Do you have any reason to be in Los Angeles? Do you plan on using the ever busy Los Angeles airport popularly know as LAX? Do you need information and help to get around the city from LAX? We have information on all the possible transfer options within the city. We have information on the things you need to have in mind if you intend to navigate the city either by train, bus, public cars, private cars or rental cars.

You are sure to get information on your journey time, the average cost of your transportation fare, tourist attraction, restaurants as well as main shops.

  • Airport Transfer by Train

Transfer by train in Los Angeles from LAX to any location is possible and a viable option of transportation around the city. There are several train stations in Los Angeles, but the closest to LAX is the Aviation station. There are free shuttles from all terminals in the airport that conveys passengers to the train station.

Different lines are operating within the train station; the green line commutes from east-west between Redondo Beach and Norwalk while the Blue line between Imperial/ Wilmingtonstation. The silver line transfers to the union station. The fare is usually $1.25 for a one-way journey and $2.25 for a round trip, and it is paid for using a metro card. The working time of the train is within 4:15 am -11:45 pm and it operates every 7-12 minutes.

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  • Airport Transfer by Bus/Couch

Lax Flyway buses provide bus transfer services from Lax to different locations in the city. The buses operate from all the terminals at the airport. Bus tickets can be bought using both debit and credit cards

The average journey time to Hollywood is 1 hour, it may take up to 1 hour and 30 minutes if there is heavy traffic and the fare costs $8.00. Journeying to Long Beach takes about 50 minutes and costs $9.00. From LAX to Union Station and Van Nuys takes approximately 35 minutes at $9.75. It takes 45 minutes to get to Westwood from LAX,and the ticket costs $10.00

Public buses are also available from Lax; these buses can be gotten from LAX City Bus Center.

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  • Airport Transfer by Taxi

There aretaxis available in front of every terminal. The airport has authorised taxis available at the curbside of the arrival island, and each one has its own terminal location across the city. A ticket is usually given to passengers, and it contains information on the fare to major destinations in the city. Authorised taxi companies include

¬Authorized Taxicab Services (ATS)

¬City Cab, Beverly Hills Cab Company

¬Bell Cab

¬City Cab

¬United Cab of San Fernando

¬United Checkers Cab

¬United Independent Taxi Drivers

¬LA Checker cab.

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  • Private Airport Taxi Transfer

Transport to and from LAX is fairly expensive but it tends to be one of the most convenient means to transfer into the city. The fare is usually negotiable. To get to Downtown a flat rate of $46 is charged. For Beverly Hills the fare costs between $50-$70, West Hollywood costs $40, Bel Air costs within $60-$80, Brentwood costs about $50-$70.

  • Airport Car Rentals

The option of renting a car is available from LAX; the airport has authorised car rental companies.Car rental companies are located away from the airport terminal, some of these authorised companies providing car rental services include Budget, Avis, Advantage, Sixt, Fox, Hertz, National, Thrifty.

The cost of renting a car depends on the type of car you need and how long you intend to use the car. The price to rent a car also varies depending on the company, a compact SUV has an average cost of $10 per day, and an economy car can cost about $15 per day, a standard car costs about $15. To rent any car you should be at least 25 years, but some classes of cars are available for people between 21-24 years with a valid driver’s license and an additional fee of $27 per day. Payment for rental cars is made with credit cards.

  • LAX Airport Maps

There are several restaurants and close LAX to visit and experience a variety of new cuisines and also map shops. Close to every terminal from the first to last there is an abundance of places to relax. Some of them are Backlot Deli, Kidsworks, Starbucks, Flight Time, Burger King, Hudson News/Hudson Booksellers, Chili’s Too, McDonald’s, L.P and many more.

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  • Top-Rated Airport Taxi Companies

LA Confidential Car Service- + 1 855-372-3732

Empire Limousine- + 1 310-684-3914

LAX Airport Transportation by OGUN Limo LAX- + 1 424-653-6454