Top Attractions In Munich For Free

Munich is one of the most visited cities in Europe and that is for a good reason. It's filled with numerous historical attractions and a number of cultural interests that cater to all kinds of travellers. If you're the kind of tourist who travels on a budget, you can save money if you know the cheap things to do in Munich. In fact, by simply wandering along the city streets, you'll already be met with so many interesting sights that are truly entertaining to watch!

Like most of the cities in Europe, Munich is not cheap to visit. But the great news is that there are lots of free things to do in Munich so even if your travel budget is limited, you will surely have a great time in the city. If you prefer to explore museums, you'll be happy to know that there are plenty of free museums in Munich that are waiting for you to explore. You can also check out the other free attractions in Munich that includes the Church of Our Lady or Frauenkirche, the Old Town of Altstadt, the St. Peter's Church, Glockenspiel, the Chinese Beer Garden, the Viktualienmarkt, and many more!

Regardless of the season, Munich certainly has a lot of things on offer for all kinds of travellers. For example, one of the free things to do in Munich this summer is to visit Lake Starnberg. This large natural lake is very iconic and where King Ludwig II was found dead. If you have your kids with you, one of the free things to do in Munich with kids is to hang out at the English garden, a beautiful public park where you can take a relaxing stroll or have picnic.

So if you're planning for a budget trip to Munich, then check out these free things to do in Munich.

Free Attractions in Munich

Top Rated Munich Attractions


Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche)

The Frauenkirche stands proudly at the heart of Munich’s old town district. The building itself is recognised with enough respect for there to be a law restricting any other building to exceed its height. The church was completed in 1494 and has become a focal point of the city. At the time of its construction, Munich’s population was just 13,000, but Frauenkirche was optimistically made to house crowds of up to 20,000. The Munich skyline...

Munich by Night including Dinner at Hofbrauhaus and Olympic Tower Ascent

clock Duration: 4 hours
  • A night tour where you will see the beautiful illuminated version of Munich city as the artificial night lights bring it to live when the sun sets.
  • An exclusive tour of Munich popular streets, neighborhoods, bustling squares, scenic...
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English Garden (EnglischerGarten)

Since 1789, visitors to Munich have been able to relax in the spacious grounds of EnglischerGarten. The park is one of the largest inner-city public parks in the world with 910 acres, much larger than New York’s Central Park. The name was adopted due to the style of landscaping than can be seen here. This style was extremely popular within England during the 18th century. The garden was originally created as public space as a combination of...

Munich City Tour Card

clock Duration: 1 to 5 days
  • The Munich City Tour Card gets you access to all of Munich's public transport, multiple discounts and freebies across the city.
  • This card has two options: Greater Munich Area or Entire Network.
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The Rathaus Glockenspiel is an iconic symbol of tradition within the heart of the Munich old town. Since its creation alongside the completion of the second phase of the New Town Hall in 1908, it has become famous as a focal point of Marienplatz Square. Each morning at 11am, 32 life-sized figurines mechanically portray a story coinciding with the sound of 43 bells. The show is split in two sections with a golden rooster above them both which...

Munich City Pass: Admission to 45 activities and Public Transport

clock Duration: 1 to 5 days
  • This is an all - inclusive pass that gives you a comfortable and skip - the - line entry pass into more than 45 Munich city's attractions.
  • A pass that is available in packages that can last for one to five days which means you can...
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Theatine Church (Theatinerkirche)

Theatinerkirche is a famous Catholic church within the city of Munich. Its conception was in celebration of the birth of Max Emanuel in 1662, the new heir to the Bavarian throne. The couple behind the project were Elector Ferdinand Maria and his wife Henriette Adelaide of Savoy. The work began in 1663 with Italian architect AgostinoBarelliat the helm. The construction was not completed until nearly 30 years later in 1690. The stand out...

