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Free Things To Do In Pisa

Pisa is one of the most interesting cities to visit. Although it’s mostly famous for the Leaning Tower of Pisa, there are several other attractions that are worth checking out in this Italian city. If you’re trying to save money on your trip, there are lots of cheap things to do in Pisa that will surely keep even the most budget travellers entertained.

Although some of the attractions in Pisa will require a fee, there are other free things to do in Pisa that cater to those who are traveling on a budget. For instance, museum buffs will surely have a great time at the free museums in Pisa, which includes the Palazzo Blu. Some other free attractions in Pisa include the Duomo Pisa, Basilica Romanica di San Piero a Grado, Luminara di San Ranieri, Murale Tuttamondo di Keith Haring, and the Giardino Scotto.

Depending on the time of your visit, there are so many things that you can do in Pisa without spending a single cent. For instance, one of the free things to do in Pisa this summer is to check out the Piazza dei Miracoli, a large open space surrounded with beautifully decorated buildings. To those who are traveling with family, one of the free things to do in Pisa with kids is to take a walk along a charming park called the Giardino Scotto. This place has well appointed playground facilities that your little ones will love.

So if you need help in planning for your budget trip to Pisa, then you better check out this list of free things to do in Pisa.

Free Attractions in Pisa

Top Rated Pisa Attractions


Duomo Pisa

Duomo Pisa is the city’s cathedral and is one of the four iconic sites of the Piazza dei Miracoli, along with the Leaning Tower (link), the Battistero (link) and Camposanto (cemetery) (link). All are of great architectural and historical significance. You certainly can’t visit the Piazza without going inside the Cathedral; beyond the sumptuous marble facade is a treasure trove of priceless artworks topped by a magnificent frescoed...

Monumental Complex of Pisa Cathedral Square

clock Duration: 1 to 2 hou
  • This is a skipping - the - line ticket into the first and foremost place of worship and prayer in the City of Pisa.
  • An ideal tour for all first - time visitors in Pisa to see all the monuments in the square as well as hear interesting facts about the iconic landmarks.
  • Also a visit to iconic museums like the Monumental
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Luminara di San Ranieri

This festival, which takes place on the night of June 16th to celebrate the eve of the feast day of Pisa’s patron saint, sees the entire city come alive with lights, music and fireworks. Every light is switched off and the city is illuminated by thousands of candles, placed at every door, window and bridge along the River Arno. The result is simply breathtaking, especially when you consider the reflection of lights created in the...

Leaning Tower of Pisa Afternoon Tickets

clock Duration: 30 minutes
  • An opportunity to explore the Leaning Tower of Pisa and its neighbouring Cathedral at your preferred time and pace.
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Basilica Romanica di San Piero a Grado

This beautiful church is located some 7km west of the city centre. Its history is intricately linked to that of St Peter; legend has it that this is where he arrived in Pisa from Antiochia in the port that once existed here, in 44AD.

It’s also said that Peter gave his first mass here; a church was built on the same spot in the 4th century. The present structure dates from the 10th century. The exterior is distinguished by its ceramic...

Pisa 2 hour walking tour

clock Duration: 1 to 2 hou
  • Pisa, located in the Tuscan region of Italy, has more than 20 historic churches and several medieval palaces. This university town is renowned for its art and architectural treasures. Pisa has a lively street life and a vibrant cafe/bar scene. The famous Piazza dei Miracoli, or Miracles Square, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contains the...read more

Murale Tuttamondo di Keith Haring

This fascinating and vibrant mural represents something totally different to see, compared to the other older attractions in Pisa. It can be found on the south wall of the church of St Anthony.

The mural shows 30 colourful, boldly drawn figures which seem to be in a state of constant movement. There are many allegories and meanings to be found in the painting, of a religious and political nature; it is open to different interpretations...

Skip the Line Pisa Ticket + Self-guided tour around Pisa

clock Duration: 2 hours
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa attracts millions of people from all over the world. It is an extraordinary visit and one of the must-have to be seen while you are in Italy.

    You will get a self-guided mobile tour via Questcity application around Pisa....read more

Piazza dei Cavalieri

This large open space, not far from the Piazza dei Miracoli, is worth a visit to see the beautifully decorated buildings.

The piazza has quite a long and colourful history, which is worth digging into. In medieval times, it was the hub of political life in Pisa, carrying on this role from when the Forum occupied the space in Roman times.

