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Malaga Card - Attraction Discount Pass

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    1. Benefits of Malaga card: The Malaga card is the ultimate solution for discounted traveling, sightseeing and shopping in Malaga. The card offers free entry in over ten different monuments and museums located in the city, as well as a number of amazing leisure discounts.

    2. Attractions included in Malaga card : Tourists can avail free entry to 10 of the most prominent attractions, monuments and museums in Malaga; these include Municipal Museum, Malaga Picasso Museum, Malaga Cathedral, Museum of Contemporary Art, Picasso’s House, Malagueta’s Bullring and Bullfighting Museum, Cathedral Museum, Popular Arts Museum, Interactive Museum of Music and more.

    3.Other Benefits of Malaga card: MalagaCard offers a complete guide to the historic centers along with maps and routes, free bus for tourists. Discounts at bars, restaurants, cafés, car hires and entertainment are part of the package too.

    4. Price and validity of Malaga card: The card can be purchased for 1, 2 and seven days and expires at midnight of the validity date. The cost of the Malaga card for one person is 35 Euros, and there are no discounted options available for kids.

    5. Benefits of purchasing online: By purchasing the Malaga card online, tourists can save a considerable amount of time that can be spent exploring the wonders and beauty of Malaga, instead of waiting in lines to acquire the card.



Malaga City Pass is Worth It? - Attraction Discount Pass

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    About Malaga City Card/Pass: Malaga is a city in autonomous Andalusia in Spain. It is the sixth-largest city in Spain and the second-most populous city of Andalusia, with a population of 569,130 according to 2015 data. Malaga is located on the Coast of the Sun (Costa del Sol) and it is also the southernmost large city in Europe with many beautiful places for tourists to explore and captive themselves. With the Malaga City Pass, you let yourself loose and explore the Costa del Sol's capital at your leisure. The Malaga City Pass has 2 options; the Malaga Experience Card and Malaga VIP Experience Card, so it is up to you to decide the one that is most interesting to you. The two cards both have some of the most awesome tours and things to do in this city such as the Malaga Bay Cruise, a guided walking tour, and 24-hour City Sightseeing bus ticket. With the Experience Card, you get access to 6 attractions while the VIP Card gives you entry into 4 top attractions with an additional Jaleo Flamenco Show.

    Malaga City Pass Options / Packages:

    Malaga City Experience Card: The Malaga Experience city pass/card covers free access to the

    • You get a 24-Hour Bus Tour Ticket
    • You get 1 Boat Tour
    • You get 1 Walking Tour
    • You get to enter the Automobile Museum
    • You get to enter the Carmen Thyssen Museum
    • You get to enter the MIMMA
    • You get to enter the House and Picasso Foundation
    • You get to experience the Electric Train
    • Enjoy free Tapas and Wine at the Pimpi Restaurant or Toro Restaurant
    • You get to enter the Alborania Museum
    • You get to enter the Revello de Toro Museum
    • You also get discounts (on attractions, guided walking tours, excursions, evening activities and Museums)

    Malaga City VIP Experience Card: The Malaga VIP Experience Pass/Card covers a lot more than the Experience Pass/Card and users enjoy free admissions to the following:

    • You get a 24-Hour Bus Tour Ticket
    • You get 1 Boat Tour
    • You get 1 Walking Tour
    • You get to enter the Automobile Museum
    • You get to enter the Carmen Thyssen Museum
    • You get to enter the MIMMA
    • You get to enter the Picasso Museum
    • You get to enter the Jaleo Flamenco Show at the MIMMA or Alea Restaurant
    • You also get discounts (on attractions, guided walking tours, excursions, evening activities and Museums)

    Benefits: Some of the benefits of having a Malaga City card/pass are listed below:

    • You get a mobile ticket for convenience.
    • You get your city pass upon registration all online, no need to for the hassle of pickup on arrival.
    • With the Malaga City Pass, you get to visit attractions at your own leisure time.
    • You get an English speaking tour guide
    • You get a free walking tour
    • You get discounts on attractions, tours, leisure activities, and museums.
    • You get a Free Map Brochure with important information about the places you want to explore.

    What Attractions are covered by the Malaga City Card?

    The Malaga City card comes with some amazing and historic attractions apart from the top museums, which are both educational and informative such as visits to:

    Malaga Experience Card Attractions:

    • MIMMA (Museo Interactivo de la Música)
    • Museo Albornia (Malaga Maritime Museum)
    • Museo Automovilistico (Automobile Museum)
    • Museo Carmen Thyssen
    • Museo Picasso Malaga and Fundacion Picasso (house and foundation center)
    • Museo Revello de Toro

    Malaga VIP Experience Card Attractions:

    • Museo Automovilistico
    • Museo Carmen Thyssen
    • MIMMA
    • Museo Picasso Malaga

    What Sightseeing Tours Are Included in Malaga City Pass?

