaurants and shops
  • Cost: €17 for 30 days
  • Verdict: A card that everyone should have in their wallets if spending time in Tenerife.
Tourists do not always get a good deal everywhere they travel. If you have discount cards in your wallet, you can save money on your holiday.

Tenerife discount pass / Bono Bus Discount Card/ Green Banana Guide