In 1558, the Square was rebuilt in Renaissance style, and derives its current name from this...

Leaning Tower of Pisa Entry Ticket

clock Duration: 30 to 40 m
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most famous monuments of Italy and is well-known worldwide. Experience the thrill of climbing the 294 steps of the spiral staircase of the Leaning Tower. You will slowly rise above Pisa's vast Piazza dei Miracoli where you can enjoy the incredible...read more

Museo Delle Aviotruppe

The Italian paratroopers museum spans 15 rooms with around 3,000 items of diverse memorabilia on display ranging from uniforms and medals to documents, paintings, and weapons. See 5 centuries of the Italian paratroopers history from the times of Leonardo da Vinci through WWII right up to the modern day with the advent of sports parachuting.

Opening Hours : Tuesday-Saturday 9:30am-12:30pm and...

"Le Navi Antiche di Pisa" Exhibition

clock Duration: 1 to 3 hou
  • This place represents the long-lasting relationship between Pisa and sailing thanks to the exhibit of finds, but also to the building itself: it is a symbol of the Grand Duke’s will to revive the times of Pisa a Maritime Republic. These are all the reasons that brought to the conservation and preservation by all means possible of the structure...read more

Palazzo Blu

This is a very interesting museum housed in a grand old palace which is free to enter. There are many beautiful paintings to look at along with objects of furniture that belonged to the families that lived here. There are also temporary exhibitions on a diverse range of topics.

The building dates from the 14th century, but only acquired its “Blu” name recently due to a restoration when the exterior was painted a light blue. It was...

Pasta Factory Tour and Pisa

clock Duration: 7 hours
  • This tour offer the opportunity to visit a real pasta factory, so you will learn all the process and secrets of pasta making. At the end you can take away your own pasta! An option with lunch is possible. On the way back to the ship we can add a stop i n Pisa to see the Leaning...read more

St Matthew National Museum

Located in a beautiful medieval monastery, the ecclesiastical National Museum of San Matteo displays sculptures and statues, ceramics, and paintings from Italian craftsmen from the 12th - 15th centuries as well as a collection of painted crosses and Islamic ceramics. Often overlooked, this museum actually contains one of the greatest collections of medieval works of art in the world with paintings by Masaccio and Nicola Pisano amongst others....

La Spezia Private Shore Excursion of Pisa and Florence

clock Duration: 9 hours
  • This is a visit to the historic cities of Florence and Pisa on a full - day private shore excursion from the La Spezia cruise port.
  • A private - oriented tour and experiencing of the atmosphere that surrounds these Italy most Iconic sites e.g. Piazzale Michelangelo, Basilica of Santa Croce and others.
  • A shore excursion with
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Giardino Scotto

This charming, secluded park is the ideal place for a tranquil walk taking in the sights and sounds of nature. It’s an ideal place to take the kids, with a fully appointed playground.

It’s also a place to get a glimpse of the old Pisa, as it contains ruined city walls, towers and an aqueduct. This was all part of a defensive fortress that was started in 1440, subsequently destroyed and rebuilt, and now provides a fascinating...

Private Pisa Discovery Walking Tour with Leaning Tower Access

clock Duration: 2 hours 30
  • This is a walking tour into the most iconic landmarks and attraction scattered all around the streets of Pisa.
  • A ticket that comes with a skip - the - line entry opportunity into the World Famous Leaning Tower of Pisa and the beautiful Cathedral.
  • A visit to important and historical landmarks of Pisa Including Pisa's oldest
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Porto di Boccadarno

A highly pleasant marina in which to stroll and admire the views out to sea, the Porto is a recent but very welcome addition to Italy’s coastline, as it replaced the old derelict Fiat factory that used to be here. It opened on June 30th, 2013 to much celebration. Here you will find bars, restaurants, bakeries, a supermarket, a pharmacy, and more. The development was highly anticipated by local residents.

It is situated in the middle...

Pisa Guided Walking Tour in Miracoli Square

clock Duration: 1 hour
  • A small group tour walking tour of Central Pisa with the opportunity to learn about the cities past and present with a knowledgeable local guide.
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FAQs about Free Things to Do in Pisa

There are many things you can do for free in Pisa like booking free entry into some Pisa museums, joining locals to do some free activities and others. This allows you to have fun and relax on a budget or save for further experiences on your trip.

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