    Some of the top tours you will most likely want to explore are as follows:

    • Malaga Hop-on-hop-off Bus tour
    • Museum Tours
    • Open Bus Tours
    • Walking Tour
    • Boat Tour
    • Jaleo Flamenco Show
    • Free Tapas and Wine at the Pimpi Restaurant or Toro Restaurant Tour

    Malaga City Pass Transport Options: There are no transport options with the Malaga City Pass, all tourists are to take care of transportation from the airport to Central Malaga where the tour starts.

    Malaga City Pass Prices Packages: Below are the prices for the Malaga City Pass based on the type that suits you, (Malaga Experience or Malaga VIP Experience):



    • Adult (16-99 years) - €50.00
    • Child/Teen (5-15 years) - €39.99

    VIP Experience

    • Adult (16-99) - €00
    • Child/Teen (5-15 years) at €15.00

    Days options

    • Tourists can decide on the days they wish to embark on their sightseeing adventure in Malaga, either on weekends or during weekdays whichever works for you.

    Malaga City Pass Validity: The Malaga City Pass is only valid for 24-hours. That is, you get to visit the best places in Malaga at your own time during the 24-hour period.

    What Are People Saying About Malaga City Pass?

    Based on reviews from past users of the Malaga City Pass on, a tourist by the NicciBonfanti from Epsom, United Kingdom stated that he had "Great value for a day" to learn the history of the place and also get to visit the top places of interest in a short time with your Malaga City Pass.



Malaga Hop on Hop Off Tour - Attraction Discount Pass

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    1. Benefits: The Hop on Hop Off tour at Malaga is the must-do for all tourists visiting the city as it is easily the most fun filled and informative way of sightseeing around. Audio commentary is available in 8 different languages so that all tours can understand and appreciate the cultural beauty of the city.

    2. Attractions valid: During the tour, travelers get to discover the wonders of La Manquita City Cathedral, Picasso Museum, Old Palace Fortress, Teatro Romano, Castillo de Gibralfaro, Centro de Srte Contemporaneo, Palaza de Toros, Malaga Beach, Mercado de las Flores, La Concepcion, Cementerio Ingles and many more.

    3. Price and validity: The ticket costs 18 Euros for an adult, and 10 Euros for one child, and is valid for 24 hours. The duration of the complete tour is approximately 80 minutes.

    4. Benefits of purchasing online: The tour can be booked online to get seats in advance and avoid inconvenience. Online purchases also help tourists save time while in the city.



Renfe Spain Pass - Travel Discount Card

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    1. Benefits of card: The Renfe Spain Pass is tourists of Spain overall. Being personal and non-transferable, the cardholders can choose as much as 12 journeys within a month. The card is applicable for all small to medium distance travelling. The card can be printed anytime you want.

    2. Transportation type: Train

    3. Price and card validity: Renfe Spain Pass for tourists for four journeys per month costs 163€ while 392€ is charged for 12 journeys. Special discounts are offered on children’s card. The pass is active for six months from the date of issue. However, you are liable to use it within one month from your date of activation depending on the number of journeys supported by your card.

    4. Benefits of buying online: The Renfe Spain Pass for your journey to Malaga can be booked and purchased online. Make an account and enjoy the smooth and hassle free order and purchase.



Eurail train Spain rail pass - Travel Discount Card

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    1. Benefits of card: Eurail train pass offers travelling bonuses with the likes of discounts on boats and buses for ultimate travelling in the grounds of Malaga. Passes are sold to overseas distributors and can be used with partner companies for travelling as well.

    2. Transportation type: Train

    3. Price and card validity: The Eurail Spain pass price varies from $218 to $557 depending on the number of days of your travelling and the choice of class such as first class and second-class chosen. Furthermore, youth discounts come for 12 to 26 year olds.

    The pass is easily available starting from 3 days to all the way up to 10 days. As soon as you validate your pass, you have exactly two months of user time irrespective of whether you spread the time or use it one time only.

    4. Benefits of buying online: You can order online for hassle free ordering and delivery of your Eurail pass. The delivery choices are affordable and service never fails to please.



Bon Apetit: Europe's Most Preferred Dining Card - Restaurant Discount Card

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    1. Benefits: Bon Apetit gives you fabulous discounts on many selected restaurants in Europe. In Malaga for example, holders of the card get various discounts at well-known restaurants such as Wok Directo, Amigos Grill Muelle Uno etc. Most discounts are 20% off lunch and dinner. However, the discounts vary according to restaurants and membership level of the card. It's valid for a number of cuisines allowing you to experience and experiment with different cultures and tastes, without blowing your money.

    2. Cost and value: There are two categories of the Bon Apetit card. A 12 month membership is for 55.35 euros, while the 3 month membership is for 27.06 euros.

    3. Special features: With the Bon Apetit card you can go to any restaurant, anytime and avail your discount. There's no restriction on the number of times you use this card. It's not just valid for you either. You can invite friends and family and slice off a huge portion from your bill.