Munich Sea Life Day Skip the Line Ticket

clock Duration: 60 to 90 min
  • Sea Life Munich is a grand display of marine life native to various seas throughout the world.
  • Among other species, visitors can see sharks, turtles, rays, and many other underwater residents.
  • The complex has 33...
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The Viktualienmarkt is one of the most popular food markets in Germany. With an abundance of history and culture, it also has become one of Munich’s most popular attractions. The market was born when the original agricultural trade at Marienplatz became too big for the area. On 2nd May 1807, King Maximilian I issued a decree stating that the food trade was to relocate to Viktualienmarkt, its home ever since. The area became completely...

Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour Amsterdam

clock Duration: 24 or 48 Hou
  • A flexible sightseeing bus ride in Central Amsterdam.
  • An opportunity to see the city's highlights without the hassle of working out public transport timetables.
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Old Town (Altstadt)

Munich’s old town district is the smallest and oldest area of the city. It is however, home to some of the most famous and most historical landmarks. The official name for the district is AltstadtLehel, which itself is split into six areas. The area that is considered the true ‘old town’ are the four districts of; Kreuzviertel, Graggenauer, Angerviertel and Hackenviertel. These were the city’s extended boundaries, the work of Ludwig...

Rijksmuseum and Canal Cruise Combi Ticket

clock Duration: Flexible: 1
  • A super saver combi ticket for a 1 hour canal boat trip and single entry to the Rijksmuseum.
  • Satisfy your inner culture vulture with works of art plus canals and architecture.
  • Use these tickets on the same day, or different days,...
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St.Peter’s Church

Long before the city of Munich had been formed, a group of monks lived close to what is now the centre of the city on a hill called Petersbergl. This 8th century church is the earliest knowledge of a building of its kind in the area, making the current St. Peter’s Church one of Munich’s oldest institutions. Towards the end of the 12th century, the church was rebuilt in a more Bavarian style. It stood until the great fire of 1327 and was...

Amsterdam Layover: Airport Transit City Tour

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • Three-hour tour to explore Amsterdam during your layover
  • With the possibility to extend and customize to the hours you have to wait.
  • Private driver to show you around the city.
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Lake Starnberg

Lake Starnberg is a large natural lake south of Munich. The small district of Starnberg is located on the northern bank. The lake itself is the 5th largest lake in Germany in terms of area, but when its deepness is taken into account it becomes the 2nd largest body of water in the country. The lake remains property of the Bavarian Administration of State Owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes.

A notable interest is shown in the lake as being...

Delft, The Hague & Madurodam Half-Day Tour from Amsterdam

clock Duration: 6 hours
  • Six-hour tours in two important Dutch cities: Delft and The Hague.
  • Multilingual guide who will provide extensive explanation throughout the tour in your preferred language.
  • Perfect introduction for first-time visitors to other...
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Chinese Beer Garden (BiergartenChinesischerTurm)

The Chinese Beer Garden within Munich’s English Garden is the second largest in the city, with 7,000 seats. The Chinese Tower was constructed in 1789 and was modelled on the famous Great Pagoda in London’s Royal Botanic Gardens. The five stories of the tower look out over this area of English Garden and have become a popular place to relax for both residents and tourists. At the end of the 19th century, around 5,000 of Munich’s working...

Photo Shoot in Dutch Traditional Costume in Amsterdam

clock Duration: 15 to 30 min
  • Photoshoot wearing a traditional Dutch costume with iconic items like Gouda cheese, tulips and clogs.
  • Costumes available for men, women, girls and boys.
  • Up to 25 people can be in the picture.
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Oktoberfest is officially the world’s largest fair. Attracting an average of six million visitors in recent years, people travel from all over the world to join in the 16 day festivities. The event itself is held at the large Theresienwiese field to the west of central Munich. At this location, Oktoberfest runs annually for 16 days until the first Sunday of October. If the first Sunday of October happens to fall on the 1st or 2nd, then the...

Expert Led Tour of the Rijksmuseum with Admission Tickets

clock Duration: 2 hours 30 m
  • 2 hours and a half guided tour with an expert through the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
  • Explanation about the artworks of Dutch Golden Age, including Rembrandt and Vermeer.
  • Visit to one of the world's great museums.
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