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Best Car Hire Budapest International Airport

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Things to be Consider Hiring a Car at Budapest Airport?

The golden rule before doing anything else with your car is to investigate it exhaustively for any existing damage. If any is found, make sure the hire company are aware and they have recorded it. Otherwise, you could find yourself with a big bill to cover the damage once you have returned home. It’s also important to return the car with the same level of fuel as when you drove it away. This will similarly prevent a later inflated charge for the petrol.

Always know the road laws of your destination and stick to them. Act as a responsible driver, the same as you would at home – so no drinking and driving, no texting behind the wheel, and no driving tired.

Six car hire companies ply their wares at Budapest Ferenc Liszt, including internationally recognised names. While it’s perfectly possible to just turn up and hire a car, your wallet will thank you for comparing online and booking in advance .

Car Hire Companies at Budapest International Airport see below

Company Telephone Number
Avis +36 1 296 6421
Buchbinder +36-1 296-6610
Budget +36-70-931 8001
Europcar +36-1 296-5386
Hertz +36-1 296-7171
Sixt +36-1 296-0158

Driving costs and Potential Destinations

The average price of unleaded petrol in Hungary is €1.22 per litre. Using a medium-priced vehicle such as the Smart for Two, which gives 67 miles to the gallon, the approximate fuel cost per 10 miles would be €1.83.

Destination Distance Journey time Directions Video
Budapest Opera House 21.3 km 35 minutes
Danube Promenade 21.3 km 34 minutes
St Stephen’s Basilica 21.6 km 35 minutes
Tour of Parliament Building 22.5 km 36 minutes
Gellért Hill 22.2 km 36 minutes
Palace of Miracles 34.7 km 25 minutes
Museum of Fine Arts 22.6 km 33 minutes
Margaret Island 26.7 km 46 minutes
Hungarian National Museum 19.8 km 29 minutes
Walk across Chain Bridge 22.1 km 38 minutes
Savings on Attractions and Restaurants

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Before You Go

Certain documents need to be produced to get your car and conditions met. In general, you have to be 21 to hire a car, but some companies such as Hertz won’t hire to under 25s. A driver’s licence from your home country should be sufficient, as long as you’ve held it for at least a year – you don’t need an International Driving Permit (IDP).

How to Buy Car Insurance

The price you pay for car rental usually includes the compulsory liability insurance which is underwritten by Hungarian law. To cover yourself in case of crashes and theft, you can purchase CASCO, which will mean you only have to pay a specific amount in case of damage or loss, which is stipulated in the rental contract.

General Information & Tips on Car Hire

Budapest Ferenc Liszt is the largest of Hungary’s four airports and the international transport hub for the city. It sits 16 km (9.9 miles) east-southeast of the city centre. Formerly called Ferihegy after the surrounding area, it was renamed in 2011 in honour of the famous composer Liszt’s 200th birthday but remains popularly known as Ferihegy. It enjoys an excellent location for hiring a car to either drive into the city or further afield into the countryside. In 2014, the airport saw over 9 million passengers through its gates, and has three main terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2A and Terminal 2B. Terminal 1 is the oldest part of the airport, begun in 1939 but not completed until 1950 due to interruptions by the war. It is a unique and architecturally significant modernist building, designed to resemble an aircraft when seen from above. However, it has been closed since 2012, with operations moving to 2A and 2B which are about 7km further out from the city centre. There is a state-of-the-art Sky Court in between 2A and 2B, which offers a host of facilities and attractions to waiting passengers, including the Gundel Bistro Hungarian haute cuisine restaurant. There are also shops, bars, ATMs, bureaux de change, left luggage, first aid, a post office, a chapel, an aircraft museum, and a viewing platform.

Usefull Information

Help desks can be found in Terminals 2A and 2B. Additonally, there are tourist information desks directly after customs in the terminals.

Railway: +36 1 444 4499

Metro: +36 1 461 6500

BKV Bus: +36 1 461 6500

Shuttle Minibus: +36 1 296 8555

Taxis: +36 1 222 2222

Lost property: +36 70 332 4006

SkyCourt Lounge: +36 1 296 7370

Celebi Platinum Lounge: +36 1 296 5933

SkyCourt Conference Centre: +36 1 296 6213

Parking: +36 1 296 5553

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